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The Scosche GoBatt 4400 is a small rechargeable backup battery that not only has enough capacity to recharge your iPhone 6/6s two times, but it also has a built-in flashlight. The GoBatt features a 4400mAh battery, one USB port that delivers 1A charge output and a button that when pressed will show how much juice [...]

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One of the more frequently used tools in a police officer's arsenal is a flashlight. I spent the first seven years of my career working in the dark and went through three or four flashlights in that time. While I'm no longer working at night, I still often find myself in need of my flashlight [...]

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A light source seems to be an essential part of nearly everyone's EDC, and many prepared folks tend toward the small-but-powerful variety. SureFire has a been a leader in the light source industry for many years and I recent ran across their SideKick Ultra-Compact Variable-Output LED Flashlight. It's a small flashlight with a Li-ion battery that can [...]

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When I received the Avido All-In-One, I expected a nice flashlight for my bike with some extra bells and whistles.  What I didn’t expect was a really fun day trying it out. The Avido All-In-One comes nicely packaged, as we expect of all our toys now.  The package contains the Avido All-In-One with an LED [...]

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A light source is touted by many as an indispensable item, not only from an emergency survival standpoint, but also from an everyday utilitarian one. While many of us (incluing yours truly) would like to carry a powerful light source with us every day, it just may not be practical. With flashlight technology improving every year, [...]

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Slughaus BULLET

In the world of EDC, one of the main features we look for is size. If a piece of EDC equipment is too big or too heavy, we don't have time for it. The BULLET, a Kickstarter project, is listed as the world's smallest LED flashlight, and by the looks of it, I cannot disagree. [...]

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A year ago I reviewed the Zerohour XD tactical flashlight and closed by saying that it was probably the last flashlight I'd ever purchase.  Well, the folks at Zerohour haven't been standing still and have recently introduced the little brother to the XD and I may have to eat my words.  I'll give it a [...]

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The Lumen flashlight is a unique flashlight - it doesn't need an external power source to use it. All it needs is your body heat. How does it work? According to the Kickstarter page, you touch TEG (Thermoelectric Generator) - small ceramic bar that can produce electric current when we provide temperature difference between upper [...]

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It is difficult to believe I reviewed the Surfire T1A Titan compact flashlight more than 6 years ago...crazy how fast time flies. To this day, I use the T1A often to light my way. It has withstood the test of time and continues to operate flawlessly. Recently Surefire has released an updated follow-on to the [...]

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Fenix FD40-10

My name is Andy, and I'm a Flashaholic.  I have a lumen problem.  Ever since my first "cool" flashlight 30 years ago, the MagLite, I've been chasing the next go-to handheld torch.  This illumination arms race has only escalated in the past 15 years with the introduction of better and brighter LEDs.  Today I've got the [...]

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Even though I review mostly audio gear, I jumped at the chance to test the Cree LED High Power Searchlight. My interest was piqued when I bought a 250 lumen flashlight to replace my aging Maglight and its pathetically weak bulb. But once I saw that the Cree light was 800 lumens, I couldn't resist. [...]

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How many times do you need to use a flashlight only to discover that the batteries are dead or so drained that the light emitted from the flashlight is too dim to be of any use? The VuPoint kinetic emergency flashlight sounds like a wonderful alternative to traditional flashlights that use standard batteries. The VuPoint [...]

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If you're cyclist and a gadget geek, I've found the perfect Kickstarter project for you. Cydekick is a generator you attach to your bike that allows you to power a high intensity LED headlight. Additionally, you can purchase a USB hub allowing you to charge a phone, GPS, or action camera. It works using electromagnetic [...]

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Why use a flashlight that only lights a small circular area in front of you (top right image) when you could light up a full 180o around you (bottom right image)?  The TripleLite 180o Flashlight uses "patented technology and a Smart Widescreen LED Arrangement" to light a bigger, brighter area than standard flashlights can.  It has three [...]

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The Wind 'n Go Vers-A-Light is a rechargeable LED lantern that can serve as a hand-held flashlight, camping light, reading light, or an emergency light.  You can carry it or hang it by its loop handle, or you can attach it to metal items with its built-in magnets.  It has 16 white LEDs that operate [...]

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