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Zepp&Old Hickory

Spring training is in full swing, and if you have an aspiring big leaguer, you know batting practice makes perfect. Zepp, a company who makes the Zepp sensor that I reviewed a few years ago, knows all about practice and proper training. They have teamed up with bat maker Old Hickory Bat Company to integrate [...]

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I'm not a mom, but I can imagine how chaotic a house might become with a few kids running around. In an effort to make things even worse for mom, but more fun for kids, I present the UltraGlow Air Power Soccer Disk. This battery powered disk will let kids and even their parents play [...]

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The Easybreath full-faced snorkeling mask by Tribord allows you to breathe normally through your nose while exploring the fascinating world just beneath the surface of the ocean (or the not-so-fascinating world of your pool). This is a surface snorkeling mask that uses a dry top system to prevent water from entering the snorkel due to [...]

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Earlier this year, we told you about the Know Your Knots Bandana with 16 of the most useful outdoor, sailing, climbing and survival knots with instructions printed on it.  Now, Colter Co. is introducing a new bandana:  the Fly Fishing Knots Bandana.  Of course, you can use it for all the useful functions normally performed by a [...]

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It's spring! Time to set aside your games of Halo and enjoy the outdoors by taking a ride on your motorcycle. But you don't have to leave Halo behind completely - now you can be Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 while you ride around town with this Spartan motorcycle helmet from There have been other Halo [...]

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Most everybody has used a bandana.  They are useful for many things - tying back your hair, tied around your head to act as a sweat catcher when you're working or playing hard outdoors, wrapping up things in your bag...  Now they can even serve as a reference guide.  The Know Your Knots Bandana from [...]

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The VERT is a small wearable inertial measurement device that accurately measures and records jump data for athletes who play volleyball, basketball, track and field and other sports that require jumping. The device pairs with a free iOS app that can be monitored by coaches during use, and instantly provides jump rate and jump height. VERT [...]

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A while back I had an opportunity to review the Zepp golf sports sensor. The Zepp sensor is designed to help you improve your tennis, golf or baseball swings by being attached to your racket, club or bat. As good as the Zepp is, they have just upped their game by adding new features to [...]

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Cardiff Skates S1-1

Skate technology has come a long way since the first patented version of roller skates from the 1760's. Things like polyurethane wheels over steel wheels, strap on skates over lace up boot skates and four wheel inline over the quad version skate. So, where's the next big improvement? The Cardiff Skate Company thinks they have [...]

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"We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better... stronger... faster" (cue the 6 Million Dollar Man theme). Responsive Sports has developed this exciting new sports training tool to help you improve your punching skills with the 4 ounce MMA style iPunch smart combat gloves. They have sensors incorporated [...]

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MiCoach Smart Ball

Adidas has created the miCoach Smart Ball for young and adult soccer players who are serious about improving various dead ball shot skills (i.e. penalty kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks, etc.). The sensors inside the ball monitor statistics like speed, power, spin, impact points, and trajectory, which are then sent via Bluetooth 4.0 to the [...]

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If armbands for you phone or MP3 player aren't for you, maybe you'd prefer to carry your gear on your chest.  With the  Power Pouch Long Tank from Gracie's Gear, you'll have a three-compartment zippered pocket on your chest that can hold your phone, MP3 player, key, ID, or whatever you take with you.  The [...]

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Winter is nearly over and it is time to get mentally prepared/excited for getting outside and exercising. For me that means tennis and running. As I age, the latter being less appealing than it use to be. Each year I do my best to augment my excitement for pounding pavement with fun and interesting tech, [...]

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We've showed you various bike racks on The Gadgeteer, but I believe this is the first time we've found a surfboard storage rack.  The racks are made of black steel or stainless steel, and they have cork pads to protect your board as it sits in the rack.  There's also a hook to hang a [...]

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Golf-X-Cube review


Walking around in an open field, scouring the bushes and woods with a club in your hand and then beating the stuffing out of a little white ball when you find it, that is the definition of golf. Oh wait maybe that is the definition of how I play golf. But whether you're a scratch [...]

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How about the rocking chair of 3 irons?  UncommonGoods offers some wooden rocking chairs by Michael Bellino that use things like golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, and other sports equipment as the back of the chair.  This Golf Club Rocker is made from unfinished Canadian white cedar and uses "reclaimed golf clubs" for the [...]

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I always cringe a little when I'm driving along and see horses and riders sharing the road.  It's not because I don't like horses or don't want to share the road.  It's because I'm always afraid that something will happen and a horse or rider will be injured or worse because someone in a car [...]

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I've heard a lot of reports about the dangers of brain concussion in athletes in the last year or so.  All sorts of sports can pose a risk of concussion, even when protective gear is worn.  When my daughter was at a Taekwondo tournament, a black belt received a kick to head and fell to [...]

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This motorcycle helmet from Helmet Dawg is for the person secure in their own...  Well, I'm not quite sure what they'd be secure in, but if you really like Batman and you ride a motorcycle, you need to check out the Dark as Night helmet.  This is a serious helmet that has been designed to [...]

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Note:  This product is actively seeking funding on a European crowd-funding site called Ulule. Bicycle helmets are a necessity for safety but a pain when you're not actually riding your bike. When not being worn, Overade's folding helmet folds to reduce the volume of the helmet to a third of the original size for easy storage off the [...]

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Timbuk2 has a variety of bags that are designed to tote your fitness gear.  Shown in the above image are three yoga bags that can hold your yoga mat as well as clothing and other gear.  In the top row are the Scrunchie Yoga Tote and the Full-Cycle Scrunchie (made of 100% recycled and recyclable [...]

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Carrera Foldable Helmet


Ever had trouble trying to make a bicycle helmet fit your old noggin?  It normally involves buying a size too big and then using heaps of foam padding to make it fit "comfortably".  The foldable helmet from Carrera uses an accordion type mechanism to ensure a much better fit without having to muck about with too [...]

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It's that time of year for baseball fans, the race for the playoffs. This is the time when baseball fans start talking magic number. The magic number is the number of wins by the leading team, and loses by the second-place team that will secure the division for the leading team. It is an easy number to [...]

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Here in Australia, wearing an Australian Standards-approved helmet is mandatory when riding a bicycle. I know a few people who won't wear bicycle helmets because of the bulk of the helmet, or because it might muss up their hair-do :)  So it's either risk a fine if you're caught (as well as risking head injuries), [...]

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If you are a tech-loving snowboard or ski fanatic, the Recon MOD HUD. The engineers at Recon Instruments have created a heads-up display that can be integrated into Recon Ready goggles, enabling the wearer to see real-time telemetry as they are zipping down the slopes. The tiny color LCD screen sits just below your right [...]

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