The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) is the successor to the original Galaxy Tab which Verizon launched about 2 years ago. The Galaxy Tab 2 is a 7-inch tablet with 4G LTE, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, Bluetooth 4.0, 8GB RAM and powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It's enterprise ready and has multimedia features [...]

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Exogear Exovolt Plus

So you want backup power for your devices when you're out and about, but you don't want to go too small because you might need more, or too big (with it's additional weight and size) because you might need less?  The exovault plus from EXOGEAR is a stackable battery pack so that you can customise [...]

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Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 Windows 8

With the announcement of the Microsoft Surface Tablet and with  Windows 8 ready to release soon, Techin5 has some leaked specs for the Lenovo Windows 8 Thinkpad Tablet 2.  Those of you who follow my posts here will know that I love my Thinkpad Tablet running Android ( see links below), so I'll be watching this one closely. The Thinkpad [...]

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The new GALAXY Note 10.1 Android tablet from Samsung has some awesome looking features that are making me drool just a little. First of all, the S pen stylus is supposed to provide pen on paper usability for note taking, sketching and photo editing. The tablet comes with several apps that feature stylus input. Then [...]

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Our friends at WaterField Designs have just announced a nice collection of Google Nexus 7 sized sleeves and cases. There are 7 products that are perfectly sized to hold the new Nexus 7 Android tablet or another similarly sized device such as the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook and other 7 inch tablets. The [...]

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What must have features do you look for while shopping for an Android tablet? For me the tablet has to have access to the full Google Play market instead of some lame 3rd party version of the market that doesn't have all the same apps. It also has to have a good price and be backed by a [...]

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There's no doubt that gaming on the iPad and Android tablets is extremely popular. But if you're like me, you really miss the feel and control that an analog joystick provides. I've tried a couple stick-on joysticks like the Fling and Joystick-it (see links below), but they always leave me wanting more. The Roam MobileOS Game [...]

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If you enjoy painting on canvas, you might find that you also enjoy "painting" on an iPad. Or if you've never painted before, doing so on a tablet is fun and way less messy. I am a doodler and don't claim to have any talent whatsoever. I just enjoy drawing cartoons and thingamabobs whenever I'm [...]

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Asus announced the new Transformer TF300T tablet and B&H Photo now has them in stock. Priced at $399.00, this Android tablet offers the latest and greatest OS version (4.0 Ice Cream) along with a 1.2GHz Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU, 10.1 1280 x 800 Resolution display, Micro HDMI Port & MicroSD Card Reader and 1GB internal memory [...]

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A couple of years ago I reviewed a very unique Canadian made stylus called the oStylus. It had a very unique design with a bullseye style swivel tip. At the time I really liked the stylus because it made it much easier to draw due to the fact that I was able to see the [...]

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The anticipation for a new gadget can often be more exciting than getting the actual product in your hands. Apple's new iPad definitely offers some nice updates with the Retina display, 4G and improved camera, but is it a worthy upgrade for someone that already has an iPad 2? Janet, Dave and I are here to [...]

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The Pogo Sketch Plus from Ten One Design is a stylus for capacitive displays like those found on the iPad, iPhone and Android tablets. Check out my full report after the jump. Note: Click the images in this review to see a larger view. Made of anodized aluminum, the Pogo Sketch Plus is available in [...]

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The LapGear Smart-e universal tablet lapdesk is a padded holder for your favorite tablet device for comfortable couch or bed surfing. It offers an adjustable stand with a ledge that will keep your device from sliding around while you're using it. The version pictured above sells for $35. A deluxe version that includes storage for [...]

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Amazon introduced their first Kindle device back in 2007 when the dedicated eBook reader population was made up almost exclusively by Sony's Reader line of products. The eReader population has grown to include more brands than I can count and in the last 5 years, we've seen the technology in this category evolve from e-Ink devices to [...]

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lifebook 2013 1

Those of you who lug around a lot of gear like myself, and remember my article on a single convergence device, might just find this concept design by Indian Industrial Designer Prashant Chandra very interesting. His entry in the Fujitsu Design Awards competition, the Lifebook2013, was shortlisted to the top 100 from over 3000 entries from [...]

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Should Amazon be worried that ARCHOS has just announced a 7 inch Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) tablet for $199? If I were faced with a buying decision between the Kindle Fire and this new ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet, I would pick the ARCHOS due to the specs alone. The processor is faster than the Fire's at 1.2Ghz, [...]

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Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet Review

Thinkpad Tablet -1

"The pen is mightier than the finger" -Ian 2011 (Apologies to Edward Bulwer-Lytton) Let me start this article by saying that if you're looking for a technical review of the new Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet then this is not the article for you. There's quite a few speed and feed reviews out there, but what I want to [...]

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Want to introduce your kids to the tablet world but you're not quite willing to hand them your expensive iPad?  Check out the Nabi Kids Tablet, a Toys "R" Us exclusive.  This 7 inch capacitive multi-touch tablet runs on Android OS (not sure which version) and sports a Duo Core 1.1GHz processor.  The Nabi is pre-loaded [...]

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The wait for Amazon's Kindle Fire is almost over. Just one week to go and then we'll see if this small tablet can give Apple's iPad a run for its money. In case you weren't aware, the Fire isn't just a color Kindle eReader. You'll be able to do a lot more with this 199 dollar 7 inch [...]

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HP has just released an update for their Windows 7 based slate tablet.  The newer Slate 2 has a faster Atom processor at 1.5 GHz, Swype input support and 32GB SSD to start.  They also changed the backing of their Slate 2 to be flat instead of the diamond style they had in the previous [...]

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When you want to use your smartphone or tablet hands free, you really need some sort of stand for it. Just like cases, there are a wide variety of device stands on the market. Today I want to show you the FoneStand. It's an inexpensive plastic stand that can be used for iPhones, Android phones [...]

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So, the Amazon “Kindle Fire” tablet is now reality and I believe it will be a big seller. At $199 it is within shouting distance of that “no brainer” gadget purchase price. Best of all, for us consumers, Amazon is forcing the rest of the tablet market to prove their value and “reason for being”. [...]

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As expected, Inc.’s CEO Jeff Bezos announced the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and a trio of new Kindle e-readers two carrying the name and capability, “Touch”. The Fire will have a 7-inch screen and run on a heavily modified version of Google, Inc.’s Android operating system. Included with the Fire will be a one-month [...]

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About a year and a half ago Steve Jobs introduced the iPad and declared that we were now in the “Post PC Era”. I purchased an iPad, then I bought an Asus eee Transformer (with dock) and finally bought an HP TouchPad. They all do about the same things with various strengths and weaknesses; overall [...]

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The stylus is making a comeback in a big way this year. We've reviewed quite a few here on The Gadgeteer (see the list of related posts below for just a few of them...). I'm still trying to find the BEST stylus out there and I'm thinking that the XStylus Touch might be it. I [...]

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