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blink(1) is a USB LED status light that can alert you to almost anything

on Friday, August 29th, 2014

The blink(1) is a small USB LED status light that plugs into your PC, Mac, Linux or even Raspberry Pi device and can be set up to flash a certain color and pattern when something happens that you need to know about. That “something” is entirely up to you. For example: Do you want to knowRead More…


Pelican 2370 3-in-1 Color Mode LED Flashlight review

on Thursday, November 21st, 2013

If you are familiar with the name Pelican, then you may know that they are known for their cases that are tough, durable, and long-lasting.  I was unaware that Pelican made flashlights, so naturally I was very curious on how good their flashlights could be. I assumed that if they made solid cases that they wouldRead More…


OLight M10 Maverick LED flashlight review

on Monday, August 19th, 2013
Posted in: Gear, Pocket Gear, Reviews

We love flashlights here at The-Gadgeteer. They are valuable tools to have around for emergencies or work usages.  Most flashlights these days are LED based because of the advantages of energy efficiency and high lumens output. I’m here to test OLight’s M10 Maverick LED Flashlight that was provided by


Iain Sinclair EON Classic Flashlight review

on Thursday, February 21st, 2013
Posted in: Gear, Reviews, Wallets

Iain Sinclair is known for their wallet sized gadgets like the Cardsharp credit card knife, which I reviewed last fall. They recently sent me their EON Classic Flashlight to review. The EON is another credit card sized device that can be stored in your wallet, enabling you to carry a flashlight with you at allRead More…


Bag Light – Illumination for your gear bag

on Sunday, December 9th, 2012
Posted in: Bags, News

It’s always a pain to try to find small items at the bottom of your bag when it’s dark out. The Bag Light solves that problem with a super bright LED that is activated with a squeeze. It is made of soft silicone rubber and easily fastens and unfastens with a magnet. Attach it to theRead More…


INSTEON Ships World’s First Remote Control Networked LED Bulb

on Saturday, July 7th, 2012

How many WiFi enabled devices other than your computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets do you have in your home? I have more than the average person. In addition to my 5 computing devices (iMac, Macbook Air, MBP, iPad and iPhone), I have a Boxee Box, Roku and 4 WiFi cameras setup. When I saw theRead More…


Fenix TK70 Flashlight Review

on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

I have reviewed many fancy flashlights on The Gadgeteer, most of them relatively small, compact and for their size, pretty bright. Well, this time I am reviewing the Fenix TK70 courtesy of Fenix Outfitters. The TK70 is neither small nor lightweight but is supposed to be brighter than all my other flashlights combined….car light onRead More…

PrimeTorch 01

Primus PrimeTorch Flashlight Review

on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
Posted in: Gear, Outdoor Gear, Reviews

One thing you can never be without is a good flashlight, especially one that has a bright brilliant light. But for me a flashlight is just a flashlight. That is unless it has something about it that gives it a unique characteristic. And the PrimeTorch 1010 by Primus is one such flashlight.


Packlight – A Bendable 45 LED Light

on Monday, August 8th, 2011
Posted in: Gear, News

It seems like all the cool stuff is coming from Kickstarter these days. The Packlight is another product that will hopefully see the light of day (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun). The Packlight is a 45 LED light that can bend into convenient shapes. It has neodymium magnets so that it can be affixedRead More…

Eton AFL200 1

Eton Aluminator AFL200 Flashlight Review

By: Mark Adkins
on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
Posted in: Gear, Outdoor Gear, Reviews

The Eton Aluminator series flashlights are bright ‘Cree Q2 LED’ style lights in a tough waterproof aluminum housing. Eton has also co-branded with the American Red Cross and donates part of each purchase.


IR Wireless Motion Detection Auto LED Light Review

By: cobinrox
on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
Posted in: Home, Kitchen, Reviews

Got a dark cabinet or kitchen sink counter?  Me too.  Maybe trying to catch a mouse scrounging around at 3AM?   Me too. Wish that you had a light for your scary closet that would work like your refrigerator light and are too much of a total klutz to wire up a real light?  Me too.Read More…


MEDEA Spirits – Booze with a message

on Monday, October 4th, 2010
Posted in: Miscellaneous, News

We know LEDs are great for flashlights, status lights for your smartphones, and a bunch of other uses, but raise your hand if you ever thought to use LEDs on a bottle of vodka. Anyone? Anyone? MEDEA Spirits must be the only one with a vision because they recently announced the world’s first LED programmableRead More…


