Micro USB charge/sync cable

Chances are pretty good that you have at least one universal charger already.  One was probably even given to you as a gift over the holidays from a relative who thought it sounded "techie." I may be just a little bitter because I find one in my stocking every year from my mother, and they… Read More

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The Xoopar 3 in 1 Stylus is a multi-function tool, but it doesn't have a  ballpoint pen inside like most multi-function styluses do.  The Xoopar has a capacitive stylus on one end, and a screen cleaner on the other end.  Pop the barrel apart, and you'll find a sync and charge microUSB cable which would… Read More

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Having extra microUSB cables in my bag is such a necessity these days with all the devices that I own. I have two Android phones (one for work, one personal), an Android tablet, and various other gadgets that need a microUSB cable to sync or charge. I had the chance to review the microBOX retractable charge and… Read More

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When are charging cables not just charging cables? When those cables are Wonder Wires a Kickstarter project by Wonder Wires. Wonder Wires are compact multifunctional devices that use microUSB (also known as 5 pin) connectors to connect with a variety of phones and even some tablet devices that have microUSB connectors. Wonder Wires fill three… Read More

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It’s always nice to be able to charge or sync your devices wherever you are, but carrying a bunch of cables and chargers in your gear bag requires a lot of room and can add a lot of weight.  Scosche has come to the rescue with some very compact and useful charge and sync cables… Read More

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