Ok kiddies, it's time to put on your Martha Stewart apron and bust out some scissors, glue and construction paper so you can make this cool (and free) sound amplifying dock for your smartphone. Consider this as an upgrade to the DIY Styrofoam Cup Sound Amplifier idea that we brought you a few weeks ago. [...]

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The 3-in-1 Shutter Grip from Allputer.com looks like a perfect accessory for picture snapping iPhone owners. Designed for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, the Shutter Grip provides 3 functions. First of all the iPhone snaps into the grip to offer a more secure hold while capturing video and shooting pictures. The grip has 3 buttons [...]

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Yesterday Elizabeth told us about some cool looking Star Wars iPhone cases, so in fairness to the other popular sci-fi franchise, we have some Star Trek cases for your beaming pleasure. The Star Trek: The Next Generation iPhone 5 cases are now available from PowerA.com. Priced at $29.99, these cases are available in 3 Starfleet [...]

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If you love LEGO and also have an iPad or an iPhone 5, The Daily Brick is offering 2 fun kits that will allow you to build a charging dock entirely out of real LEGO bricks. They sent me both kits, which I built quickly and relatively easily. Let's see how they turned out. Note: Images [...]

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The world has moved into the digital age, but what about those leftovers from the analog era?  Photos in family albums or boxes full of vacation slides?  The iPics 2 Go iPhone photo scanner from ION Audio offers a potential solution.  It uses an iPhone 4/4S camera as a scanner, converting your photographs, negatives, or [...]

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OtterBox Armor -1

Need hard-core protection for your new iPhone 5? Does it need to be waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof? The iPhone 5 Armor Series Case from OtterBox may be what you are looking for. Built like a tank, the Armor is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 6.6 feet of water, and has a cover that [...]

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Case-Mate has introduced their Crafted Collection of smartphone cases featuring exotic hardwoods.  These cases have a brushed aluminum body with a wood accent on the back.  Case-Mate says this line is inspired by the interiors of vintage automobiles and "is a marriage of sophisticated natural materials with a thoughtful attention to assembly and finishing details." [...]

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Ubuntu on your smartphone?

What do you use on your smartphone: iOS, Android, Windows? Well if Ubuntu has its way, it'll become another major player in the smartphone market as well. It's a pretty long video, but well worth a watch (the best phone interface info is between 6:20 and 13:45). What do you reckon? I think I want [...]

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This post brought to you by Arcsoft. All opinions are 100% mine. Sure, you can email your friends photos or post them on Facebook, but a couple of photos can't really convey everything you want to share about your day or event.  So you could create a photo album and have them printed up, but [...]

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Snappgrip is a UK based Kickstarter project that will provide a snap on camera controller for your iPhone 4, 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3. It's made up of 2 parts. A protective case and the Snappgrip which snaps into the case and houses the controls. Using Bluetooth, this accessory features one-handed controls for shutter, zoom and [...]

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LG 300W Sound Bar System review


I do enjoy my 47" LCD TV, but the sound quality never seemed to equal that of the picture.  I realize that it's difficult to get any fidelity out of a couple of puny speakers, however, the alternative of getting a surround sound system was more than I wanted or needed, not to mention having [...]

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Sphero Robot Ball review


My initial thought when Julie asked the Gadgeteer Team, who would like to review the Sphero was 'cute but I'll pass'. But upon further consideration, it occurred to me that I have an 11 yr old, tech-savvy son, spaz of a dog and insane cat at home just waiting for something like this to enter [...]

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The Gramophone combines sculpture with sound to create a unique speaker system for the iPhone or iPad that will definitely turn heads (and ears). Designed to resemble a Victorian era phonograph, the base of the Gramophone is constructed of solid walnut and the horn is made of iron and brass. The interesting thing about this [...]

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This Portable iPhone Charger from Uncommon Goods is bright enough that you'll be able to find it in the darkest bag.  No information about the capacity is mentioned, but the lithium battery should provide about three extra hours of charge to a discharged iPhone 3GS, 4 or 4S.  The charger is available in Bohemian Rainbow [...]

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If Tim Cook would ask me what changes I would make to the iPhone, it wouldn't take me long to blurt out my top 5 list. Better battery life, widgets, dedicated call answer/end button, dedicated camera shutter button and a notification LED. I don't think Tim cares what I think or want, but I'll soon [...]

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Do you charge your iPhone with a boring old cable? What the heck is the matter with you? Are you a gadgeteer or what? I bet these docks from Iron Giant Designs will make you drool. They offer a limited number of docks that are made from a solid hunk of metal or clear material [...]

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When I first saw the TaskOne iPhone case, I was sure it was a joke. It looked exactly like something we'd see as a news posting on April Fools Day. It also reminded me of the the Swiss Army Handspring Visor module we wrote / joked about back in 1999. But guess what? The TaskOne [...]

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With Halloween just around the corner, here are a few spooky cases from myBat for your iPhone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy S3 to consider. These cases have a two layer design that includes a soft rubberized base skin and then a hard plastic snap-on cover that provides the spooky details. Choose from the Spiderbite or the Skullcap [...]

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Teddy Ruxpin (animatronic toy from the 80's) always creeped me out with his freaky moving eyes and mouth. I never had one but I wonder how many kids were traumatized by that battery operated story telling bear? Fast forward 27 years and we now have Ubooly (say it like oo-boo-lee), an orange marsupial that can [...]

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I've been using X10 products to remotely and automatically control some of the lights and appliances in my house for years.  Insteon is the next generation of X10-compatible devices sold by SmartHome.   I've been considering updating the devices in my house to take advantage of the new technology, so I thought I'd start with [...]

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