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iPad owners who use the Apple Smart Cover and also like to use a stylus to take notes or draw should check out the REMORA stylus & pen holder project on Kickstarter. It's a leather stylus holder that magnetically sticks to the outside of the smart cover. They sent me one to try out and [...]

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I was excited to receive this sample to review from ONANOFF. Being a music aficionado and an avid iPad Air 1 user, I was stoked when I read the company’s description and claim that this flat panel speaker/case, would improve the sound of my iPad Air by 400%. As you can imagine, I was a [...]

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The camera on my iPhone 6 Plus is okay, but it's no where as good as my Nikon D5100 DSLR.  The camera on my iPad is no where near as good as the camera on my iPhone.  Sometimes you have to use the camera you have with you, and often that's not the Nikon because it's [...]

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Last week at CES in Las Vegas, Wikipad took the wraps off of their Gamevice gaming controller for iPad. The Gamevice is a classic console style controller that supports the iPad Air and iPad Mini 1, 2, & 3. Compatible with 100s of iOS games including popular titles like Bioshock, Borderlands, Call of Duty, GTA and others, [...]

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Someone once said that your best camera is the one you happen to have with you.  Sometimes your iPad is the camera you happen to have, and for some people, the iPad is the only camera they have.  The iPad's back camera is pretty good, but it could be improved, and that's the purpose of [...]

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Julie asked me to suggest some gift ideas for the iPhone and iPad users in your life.  I thought about how I have used my original iPad mini, the new iPad Air I owned for a short while, and the iPad mini with Retina display I replaced the Air with, and I came up with [...]

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Twelve South's BookBook Travel Journal case may be the only thing you need to travel with your iPad and its accessories.  The leather-bound, hardcover "book" conceals a lot of electronics inside a case that looks like a travel journal - not like a gear bag that's filled with expensive gadgets.  There's room for your iPad, [...]

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I have completely replaced a laptop in my life with my iPad. I discovered this about a year into having my first iPad, when I realized the only time I had moved my MacBook Pro from the desk was when I presented, using both it and my iPad at a few meetings. But, when I'm [...]

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No matter how many electronic gadgets you carry with you, sometimes you just need to write something down on paper.  With the Ideal Notepads, you can attach a notebook to your iPhone or iPad so one is always with you if you need it.  They have elastic bands that slide over your device and leave [...]

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As someone who takes frequent trips, I have found that the lighter your carry-on is, the better. One problem I had with leaving my laptop at home was losing the ability to use a keyboard. I have tried a keyboard case for my iPad before and didn’t like it, but I was given the opportunity [...]

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I love watching video and listening to podcasts and books on my iPad. It's so much more portable and useful than my MacBooks have been over the years (which is to say it doesn't have a hinge and require me to figure out what to do with that keyboard while watching!) The constant drawback to [...]

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Pinball may be a game that is known to kids young and old, but it is a game that doesn't port over to a touch screen very easily. Duo Games now has a controller that can be used with Gameprom's free Pinball HD Collection app to bring life-like pinball to the iPad. Connecting via Bluetooth, [...]

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Normally when I find a new product from Archos, it's an Android tablet.  This time, they have a Bluetooth keyboard for us.  The Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad works with the iPad 2 and the 3rd- and 4th-gen iPads.  At 9.48" x 7.32" x 0.2", it's not much thicker than a Smart Cover; it weighs [...]

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I keep reading articles about how the iPad is becoming more and more important as a gaming system, and then I think of how sore my hands and wrists can get after hours of just holding my iPad still while I read.  This Indiegogo crowd-funding project for a gaming accessory for the iPad could address [...]

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This is another Kickstarter project.  Because it can be hard to hold your iPad one-handed while you sketch, Dan Almazan has developed a holder that he calls ARTSi.  The device looks like a traditional artist's palette, but it holds an iPad instead of paints.  The ARTSi will be injection-molded, and it will work with the [...]

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The Comfe Hands grips will work with the original iPad, just not neatly. Note the gap.

The Comfe Hands tablet grips are a pair of semi-soft plastic, modeled to fit around the corner of an iPad. The back is expanded and has ridges for your fingers, allowing them to flex, rather than try to hold the slab with just pressure on your fingertips

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I've started a quest to find a way to touch-type on an iPad without having to use a heavy case with a non-standard keyboard in it.  I already wrote about my attempt to hack my own case/lapdesk for the iPad and Apple Bluetooth keyboard.  Today, I'll be looking at something completely different.  The iKeyboard started [...]

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I don't like using the on-screen keyboard on my iPad.  There's no tactile feedback, so I can't tell if my hands are in the correct position nor if I actually struck a key.  The TouchFire Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad looks like a very promising way to add a tactile keyboard to your iPad without having [...]

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Sakar and Disney have introduced the Sakar Disney iPad Camera.  This 7MP camera is designed with children in mind, but adults might like it, too.  This simple camera takes still photos only; it has a 1.5" preview screen and a 4X digital zoom.  There's no internal memory, but it comes with a 32GB microSD card.  [...]

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Logitech headset straight

Logitech is one of the premier manufacturers of technology peripheral devices. They make some of the bestkeyboards, mice and their Harmony line of remote controls is fantastic. One of their newest products is the Logitech Wireless Headset. I’ve spent the last few days using the headset with a variety of devices and it has performed [...]

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