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Orb Audio subONE Custom 200W Subwoofer and Klipsch Wireless Subwoofer Kit review

on Sunday, December 15th, 2013

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Orb Audio speakers and a subwoofer in the past.  (See the related posts at the end of this post for links to those reviews.)  I received a big 200W subwoofer with the original setup, and it performs beautifully, adding a lot of life and resonance to music and theRead More…


Oblanc U.F.O. NC2 Headphone review

on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Once again, I find myself reviewing a brand of headphone that few people have heard of. And while it’s fun to discover those diamonds in the rough, many times there is a reason for a particular brand’s obscurity. Which brings us to the Oblanc U.F.O. NC2 headphone with a built-in subwoofer. Yes, that’s right –Read More…


digiZoid ZO2 “Personal Subwoofer” Review

on Friday, September 21st, 2012

Two years ago, I reviewed the digiZoid ZO “personal subwoofer” (see related posts) and absolutely loved it.  In short, the digiZoid ZO was a portable, personal headphone accessory that boosted low frequencies to give that fuller, richer sound that many of us enjoy.  I love the original digiZoid zo so much, it singlehandedly ruined musicRead More…


digiZoid Introduces the Personal Subwoofer Audio Enhancement Accessory

on Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Do you love bass – the deeper and thumping-er, the better?  If so, you’ll need the ZO2 Personal Subwoofer from digiZoid to give your music the punch you’ve been missing.  The ZO2 uses “digiZoid’s patent-pending SmartVektor™ technology to deliver 5X more bass at sub-low frequencies, which outperforms bass boost and EQs.”  The ZO2 plugs intoRead More…