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Inflight Cup Holder

Are you a regular flyer? Do you like to carry your coffee or drink onto your flight? Do you struggle with a place to put that coffee or drink during boarding or take off? If so, the Inflight Cup Holder by Hallere Design may be the solution you are looking for. The Inflight Cup Holder [...]

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The NapAnywhere pillow is a Kickstarter project developed by Ravi Shamaiengar, a medical doctor who was tired of the stiff, painful neck that resulted when he slept during travel.  He found those U-shaped pillows just didn't offer the neck and head support that was needed for sleeping upright, so he says: "Using my knowledge of [...]

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I am a gadget guy, so I am always in need of a power source.  I have gadgets of all shapes and sizes which of course need to be charged.  So my eyes are always peeled for a portable power source.  So when I spotted the Iron Man Power Pack (hereafter referred to as the [...]

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Brookstone Pan Am bag

I know there will be some folks out there who, like me, still remember when leisure suits were cool, disco was the rage, and Pan Am ruled the air. And like me, we long for the simpler times when flying was a pleasant adventure and not a mundane task. Those days may never be back, [...]

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Henty Wingman review


When you need to travel with a clean shirt or suit - whether it be by bike, walking or airplane - the big problem is keeping your clothes neat and pressed.  Whether I've folded them into a carry bag or put them into a traditional suit bag, my first job when I get to my [...]

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ec97_annihilator_superhammer 1

Though you still can't carry your complete Zombie Apocalypse toolkit with you on a plane (my personal favorite, the Dead On Annihilator Superhammer is shown), as of April 25th, 2013, the TSA is changing the rules on small pocketknives, toy bats, ski poles, hockey and lacross sticks, pool cues, and golf clubs. Now, if I [...]

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Henty Wingman

Here's the sort of stuff I like - equipment designed right here in my home town of Hobart, Tasmania. :)  Don't you hate it when you have to  travel, and inevitably at the other end that shirt or suit you so carefully packed in your case, bag or suit bag needs ironing?  Well the Henty [...]

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The Arctic Charger is a 4-port USB charger with international adapters.

Power - it's what runs a Gadgeteer's digital lifestyle. Until solar power is everywhere or we discover a perpetual motion machine or invent the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor that works on kitchen waste, I guess we'll just have to deal with power plugs and wall warts. So, what about those who travel to other [...]

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The Tablet Travel Case from Waterfield Designs is a small padded bag made to fit a small tablet and all the associated peripherals you need while you're travelling. It's rain-resistant and can easily be thrown into another backpack, purse or gadget bag.  It's a way of keeping all your bits and bobs organised and close [...]

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Are you a leaf peeper?  Do you plan vacations and weekend trips with the sole purpose of gawking at the colorful fall foliage?  If you do, the Leaf Peeper app from Yankee Magazine can help you find the best fall displays.  The app lets you make foliage reports, called Peeps, about the conditions in your [...]

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Hammacher Schlemmer is offering what they call the World's Lightest Packable Electric Guitar.  It weighs 3 pounds and is 28" long overall, and it is a "full-scale length 24 3/4" guitar with 22 frets, enabling accurate chord and finger placement without adjusting one's playing style."  The tuning pegs are placed inside the "body" of the [...]

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Do you like to travel light, but find a laptop bag isn't quite big enough to fit all your gear and your clothing and toiletries?  The new Laptop Weekender V.3 bag from Skooba Design looks like a normal duffel, but it's designed to hold enough clothing for a couple of days plus your laptop and [...]

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If you travel a lot, you'll know that one of the biggest dilemmas is traveling light but still having enough clothes. In some locations, finding a laundry can be hard and expensive -  or if you're further afield, impossible to find. Australian inventor Ashley Newland has come up with the Scrubba Washbag, a possible solution [...]

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I never liked the idea of using those blankets and pillows they passed out on airplanes, but traveling with my own took up my entire carry-on bag.  Travelrest has a 4-in-1 Travel Blanket that fits into your carry-on without filling it up.  Use the 4-in-1 Travel Blanket as a head, neck, or lumbar pillow while [...]

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Tom Bihn is known for smartly-designed, well-built, made-in-USA travel bags. But their passion for "Portable Culture" extends to travel accessories as well. Tom Bihn recently introduced several new items to make your travels a bit easier, among them the Travel Money Belt. Onward! From the Tom Bihn website: Materials: Webbing is 1.25" (32mm) wide nylon webbing; [...]

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Intl Kindle 3 3G Coverage

In my article Amazon Kindle 3G-The Perfect Travel Companion, I talked about how useful I found my 3G Kindle while travelling overseas.  One of the comments left on that article pointed to a blog that said that Vietnam was one of the only places that the author couldn't get any 3G signal.  This confused the heck [...]

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Traveling with a lot of gadgets means traveling with a lot of chargers and cables.  All those chargers can add up to a bulky, heavy load to add to your already bulging gadget bag.  And being sure you take all of them – and bring them back home – can be difficult when you have [...]

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Whenever we go away on holidays, as "Head Gadgeteer" in the house I"m responsible for making sure we have all the cords,cables  and power adapters required for the trip.  Now call me anxious or paranoid or OCDish but I don't like putting these things in check in luggage in case the Airline loses my bag. [...]

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Panasonic 101P

In my last travel article I bemoaned the fact that the single convergence device was still not a reality. Is this one step closer? Panasonic along with Japanese provider Softbank has just announced the 101P in Japan ( due post November ). Using the 13.2 CMOS Lumix sensor found in their point and shoot cameras, and packing a [...]

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"One Device to rule them all, One Device to find them, One Device to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." ( Apologies to JRR Tolkien :) ) Having  just returned from a three week trip to Vietnam, I was putting away all my gear and was thinking, whatever happened to a single [...]

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The AViiQ Portable Charging Station in action!

Interesting take on the age-old gadgeteer's problem of portable power. AViiQ (pronounced "a-VEEK") has announced their Portable Charging Station, a 3+1 USB charging hub in a zippered carrying bag. Pockets for your cables, pass-through syncing with your laptop on one of the ports, and a single-slot AC adapter all show their attention to the design [...]

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Summer is nigh and travel season has already begun for many of us.  Whether you'll be jet-setting to far-flung locales, concert road-tripping with your buds, or anything in between, have a look at Timbuk2's line of bags designed for pleasure or work travel.  Pictured left to right are the Copilot Roller (sizes S, M and [...]

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When you are going through airport security, what's the most important thing?  I mean, aside from making sure your socks don't have holes in them, that is.  You want to get through it fast, right?  And it sure is a hassle having to remove your laptop from its bag and then put it back in [...]

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If you travel a lot to the same location, you probably eventually learn your way around the airport.  If you don't travel as frequetly or you're always going to different places, you may wish Google Maps worked within airport terminals when you find yourself arriving at gate A1 and leaving from gate Z42 - and [...]

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Show of hands of road warriors among use who carry a lot of gadgetry.  That's what I thought.  And that's what Skooba Design thought too, so they've released some new gear-hauling goodies.  The Cable Stable DLX is like a mini-suitcase that can hold multiple gadgets (even a netbook) and accessories in near-limitless combinations. The SkoobaWrap [...]

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