If you've been looking for a home security camera but can't decide which brand to buy, let me make your decision even harder by giving you another company to check out that you might not have considered before. It's FLIR, the same company who makes thermal imaging cameras and other high-tech gear. Their FLIR FX [...]

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WiFi cameras like the Dropcam, Spotcam and others are great gadgets that let you keep an eye on your property when you're not able to be there. But what if you want to keep an eye on things without people knowing that you're keeping an eye on things? One way is to turn your Dropcam Pro into [...]

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best AC adaptor hidden camera 01

I've had my eye on something like this for a long time:  A self-contained camera hidden in plain sight that doesn't require any fancy installation.  The Zone Shield AC Adaptor HD DVR is disguised as an ordinary "wall wart" power adapter.  Just plug it in and go!  Let's see how well it works. I'll get [...]

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I almost freaked out when I found an email from Dropcam in my inbox yesterday afternoon telling me that as an owner of an original Dropcam or Dropcam Echo, that my camera was no longer going to be supported and will stop working on April 15th. That was the bad news, but the good news is that Dropcam is [...]

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The Dropcam Pro is one of the most compact, easy to use, and polished wireless cameras on the market. Their greatest weakness is being an indoor-only product with no outdoor option. Over the past few years, other manufactures have created aftermarket enclosures to protect the Dropcam from the elements. But many of these products have come [...]

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When you work away from home or travel often, it's nice to be able to check in on things at home for security and peace of mind. That's why I have installed various WiFi security cameras in my home that can be accessed by web browsers and mobile apps. The newest camera that I've been [...]

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We have reviewed quite a few surveillance cameras for your home like the DropCam, but this is the first camera I've seen that has been designed especially for use inside your car. No, the InfantTech Always in View Baby Monitor is not a dashcam which points outside your windshield to record your driving adventures, this [...]

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It is not that the Logitech Alert video surveillance system we use has become all that long in the tooth. It still works well enough. The fact is I want/need to expand my coverage and their outdoor cameras are difficult to get ahold of and surprisingly costly when you do. Julie and I have been discussing surveillance [...]

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If you have ever been to a party where they say to BYOB - bring your own beer, then you'll understand the concept of the Cammy IP camera cloud viewing app that requires you to BYOC - bring your own camera. As a diehard fan of Dropcam cameras, I was intrigued by Cammy for one important [...]

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We returned home from a one week epic road trip vacation at 1am Saturday morning. After some much needed sleep, Jeanne decided she wanted to unwind from the 1000+ mile trip with an afternoon of working in the garden. Yeah, I know, she's weird. ;) While she was out sweating in the sun and dirt, [...]

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Keeping an eye on your property and loved ones when you're not physically there is important for your peace of mind and for security purposes. The Butterfleye is a new camera that features completely wireless operation, two way audio and Active Eye Intelligence which automatically captures 1920 x 1080 pictures and videos using motion detection [...]

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I've been looking into a security system for my home, but I keep running into the cost issue of a monthly service charge.  So, I took a different tack and decided to cobble together my own using off the shelf network cameras.  I had several cameras arrayed around the house, but I was missing a [...]

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Whether you have older parents and grandparents or you yourself are older and would like to give your loved ones piece of mind, Lively is a system that offers independence while also respecting privacy. Lively doesn't use wireless cameras or microphones. It uses small sensors that can be attached to keys, a pillbox, the refrigerator [...]

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Dropcam Pro review


I've been using a Dropcam WiFi security camera since my review of their first camera back in 2010. I've tried several other camera brands over the years but always come back to Dropcam due to ease of use, image quality and mobile viewing. Their latest camera is the Dropcam Pro. I don't want to spill the [...]

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I've been using the Dropcam to keep an eye on things around my house, and it has worked very well for me.  I'm impressed with the clarity of the images I see, even in a dark room.  Of course, I'm always interested to know when things get better, which is why I'm telling you about [...]

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I've been searching for a way to keep an eye on my summer cabin while we're not in residence, and the Xtreme Life Landscape Stone from KJB Security products would seem to be the answer.  It claims to provide unattended surveillance with minimal operator intervention and ease of operation.  I guess we'll have to see about that...The Landscape [...]

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When I find a useful gadget or product that fits in with my life, workflow, etc. I then spend a lot of time trying to find the very best version of that gadget or product. Whether it's messenger bags, smartphones, styluses, ink pens or something else, I can become a little obsessed. Ok, a lot obsessed. [...]

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I like having the ability to check in on my home even when I'm not there. I do this using small security cameras connected to my wireless network. I've reviewed several of these cameras over the years and the latest one to be offered to me for review is the Diamond Multimedia PlugnView Remote Home Monitoring [...]

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The Cloud Camera 5000 (DCS-5222L) from D-Link looks like it could be my new favorite surveillance camera because it offers all the features that my current favorite (Dropcam Echo) has and then some. It's wireless, has motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, smartphone apps, motorized pan/tilt, digital zoom, 720p HD recording, microSD card slot for recording [...]

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My friends at work used to give me funny looks when I'd announce that the Fedex guy just dropped a package off at my house. At first they thought I had somehow obtained a super power of either ESP or remote viewing. While having a super power would definitely be awesome (and I still think [...]

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The Stem Innovation iZON Remote Room Monitor is a WiFi based camera that has been designed to work specifically with iOS devices. The idea is to place the iZON camera in a desired location and then view it remotely using your iPhone or iPad. I've been trying one out for a couple of weeks now and am ready to share my opinion on [...]

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I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a home body. I'd rather be home than anywhere else in the world. Sometimes I think that I would be perfectly happy as a hermit. Of course I'm not a hermit and I don't keep myself barricaded in my house 24/7. I go to work every day, go [...]

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Dropcam announced this morning that they will no longer be using a third party camera vendor. Their new WiFi camera is completely redesigned to include HD quality 720p video, night vision, 2-way audio and digital PTZ. The online viewer has also been enhanced to increase user experience. They are claiming that the Dropcam HD will [...]

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Spy cameras hidden in teddy bears too obvious?  How about something truly ordinary? Yes, this innocent looking "wall wart" actually houses a video camera with an internal DVR that records onto a micro SD card.  It features motion detection activated recording and can record up to 32 hours on a single micro SD card. Cost [...]

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Even though, we live only fifteen miles from downtown Seattle, my family and I live (in some peoples' opinions) out in the sticks. We live at the end of a long gravel road. We can not see our neighbors or the county road we live on. My wife and I worry about security and have [...]

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