Have you ever been on an international flight and needed to use the bathrooms? You know that they've been used multiple times and you've seen how dirty they get. Well, this hasn't escaped the engineers at Boeing either. According to the Boeing website, engineers have built a prototype lavatory that uses far UV light, which [...]

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Last week Jeanne and I vacationed in the Panama City Beach, Florida area on Seagrove Beach, Florida. I highly recommend it as vacation destination because the beach was the nicest one I'd ever visited and the sand felt as fine as flour. As with most trips, I always struggle to decide which tech devices to [...]

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If there's a tool available to help me save money, I'll use it. One of the tools I use is the Gasbuddy app. I've been using it for a while now and I love it. Anytime I need to fill up my vehicles, I search for the cheapest gas prices near me using this app; [...]

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I love products that have more than one use, and the Auca multifunctional luggage fits that description very nicely. It's a 25" suitcase that doubles as a desk and cabinet when your travel destination is lacking those amenities. Available in red, green, yellow and blue, this luggage features 360-degree wheels with a braking mechanism for [...]

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These slacks from Bluff Works can be worn at work or on your day off, and they offer special, secure pockets to protect your gear when you travel.  They have a couple of hidden zippered pockets - one in front to hold a passport and one in the back that can hold an oversized travel [...]

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Whenever my family and I go on vacation we run into the same problem; there is never enough room in the hotel dresser to store all of our clothes. There are four of us and we usually end up "fighting" over who gets enough drawers. Inevitably, clothes end up scattered in drawers, in suitcases, and [...]

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In 2013 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) overturned a longstanding ban on using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. While the rest of us were thrilled, the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) was less than pleased. In 2014 they filed a lawsuit arguing that the FAA overstepped its authority. The AFA argued that passengers are [...]

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Exercise is a difficult thing to work into your life sometimes. Gym closings over weekends or holidays, changes in work schedules, and travel for work or pleasure can cause you to miss your workouts. Traveling with equipment more bulky than a few resistance bands and running shoes becomes quite bothersome as well. Enter the Koreball. This [...]

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I always like to take my journal with me when I go on vacations so I can go back later and read about the things I've seen and done. I usually print out a Google map with the trip route and stops and glue it to the page that starts the trip. I also glue [...]

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The worst thing about travel these days is waiting through the security check line in airports.  What if you could breeze through a special check-in line, keep your shoes and belt on, and not have to empty out your carry-on and laptop?  What if it only cost you $85 for five years of this special [...]

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Fellow gadgeteer and friend since college, Jackie Cheng and I recently went to The New York Times Travel Show here in New York City. We are both fans of traveling and see the sights, so we figured let's check out the show and see what exhibits were on display.  We were also super excited to [...]

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The worst thing about traveling is packing your bags before you leave and the worst thing about getting back from a trip is unpacking and storing your luggage. We've been using the same set of crappy luggage that we bought from JC Penneys 20 years ago. Since we only travel a couple times a year, [...]

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I saw the HoodiePillow Pillowcase pitched on ABC's Shark Tank last Friday and thought the idea of a hood built into a pillow was a pretty silly idea. I still do. But the same company has another product that isn't so silly and one that I would even use. It's their Travel HoodiePillow. It's a [...]

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Although it's never (yet) happened to me personally, million of bags go missing each year from airports around the world. The Trakdot luggage tracker will not prevent your bag from being lost, but it will provide city-specific information on the whereabouts of your checked baggage. The small device fits into your checked bag and reports [...]

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I'm a big fan of drinking... tea that is. :) When I'm not sipping hot tea, I'm gulping iced tea. During daytime work hours, I take my 8 oz glass mug to the hot/cold water dispenser, fill it up and bring it back to the small microwave in my cubicle to get the already warm [...]

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Hong Kong Trip Report


Hong Kong is a wonderful place to visit.  It has yummy foods, interesting people, and some unique technologies that are different from the USA.  I was there for the past 3 weeks.  I was born there, and this trip was for both business and visiting relatives.  I thought I'd write up some of the highlights [...]

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Last week I was on vacation up in Michigan and took a brand new camera that I had purchased especially for the trip with me only to figure out that it was too bulky to carry around. The Olympus OM-D EM-5 is a fantastic mirrorless camera if you don't mind the size and weight. I did. So [...]

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Traveling is supposed to be fun, not stressful. So when you're on vacation (or holiday as my non-US friends call it), you'll have one less thing to worry about if you wear Clever Travel Companion’s pickpocket proof travel gear. This line of garments are designed to function like normal underwear (briefs, long johns, t-shirts and tank [...]

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Earth Day (April 22) not only reminds us to think about our impact on the Earth, it also signals the beginning of the travel season, so it is only natural to think about how to vacation in a more eco-friendly manner. How about a way to use your car, SUV, or mini-van instead of a [...]

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Those travel-savvy folks at Tom Bihn are at it again, having not long ago introduced their new Cadet minimalist laptop bag and now three more new travel items.  The Travel Tray is a container to keep track of your loose pocket-sized items during your journey.  It collapses flat and closes with a drawstring.  One size, [...]

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A Totally Non-Tech Review…


This review has nothing to do with a new tech device, or case to protect it, or bag to carry it, or even some wild theory on the long awaited iPhone 5. Nothing like that. I am here to tell you, I have found the ultimate milkshake....yes, that is right, milkshake :). This magical dessert [...]

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So I'm sitting on the Reunification Express on my way to Hue from Hanoi in Vietnam.  It's a 13 hour trip and I need something to while away the time.  This is the third overseas trip I've done with my Kindle and figured why not write a quick review of how useful the Amazon Kindle [...]

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Space Hotel

If you can't wait until 2020 to take a vacation on Virgin's Spaceship to an orbital tour of outer space, then make a reservation in 2016 for the Russian Space Hotel.   The cost is a bit steep at $818,000 to travel via a Soyuz rocket to the hotel, and then another $163,000 for five days [...]

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Are you a marine in need of carrying all your weaponry?  Or are you a Gadgeteer in need of a awesome gear bag for all your tech toys?  Either way, Maxpedition’s Multi Purpose Bag would be perfect for you! Maxpedition’s Multi Purpose Bag is made of light-weight ballistic nylon fabric coated with Dupont’s Teflon to [...]

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I just returned from a very nice vacation in Sanibel Island, Florida. If you've never visited, you should seriously consider it... trust me. I decided to conduct a little experiment and did not take along my trusty Macbook Pro. Instead, I made my iPad serve as my only computer traveling companion for the trip. I thought [...]

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