ICON Solo and Link Flashlights Review

on Sunday, September 26th, 2010
Posted in: Gear, Reviews

I have a weakness for small flashlights. When a company offers one for review, I’ll almost always say yes. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to agree to review two new LED flashlights from ICON when they asked if I would be interested. We have reviewed their products before and have appreciated both their unique styleRead More…


No more squinting at restaurant menus with the UltraOptix

on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
Posted in: Gear, News

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I go to a restaurant that is so dark that I can’t read the items on the menu. I found something that might help. It’s the UltraOptix. It is an LED lighted 2X magnifying lens with a 6X portion that is small and thin enoughRead More…


TokyoFlash Kisai Round Trip Review

on Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Before the invention of the wrist-watch, there was the pocket-watch.  Developed in the 16th century, the pocket-watch was the main portable way of telling time.  It was only after World War I that wrist-watches became popular after the design of trench-watches for the military.  Now in the 21st century, we can tell time in soRead More…


Hi-Tec Sketch Art Review

on Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Back in the stone age when I was a kid, we had classic toys like Etch-a-Sketch, Spirograph and Lite-Brite. I had the first two, but never had the pleasure of having a Lite-Brite. This was a simple toy that encouraged creativity and imagination. It allowed you to make pictures with little colored plastic pegs thatRead More…


Crank It Up with the Giant LEGO Figure LED Flashlight

on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
Posted in: Geek Toys, News

The Official LEGO LED Flashlight from Brando would make a fun (and useful) addition to any LEGO fan’s collection. Just wind his arm to charge the internal battery. LEDs are located in the figure’s feet. The only thing I see missing is a hat or hair This product is available from Brando for $32.90. BrandoRead More…

Modus 1

Icon Modus 2 Dual-Output LED Flashlight Review

on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

When I was growing up there were many gadgets around the house that I had a thing for. Things from mechanical pencils to electric lighters to flashlights. So when I got a chance to review the Icon Modus 2 flashlight from Icon I jumped on the chance to do it. After playing around with itRead More…


Beam N Read Hands-free Lights Review

By: Mark Adkins
on Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Beam N Read Hands-free Lights from ASF Lightware Solutions are portable LED lamps worn on the chest. The theory is that this illuminates your working area better than headlamps or other options. The people who make them are pretty enthusiastic about them, and deservedly so!

H501 attached to the front of an IBA

ZebraLight H501 Headlamp Review

By: James Melby
on Sunday, March 14th, 2010
Posted in: Gear, Outdoor Gear, Reviews

If you’re looking to get away from the bright city lights, there are few places on earth darker than a moonless night out on the Western frontier of Afghanistan. A good light source is indispensable in this environment. In fact, several lights are part of most Soldiers’ kits. One light that has found a permanentRead More…


Get in the Mood with a 16 Million Color Lamp

on Sunday, March 14th, 2010
Posted in: Home, Kitchen, News

The Philips 818566 LivingColors LED lamp produces 16,777,216 different colors of accent light. The lamp’s four LEDs (two red, one blue, and one green) can generate 256 different hues, 256 levels of saturation, 256 brightness settings and up to 120 lumens. By using the small remote’s touch-sensitive color wheel, you can wash a wall, corner,Read More…


LED lamp with a built in digital photo frame

on Sunday, February 7th, 2010
Posted in: Home, Kitchen, News

This is a nifty device from Sungale that combines a modern styled LED desk lamp with a 3.5 LCD screen. The screen has a resolution of 320X240 and is capable of displaying slide shows from images saved to SD, MMC or MS cards. This desk accessory is priced at $79.99


Camp with confidence with the AltusLumen LightGear Gre

on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
Posted in: Gear, News

AltusLumen has just launched their latest LED product: the LightGear Gre. It’s an 18-in-1 LED light with built-in survival tools that make it handy for campers, hikers, travelers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The flashlight has 4 LEDs that output 80 lux. The tools include an aluminum whistle, a storage compartment for storing items like needlesRead More…


Lights Of America LED GU10 “Accent” Bulb Review

By: cobinrox
on Thursday, January 28th, 2010
Posted in: Home, Kitchen, Reviews

Serendipity is a term used to describe a situation that turns for the better without any effort on the part of the receiver.  This is how I would describe the finding of these Lights-of-America LED lights that are replacements for the GU10 Halogen bulbs that I have in the track lights above my kitchen sink.Read More…


Tiny Zipper Pull LED Flashlight

on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
Posted in: Gear, News

These little 1.5 inch long PICO lite LED flashlights can project a 10 lumen beam up to 30 feet. They have a small clip that you can use to hang them from a jacket zipper pull so that you’ll always have a flashlight when you need one. You can get one for $9.95 at eGear.