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AntLion Audio ModMic Detachable Boom Microphone Review

on Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Can’t find a headset/mic combination you like?  Do you have a favorite pair of headphones but no mic?  Wouldn’t it be great to just add a microphone to your own headphones anytime you like?  You may remember my own attempts at using a hot glue gun to attach a microphone to my own comfy headphones…Read More…


Native Union Moshi Moshi 02 Handset Review

By: Andy Simmons
on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
Posted in: Reviews, Wireless

Being born in the 1970s, I grew up in a world where landline telephones were a central part of every person’s life.  Every teenage girl had a princess phone, and every family kitchen had a wall-mounted phone with a ridiculously long cord.  Talking on the phone hands-free meant tilting one’s head sideways and using one’sRead More…


Verizon and Skype Partner for Free Global Calls

on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
Posted in: News

Verizon and Skype just announced an agreement to provide free global calls to Verizon customers on their 3G smartphones. Starting in March, users who have data plans can call Skype to Skype for free. Here are some of the details: make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls to any Skype user around the globe; call internationalRead More…