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This Star Trek-inspired quadcopter has four 3.5" diameter propellers for superior flight stability;  its "six-axis stabilization allows it to be tossed into the air and throttled up simultaneously".  The U.S.S. Enterprise Quadcopter  (15.5"  x 9.75"  x 4.25", 4 ounces) is designed to look like the Enterprise of the 1979 movie, and it has ten LEDs [...]

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Galaxy ZEGA tank game review


I've always loved remote controlled toys, and my son (age 10) has always had a fascination with tanks.  Recently he made a Lego tank of his own design, complete with the treads.  When I saw the Galaxy ZEGA remote control tank game, I knew I had to give it a try. I had never heard of [...]

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Sphero has recently released a new member to their robotic ball series, the SPRK+. The Gadgeteer Kid and I know the world of Sphero pretty well, having reviewed the original, second generation Spheros and more recently the DarkSide Ollie. The new clear plastic SPRK+ takes the experience to a new level. The SPRK+ is not only meant to be played with [...]

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Drones are becoming ubiquitous in society; you can buy them everywhere from Best Buy to 7-Eleven. There is an incredible amount of variety available should you be interested in a drone. I've had the opportunity to review drones big and small, expensive and cheap. Recently I was given the Eachine E10C mini video drone to [...]

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A couple of months ago, I was given the opportunity to review the Axis Aerius drone. It was my first time trying out a drone; my family and I had a blast using it. The Aerius was pretty simple to use and relatively inexpensive at $35.00. I thought it was an excellent drone for anyone [...]

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I can't explain why, but I'm fascinated by drones. I think it may be because I've always harbored the idea of being a helicopter pilot, but could never afford the schooling. I guess flying a miniaturized version is the next best thing. Previously, I reviewed the Axis Aerius quadcopter, supposedly the world's smallest drone. I [...]

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Vantage Robotics Snap

In this a new age of drone warfare, you have to set yourself apart in order to catch the public's attention. Vantage Robotics understands this so they came up with a new concept. They designed their drone to fit around the camera they wanted to use. Below are just some of the features from the [...]

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The Darkside Ollie is one of the latest products from Orbitox, the creator of the Sphero 2.0 robot that my dad and I reviewed this past year. As opposed to their ball-shaped devices, the Ollie is cylindrical and moves via the two wheels/treads on its sides much like a Segway. It was recently released along side BB-8, [...]

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Drones are a popular gift this holiday season, from expensive professional quality drones like the Chroma Drone that I reviewed a couple weeks ago, to much more affordable ones from online retails like Amazon. Most drones that you see are also called quadcopters because they have four rotors. But I doubt you've ever seen a [...]

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Over the years I've reviewed quite a few remote controlled toys including cars, tanks, planes, helicopters and more. They were all fun to play with for a little while, but none of them were nearly as much fun as the Chroma Drone with Stabilized CGO3 4K Camera that I've been testing from Horizon Hobby. Drones [...]

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In the past year or so, quadcopters and drones have exploded onto the scene. What used to be a novelty in Brookstone or the Sharper Image, is now everywhere. I'm not exaggerating when I say I recently saw a shelf full of drones in a local 7-11. I've always wanted to get one, but could [...]

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I want a drone. I have no idea what I'd really use one for, but I want one anyway. When the folks at Silverlit asked if I would like to review their new SpyCam Nano, I was really excited because first of all it's a drone with a built-in camera and secondly, it's so small [...]

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRy6uTpyAvw Whether you are interested in wireless charging, remote control cars or Formula E race cars, you'll have to admit that this video promoting Qualcomm's Halo wireless charging technology is very cool. The video shows driver Lucas di Grassi in a Formula E race car racing against a tiny remote controlled replica that uses Qualcomm's [...]

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Back in 2012, the gadgeteer Kid and I did a joint review of the original Sphero programable, robotic ball. We had a good time playing with it; using it to not only entertain ourselves but the dog and cat as well. Recently the Orbotix engineers and designers have introduced a second generation Sphero robot ball [...]

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TRNDlabs SKEYE Nano Drone

Didn't get that killer drone you wanted for Christmas? Drone you wanted too big or too expensive? TRNDlabs may have the perfect alternative for you with the SKEYE Nano Drone. The SKEYE Nano Drone is a 1.57 x 1.57 inch drone designed for indoor or outdoor flight. The SKEYE Nano Drone features: Throw To Fly [...]

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