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We're a mixed Android and iOS home and I've been thinking for a little while that it would be nice to have a micro-USB to Lightning cable adapter to carry with me when I'm out-and-about. This would allow me to only carry one cable with the adapter should any of us need to charge our [...]

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USB ports, there are never enough on my laptop or desk top computer to keep all my connected items connected. I am always changing a cable here, unplugging a device there and can never seem to find the right cable for the job. The InfiniteUSB, a Kickstarter project, hopes to provide you with a solution [...]

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There’s a certain balancing act we Gadgeteers play with our cables. You know you do it - you have a short one for when you're using a laptop or a battery charger on a table or desk, a longer one for when you’re in a “normal” room where you can sit near the outlet, and, [...]

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The Bead Bracelet Micro USB Cable and Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable are wearable bead bracelets that double as micro USB or Lightning cables. No more scrounging around in your gear bag when you need a cable to charge or sync your Android and iOS devices. You'll always have a cable at hand (or wrist) when [...]

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USB cables, who cares right? You might become more interested when I tell you that these particular USB cables won't require you to pay attention to how you're plugging them in. Just like Apple's Lightning connector, these new USB cables from Remax that were sent to me from Brando, are reversible. Let me show you [...]

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If you've ever looked at your USB cables and thought "Ugh, these cables are not worthy of my gadgeteer greatness", I have some cables that are several steps above all those generic cables you have stashed in your drawers and gear bags. Lightning Rabbit cables are the Cadillac of USB cables, but are they worth [...]

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Having extra microUSB cables in my bag is such a necessity these days with all the devices that I own. I have two Android phones (one for work, one personal), an Android tablet, and various other gadgets that need a microUSB cable to sync or charge. I had the chance to review the microBOX retractable charge and [...]

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Last July, Julie told us about a crowd-funding project for a charging cable that could be carried in a credit-card slot in your wallet.  That project was very successfully funded at more than 3 times the goal, and now the ChargeCard is ready for shipping to the general public.  BiteMyApple, a website that sells only [...]

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I recently reviewed a small set of Incase USB cables that will lighten your daily-carry load, and now I'll tell you about a single USB cable from Innergie that can charge almost every USB device you own.  The Charge & Sync 3-in-1 USB Cable contains a miniUSB, microUSB, and Apple 30-pin connector in a single [...]

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When you think of pocket gear, you probably think of multitools or even small flashlights that you can add to your keyring.  You probably don't think of USB cables, but the USB Cable Kit from Incase is small enough to qualify as pocket gear.  I recently purchased this cable set to keep in my purse, [...]

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Innergie Magic Trio Cable

Sick of having to carry multiple "standard" USB cables to charge and sync your devices?  Innergie has you covered with their Magic Cable Trio .  A single cable gives you access to Mini USB, Micro USB and Apple 40 pin.  Each connector uses a hinge mechanism so you won't lose the connectors that you're not using. Just the [...]

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About a year ago, we told you about the Scosche flipSYNC charging cables.  Now, Scosche has updated their compact cables and converted them to carabiner clips, so they'll be even easier to keep on a keychain or clipped to your gear bag.  The clipSYNC gear features full-sized charging cables with a spring-loaded carabiner built in.  Each clipSYNC is less [...]

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