This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Need some ideas for keeping the kids occupied and entertained this summer?  Jonesing for a new gadget, but you don't know what's new and fun?  Or maybe you have a new tech device, and you're looking [...]

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After we had our Amazon Echo for a little while, my partner decided that in addition to being able to add items to our shopping list using the Echo, it would be nice to tell the device to order them. "Just wait," I said. "Amazon is in the business of selling things. Sooner or later, [...]

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I just received this email from Amazon: Dear Julie Strietelmeier, We are writing to provide you advance notice that the price of your Prime membership will be increasing. The annual rate will be $99 when your membership renews on December 21, 2014. Even as fuel and transportation costs have increased, the price of Prime has [...]

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The Hiku Scanner is a small handheld scanner that recognizes both barcodes and your voice. With a real 1D linear imager like the ones used at grocery store checkouts, the Hiku Scanner instantly adds items to your shopping list without any need for writing or typing. When you finish that last box of Rice Crispies, just press [...]

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On a daily basis I utilize a number of “Everyday Carry” items and each day I continue my quest for additions to my EDC collection. Enter Bespoke Post. They have hit the ground running in the newish phenomenon of subscription boxes. We used to be able to just get meats and cheeses on a monthly basis. [...]

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prelaunch-logo is a new site for established brands like Epson and Scosche to offer their latest products for pre-order before they are released in the traditional channels. Each product has a specific pre-order period that ends prior to the product being available in stores. also works with brands to offer limited edition products, brand-sponsored [...]

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How many credit cards, debit cards, membership cards and gift cards are crammed into your wallet? If your answer is more than 2, the Coin card could reduce your total number of cards down to just one. Coin looks like a regular credit card and can be swiped used and swiped just like a regular card. [...]

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Grand St. is a new discount gadget/electronics sales site that recently launched. It will be featuring 5 products for sale at time (some exclusives), with a new product being featured every 2nd day. They let me see some preview pages and I'm impressed by the gadgets/products that they will be offering. They are not  every day run [...]

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I don't know about everyone else out there, but I use my Visa credit card more than I use cash and checks. I use it to pay all my bills, gas, food, gadgets, etc. It's interesting that the tech of the plastic credit card really hasn't changed all that much in the 60 or so [...]

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The Cashbox from Happy Owl Studio turns an iPad into a cash register/point-of-sale system. You supply the iPad and Happy Owl Studio supplies the Square credit card reader, industry standard Vasario 1416 APG Cash Drawer, Star TSP 650 receipt printer and your choice of 3 snazzy looking bamboo housing styles. Being techy and snazzy comes [...]

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Several years ago I reviewed the SmartShopper grocery list recording device. The SmartShopper has been recently upgraded with a smaller design and extra features like a built in timer, ability to keep two lists and ways to sort the list by your store layout. The SmartShopper still doesn't require ink, but it does use small [...]

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Earlier this summer, I posted a short news article about the NextWorth trade-in service. It prompted an interesting discussion about their valuation practices. Some people complained that they were given low offers after sending in their old devices. Well now NextWorth is taking their service to local retail stores like Target. You can walk in [...]

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Sometimes a gadget comes along and you wonder how you've been able to live without it.  The nümi key by Mobeam is one of those rare finds.  For those of us that have a wallet/purse full of rewards cards, this device purports to make your  life easier and lessen the bulk in your wallet.  Does it live [...]

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How many plastic store cards do you carry around with you either on your keychain or in your wallet. I have one for the various grocery stores and pharmacies that I shop at and the collection takes up considerable space in my wallet.The numi key is a small keychain device that solves that problem. It [...]

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Yoke (cholesterol free)

This looks like a distorted tape measure, but the Yoke allows you to carry even more crap when shopping, traveling, picking up bags of leaves... It will free your hands for more important tasks like tweeting about the dream you had last night about your dog driving your car.  Ahem.  Never mind. Although my immediate [...]

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Personally, I buy most of my non-grocery items online, but there are folks out there who haven't discovered the convenience of  Internet shopping because they fear their credit card details will be compromised.   By using the SmartSwipe reader and application, another layer of security can make the experience more secure.The Company behind the SmartSwipe solution, [...]

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Are you worried about identity theft from typing your credit card numbers into your browser when you're shopping online? The SmartSwipe is a USB credit card swipe machine that removes that worry by encrypting those numbers before they even get to your computer. Swipe your card through it just like you do at the store [...]