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After months of rumors, blurry pictures of prototype cases (or someone’s old loafer) it appears that Apple is going to introduce a new iPhone model and I see little reason for all this excitement. Okay, give me a few minutes before you grab your torches and pitchforks. The iPhone is a fine smartphone. It has [...]

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The last several years have seen an explosion of mobile phones, more and more of which are able to access features and apps via wireless broadband.  Most of the attention has been on the big players with their "smartphones," such as Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry and the many Google Android-based devices from various hardware makers.  [...]

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Being born in the 1970s, I grew up in a world where landline telephones were a central part of every person's life.  Every teenage girl had a princess phone, and every family kitchen had a wall-mounted phone with a ridiculously long cord.  Talking on the phone hands-free meant tilting one's head sideways and using one's [...]

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A multitude of messaging mobile phones were launched in 2009, and the trend appears to be continuing in 2010.  The recently-release Pantech Link offered through AT&T is one such device (see Press Release here).  It is a new handset with nice hardware for a great price.  Let's dig in. In the interest of full disclosure [...]

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Microsoft recently announced the launch of two devices from their new "Kin" line (aptly titled Kin One and Kin Two) with a hearty emphasis on social networking/sharing. Both phones are touch-screen/slider models and contain cameras (Kin One - 5 megapixel / Kin Two - 8 megapixel).  Microsoft also touts the Kin as the first in-phone [...]

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Jitterbug has announced the new Jitterbug J by Samsung in Red. People who buy this phone will receive official American Heart Association Heart Healthy Tips text messages on the Jitterbug that they can implement in their own lives and share with loved ones. This phone also has a LiveNurse feature, which offers unlimited, 24-hour access [...]

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(Photo courtesy of ProClip website) We all know that we shouldn't use our cell phones while driving, yet most of us still do. To try and not be "that driver" who is fumbling to pick up the phone that fell on the floor, using my knees to steer on the highway or holding the phone [...]

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I've been a big fan of Palm Treo smartphones for
quite awhile. Since I purchased my very first smartphone (Treo
), I've been using one as my main phone on and off
for over three years now. During most of that time, I've been a Palm OS user,
but I have also used Windows Mobile Treos during that period too. We've all
watched the slow evolution of Treo hardware and even slower evolution of
software - at least on the Palm OS side, throughout the past several years. That's why I tend
to be an on again, off again Treo user. I get bored with either the hardware or
the software and get the itch to try something new for awhile. I really liked the
Treo 800w
and was looking forward to an unlocked GSM version of that model. But instead of doing
that, Palm decided to release the Palm Treo Pro. Let's check it out...

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Here's a first - a mobile phone with a built in Bluetooth headset. LG's Decoy for Verizon is a cool little slider phone that has a headset dock on the backside of the phone. Now you'll have no excuse for hands-free talking while driving.

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I've been an AT&T customer for several years now. The main reason being that I can easily switch SIM cards between the various mobile phones that I have the opportunity to review. This convenience has been great, but if I am honest, call quality and audio clarity on the AT&T network really isn't the best... at least not in my area. Also, AT&T has not rolled out 3G here in little old Columbus, Indiana. Funny thing is that Verizon's 3G (EVDO) network is already here. So, I'm going to try some Verizon phones and see if I might like to switch carriers. LG's Chocolate 3 is my first Verizon feature phone to test. Let's take a look.

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The Palm Treo 800w smartphone is Sprint's latest Treo with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. It's been designed for business users and operates on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network, with support for EvDO Rev. A data speeds. It's also the first Treo with built in WiFi.

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The Sony Ericsson Z520a is a rather simple phone by today's standards. It doesn't have a media player, it doesn't have a good camera, and it doesn't even come with any games. What it does come with is a fairly easy to use interface, a nice compact size and good battery life. About the only frill you do get is Bluetooth, which is really standard equipment on all but the absolute cheapest phones nowadays. More about all this later.

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Most people that read this site probably know that I'm a big fan of Palm OS and have been using a Treo for what seems like forever. A couple years ago I went through a whole
nightmare ordeal buying a SprintPCS Treo 650 that was hacked to run on the Verizon network. Then I moved to Cingular / AT&T,
got GSM Treo 650 and later a
Treo 680. As for the new
Centro, I haven't purchased one yet and am not sure that I will. Why? Well, I seem to have found
my way back into the Windows Mobile camp by way of the
Pantech Duo smartphone from AT&T.

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Nokia E61i

Every time I decide to buy a new mobile phone, I get excited that it might become my new favorite. I'm really anxious for a new favorite. A phone that has all the features of my current favorite (Treo 680), but with enough new features that takes me to my gadgeteer happy place. If the Treo works for me, why do I want to chuck it for something new? Because I get bored easily and am never satisfied. :o) Will the Nokia E61i transport me to mobile phone nirvana? Let's see...

