Yellow Jacket1

Now there's protection for your phone AND you with the Yellow Jacket rechargeable backup battery case /stun gun. This case comes with a removable stun gun pack and provides protection for your iPhone 5/5S using TPE soft plastic (PC/ABS hard plastic on the iPhone 4/4S case) and doubles the life of your phone's battery (1800mAh). [...]

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Have an iPhone 4S (or iPhone 4) and want to protect that delicate back glass when you lay it on the table?  Many people usually use a variation of Zagg’s InvisibleShield or Skin for their iPhone.  But I would also like something more durable and luxury looking.  That’s where Luxe Plates come in.  Luxe Plates [...]

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Have you ever been to a concert and then spent the next day listening to the ringing in your ears?  That sound indicates that your ears were exposed to possibly damaging sound levels.  "The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders states that about 15% (26 million) of Americans between the ages of 20-69 [...]

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Music Skins Laptop Skin

We love our electronics, don't we? I don't know anyone who doesn't have, at the very least, a notebook computer and an MP3 player.  Most of  my friends add in an iPhone or other smartphone.   I, personally, have always used Invisible Shield products for my more important electronics and have gotten quite good at applying them [...]

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Heat test- you can see them setting on the edges a bit already

The package from UPS weighed over 15 pounds! I don't get to review a lot of things that go THUD when I put the box down, so I was excited from the start to review this drive that claims to keep your data safe in fires and floods. Plans for barbecuing the hard drive flitted [...]

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