A few days ago, we told you about the Connector Pen that works as a ballpoint pen, stylus, and stores microUSB and Lightning charging cables inside.  Today, we have the Power Pen, which has the ballpoint and stylus, but has a 700mAh rechargeable battery inside instead of just cables.  It has just enough power to… Read More

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Are you tired of having to lug around a bunch of charging cables just in case one of your devices needs a quick charge during the day?  Carry the Connector Pen in your pocket, and you'll have charging cables, a ballpoint pen, and a stylus in one compact package.  The pen has a sleek, black,  brushed-aluminium… Read More

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The Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen  provides you with both a pen and a capacitive stylus, as you'd expect.  It also has a ruler etched on one side in inches and another in millimeters on another for quick measurements, and it has a bubble level in the barrel for hanging pictures and other small jobs… Read More

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This Multi Function Pen carries twelve tools inside its aluminum-alloy casing.  It has an awl, short and long cutting blades, wire stripper or nail/staple remover, Phillips head and flat head screwdrivers, saw, stainless steel file, scraper, tweezers, a stainless fork, and even a writing pen.  It fits in your pocket and functions as a normal… Read More

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Next in the list of my go-to gear are writing implements.  I think I mentioned in a previous review, that I believe writing by hand has become a lost art form. That does not mean it will go away, but now days we are just as likely to see stylus-to-tablet as we are to see… Read More

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The digital age, what does that mean for writing instruments? Although, we seem to be trending away from the pen and pencil, we still have a need to use them in our everyday lives. With the advent of modern PDAs came the stylus, and while it did not replace the pen and pencil, it has… Read More

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I am forever on the search for a perfect multi-pen stylus combination, and the Stylex 3-in-1 Writing Tool, a current Kickstarter project by Dexterous, may be the one of my dreams. The Stylex 3-in-1 writing tool combines a stylus, a ball point pen, and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil into a single pen, allowing the user to… Read More

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I'm not sure how comfortable these pens are to write with, but they'll make a very cool desk decoration for people who like retro space-age style.  These 4 Color Ink Rocket Pens from Perpetual Kid are 5" tall and 1.5" in diameter - much chunkier than even those huge crayons you used in kindergarten.  Inside… Read More

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I haven't used a multi-tip pen on a long time, so when Brad at JetPens asked if I might like to review the  Zebra Sharbo X ST3 multi-tip pen, I was happy to say yes. The multi-tip pens from years gone by were usually bulky and not very sleek. People would never guess that the… Read More

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The Four-Function Ruler pen from Uncommon Goods was designed by Adrian Olabuenaga to be the world's thinnest four-function pen.  There is a pen with black ink, a highlighter, a mechanical pencil, a PDA stylus, and a hidden eraser under the cap.  The pen is also marked with inches and centimeters.  The Four-Function Ruler pen is $35.00.  Refills are available from… Read More

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A couple days ago I received an email from someone asking for advice on multi-point pens. I posted that question here on The Gadgeteer so that other people could weigh in with their suggestions. Harold M. Goldner saw that post and did one better. He wrote a comparison review and asked me to post it… Read More

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