Using your laptop outdoors on a sunny day can be difficult because the sunlight can cause the laptop's display to look dark or washed out. Putting on your normal sunglasses usually makes matters worse. Glarewear sunglasses are sporty looking glasses that have special polarized lenses that allow you to see the display even on a [...]

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Scorpions give me the creeps. Luckily, I don't live in an area where we have those evil looking critters. If I did, I'd want a Photon Scorpion Finder Freedom Micro keychain light. How can an LED flashlight find a scorpion? A unique feature of nearly all scorpions is that their bodies will fluoresce brightly under [...]

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Check it out, it's a telescoping fishing pole that collapses into a pen sized container. I'm not sure how well it really works. I doubt you could catch anything too large with it, but it sure is cute! You can find them through Amazon and I want one of those.com (UK). There's even a site [...]


August in Southern Indiana can be both hot and humid. Temperatures around 100 degrees are not unusual for us. As a result,
it's normal to see people watering their outdoor plants in the evenings, to keep them from frying to a crisp. I've been
known to shirk my watering duties due to the fact that I hate wrestling with the garden hose. Unwinding it usually isn't
a big deal, but winding back onto the reel can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. Since I'm all for trying a product
that has been designed to ease my frustration level, I was happy to review the ReelSmart Automatic Hose Reel from Hydro-Industries.

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Mother Nature and gadgets. The two of them are a match made in heaven. There are gadgets that measure wind direction and velocity, gizmos that measure changes in the barometric pressure and gadgets that display the temperature. Today I'm going to tell you about the La Crosse Technology WS-7038U Wireless 433 MHz Miniature Rain Monitor. Sent to me by the folks at SmartHome, this kit comes with everything you will need to keep track of how much precipitation falls at your location.

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I have recently become interested in solar devices. There's something really cool about using the power of the sun instead of the power of an AC adapter, when it comes to powering products. The sun is free; Electricity definitely isn't. That's why I was more than happy to review a solar powered garden accent light, when the folks at SmartHome contacted me to gauge my interest in their Solar Powered Garden Accent Light.

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