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Fans of Palm smartphones and PDAs continue to wait as days, weeks, months and years drift by without a major update to their favorite mobile operating system. It's not far from the truth when I say that the Palm operating system hasn't changed all THAT much since it's introduction back in the late 1990's. It still has the same look and feel, which is both comforting and let's face it, kinda boring. While the OS side of Palm remains the same, they have offered hardware updates on a semi-regular basis. The latest one in the stores is the Palm Centro. This is a CDMA EvDO smartphone running on the Sprint network. How does Palm's most affordable (when purchased with a 2yr contract) smartphone stack up? Let's find out...

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I've been a fan of Apple products since I purchased my first iPod back in 2003. Yes, I waited until the 3rd generation of the world's most popular audio player was on the market before I drank the kool-aid. Two years later, I took another gulp of that kool-aid and ditched my Windows PC, for an iMac and haven't looked back. It did take me 3 tries before I finally made that switch though, as I always found some reason why the Mac OS didn't quite do it for me. And now, I find myself standing at yet another Apple crossroads in my gadget life. This time, it's with the world's most hyped mobile phone: the
Apple iPhone.

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It's hard for me to believe that I've not reviewed a
BlackBerry device in over 6 years. The
last device that I reviewed was the
which was an email only device shaped like a pager. Back in 2001, BlackBerry
products did not have telephony capabilities. These devices were for one purpose and one
purpose only: email. Wow, times sure have changed, haven't they? That's especially evident with the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 series smartphone. This little beauty sports a quad band GSM radio, a wonderful display and an innovative trackball pointer. Will this phone cause me to put my
Treo 680
and 750
in my
drawer o' phones
, or will it end up there itself? You will have to keep reading
to find the answer.

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Updated with software info...

I've been a Palm Treo junkie since March of 2005 when I began my odyssey into the world of smartphones. It was a strange journey that began with a Sprint Treo 650 that had been hacked to work on the Verizon network. Then I switched carriers from Verizon to Cingular and purchased an unlocked 650, which I've been using as my main device ever since. In the past year, I have seen Palm release the 700p and 700w for non-GSM carriers. No joy for me! But, finally Palm has released a new GSM phone. The 750v is a quad band (850, 900, 1800, 1900) phone for the Vodafone network. Right now it is only available outside the US, but will eventually be available here. Of course you didn't think that I would be patient enough to wait around for that day did you? Ummmm.... NO! A little googling turned me on to and one day later I had an unlocked 750v in my hands.

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Nokia N80 Smartphone

The first time I saw pictures of the Nokia N80 back when it was
announced, I was thrilled. As soon as I saw the laundry list of
features, I knew I had to have it! I already had a Treo 650 with
Sprint, but the software was sometimes buggy and Sprint worked
poorly at my house. In the middle of July, I got a chance to leave
my Sprint contract without the termination fee, so I immediately
opened an account with T-Mobile and ordered a new N80 from

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Over a year and a half ago in December 2004, the much anticipated Treo 650 smartphone arrived on the market. This first model was a CDMA version from Sprint, but several months later a GSM version and then a version from Verizon also became available. Since its release, the 650 has become the most popular smartphone (combination PDA / mobile phone) device on the market. Time has not stood still for Palm. Their latest smartphone is the 700p. Should 650 owners pony up to buy this upgraded model, or should they keep their cash and wait for something with more revolutionary features, instead of evolutionary?

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i-mate SP5m

The smartphone designers at HTC recently introduced their fourth-generation product, code-named “Tornado” and running the latest Windows Mobile operating system. Like previous generations, the Tornado is (or at least will be) available under many different brand names including those of major wireless carriers; i-mate is among the first to offer it for consumer purchase. i-mate [...]

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In September 2005, my daily driver PDA was an HP iPAQ hx-4700 and my mobile phone was the Samsung i550, a Palm OS device that was never technically released in the US. I thought that I was satisfied with the combination of the two devices - enjoying the best of both PDA worlds in a [...]

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Nokia N90

The N-Series is a new (in 2005) line of high-end multimedia phones from Nokia. The N90 is targeted at photography and video, with a 2.1 megapixel camera and a design tailored for imaging. The N90 box is filled with a variety of items: N90 Phone Multi-voltage AC adapter with European plug (AC-4E) Charging adapter CA-44 [...]

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When I bought my O2 XDA II Mini in February this year, I thought “Now this device will be a keeper for at least a year”. How silly of me. As soon as I started reading about the HTC Universal, I knew that was going to change. A device that had a built-in keyboard, WiFi [...]

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Updated 05/12/2005 Background: I've never been a mobile phone junkie, but I've been wanting a new phone pretty much since the day I upgraded to the Motorola T720 a year ago. I quickly came to the realization that I didn't like flip phones at all. When the phone would ring while I was driving, I [...]

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