Wear Your Palm III

Product Requirements: Device: Palm III series, Palm VII series, and Palm V series I'm sure you've heard the term "wearable computers"...? Often people wear their PDAs on their waist in a belt case. For me, that is the most comfortable and convenient method. But, some people want to wear their PDAs around their neck. This [...]


PDA Prop Review

The PDA Prop is a desk stand accessory for PDAs that are no more than 3.25" wide. I tested the PDA Prop with a Palm V, Palm III, Visor and Casio E-100 for this review. The PDA Prop is made of plastic and comes in a several different finishes: Aluminum, Dark Burl, Light Burl, and [...]


The CM220 Universal Mount for Palm-sized Computers by Arkon Resources Inc. is a PDA holder that can be affixed to a vehicle or other location. This holder unlike the Unimount by Revolve Design is compatible with any PDA that is between 4.5" and 5.3" tall. Some of the PDAs that will work with this mount [...]

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UniMount System Review

If you are in the market for a sturdy method of mounting your PalmPilot or PalmIII, Revolve Design just might have the solution you are looking for: UniMount. They offer a complete line of mounting kits and accessories that will enable you to mount your PalmPilot just about anywhere. There are basically 5 mounting kits, [...]

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Xpress Review

Note: This product is no longer available. The Xpress Newton Stand by Hi-Rizer is an adjustable stand for any Newton model. This stand is just what I needed to prop up my MP2K while using it at work.  I seemed to always be searching around for a book or something else to use as a [...]