I love a good pen.  It's something that I use every day along with a good notebook, so having a good writing instrument is important to me.  Olixar has released the Hexstyli 6-in-1 pen that has various gadgets built into it. Let's take a look and see what it has. Note: Images can be clicked to view [...]

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TEC Accessories is now offering a new version of their PicoPen which I reviewed back in 2009. Their original EDC pen was made of stainless steel and was pretty tiny. This new version is the PicoPen Ti and it's longer, wider and stronger. Let's take a look. The new PicoPen Ti is noticeably larger when [...]

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A couple of days ago, we told you about a pen that holds a toolbox-worth of tools inside.  This pen carries extra power for your mobile gadgets inside.  The Smartphone Power Boost Pen is the backup battery for people who like to carry the absolute minimum of gear.  To charge your device, just pop the cap [...]

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4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano inkless pen 1

I have never spent a lot of money on a pen, although I do thoroughly appreciate a well designed, highly functional tool. The 4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano inkless pen appears to be one of those tools. Pininfarina and Napkin collaborated to create this hand crafted (in Italy), beautifully sleek, classy pen that was inspired by the [...]

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13) Easy Flow

I like pens.  Beats the heck out of carving pictograms into rock.  You know, take a harder rock and scrape it against the softer rock.  The process is tedious but the results do last a long time.  Pens make it a lot easier and, as everyone knows, they are mightier than swords.  If only Ned [...]

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The Sidekick is a journal pen holder that is made in the USA eight at a time from starch based plastic using a homemade 3D printer. The Sidekick sticks on to most any hard covered notebook or journal from popular companies like Moleskine, Rhodia, Leuchturm and many more. It adds a convenient holder for your favorite writing instrument [...]

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Nonteverde Tool Pen-1

I am not much of a pen to paper writer, I use my iPad to write as much as possible. But I do own pens for those occasions when I do need to write something. So, for me to want to review a pen it has to be a little different in either design or [...]

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Larry's recent go-to gadget discussion of his old Rotring pen reminded me that Levenger has a pen that's a bit reminiscent of those pens, but they cost much less than some of those old Rotrings on the secondary market.  Turns out that Levenger is having a sell this weekend on their L-Tech Plus Stealth Ballpoint [...]

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INK machined pen

I don't know why, but I have a fascination with unique or different writing instruments. To be honest, I do not really like writing by hand, and some would say my penmanship is horrendous. But if I had to guess, I would have to say I appreciate what pens and pencils represent. A time when [...]

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We've all experienced an "oh crap" moment when we need a pen and there isn't one to be found. I have a handy solution for you - if you carry a smartphone. It's the Jackpen. A tiny ballpoint ink pen that stores in the earphone jack of your phone. When you need a pen, you [...]

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