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Forget building sets that let your kid build a house he can play with.  Bilderhoos lets your kid build a house he can play in!  The pieces are made of  1" thick marine-grade 9-ply plywood that has been triple-coated with exterior water-based polyurethane.  The edges of each board are rounded with a router and sanded to a [...]

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Of course, only a fool would put a caffeinated drink in a toddler's cup, but it would be fun to give the grandparent's a start when they see the grandkid coming to visit with their own cup of high-octane energy, wouldn't it?  This 8oz cup is made of BPA-free plastic and has a hard, snap-on sippy [...]

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If the cutesy diaper bags with pastel-colored baby animals aren't for you, you probably have had a hard time finding a diaper bag that you can use.  Tom Bihn, after time spent coming up with the best design they thought they could make, has introduced the Parental Unit.  This diaper bag looks like a standard [...]

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When she was younger, my daughter was the monster all the mother headphones used to scare their little headphones into being good.  Rachel could kill a pair of headphones or earbuds in no time, and then she'd come asking to borrow mine!  If the MarBlue HeadFoams had been around then, I might have gotten to [...]

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Any new parent is aware of how much stuff a baby requires, and they're also aware of how much room all of that stuff requires.  While you don't have to have a special tub to bathe the baby, those infant tubs do help make bath time feel a bit safer.  We had a nice baby [...]

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As any parent knows, there's a bit of danger associated with very young children trying to wash their hands on their own.  When my daughter was very young, we had to keep a footstool in the bathroom so she could reach to wash her hands - so there's a falling danger.  There's also a scalding [...]

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When you have a tiny child, you can choose from a variety of ways to "wear" your child for easy carrying while keeping your hands free.  Some choose to carry their very young child in a sling, others choose a product like a Baby Bjorn.  Once your child gets big enough to walk, you lose [...]

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Anyone who has tried to soothe a crying baby who just can't be soothed will wish they had had a Mamaroo Bouncer when they needed it.  The Mamaroo Bouncer rocks and bounces it self; you can use it to simulate motions of a car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, or ocean.  You can also have it [...]

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If you have a budding explorer in your family, he or she will need some equipment.  The Moulin Roty Explorer's Kit contains everything a budding scientist and explorer needs during their field trips.  The sturdy cardboard case looks like it's well-traveled, as evidenced by the stickers.  Inside are "functional cardboard pocket binoculars, a compass, string [...]

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Timbuk2 says their newest bag is in response to customer requests for a diaper bag that doesn't look like a typical diaper bag.  The Stork Diaper Messenger Bag is one of their medium-sized messengers that has been outfitted for baby gear.  It has a waterproof, wipeable liner and is equipped with hot and cold internal [...]

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ZAGG may be more known for their protective device skins, but they've long offered their ifrogz line of earbuds and headphones.  They now have some Animatone products that are designed just for children.  As you know, the loud volumes produced by earphones and headphones can damage hearing.  Some devices include maximum-volume settings for their audio [...]

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I've seen lots of accessories designed to protect an iPad while children use it, but this is the first accessory I've seen for the Kindle Fire tablet.  Amazon has two versions of the Inflatable Play Cube for Kindle Fire - Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob SquarePants.  These cubes weigh about 2 pounds, and they inflate [...]

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With the constant stimulation toddlers are getting from television and tablets, it may be hard to pry them away when they really have to go potty. CTA Digital invented the iPotty to deal with this problem. The iPotty is a modified potty chair with an attached stand for an iPad. It comes with a bowl [...]

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We told you about the Child Pad from Archos a couple of months ago.  This 7″ compact tablet runs Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”, and it’s powered by a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.  The interface features colored icons and folders, and the tablet is pre-loaded with games (like Angry Birds), apps, and books.  You [...]

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To prevent getting taken by one of their April Fool's jokes again this year, I've stayed away from ThinkGeek for several days.  (Dang it, I wanted light saber popsicles!)  I was checking them out yesterday, and I found a product that they swear is a real product.  The Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair is an [...]

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Children always want to have things like their parents have, and I'll admit that my daughter had her first (hand-me-down) PDA when she was five.  Before that age, I wouldn't have been comfortable even letting her play with my devices because very young children can have trouble understanding the need for being very careful with [...]

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I am guessing pretty almost every parent has had a moment where your little one has decided to wake just at the sight of sunlight in the morning, ready to take on the day hours before you would like him or her up.  Zazoo Kids has created the Zazoo Photo Clock to help alleviate some [...]

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Julie tells me I'm crazy because I start Christmas shopping so early, and I'm a little panicked because I'm actually getting a late start this year.  I found this great gift idea for kids while I was looking for toys.  This little Spy Night Vision Digital Camcorder from Young Explorers has a 1.8" preview screen, cables [...]

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