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It's that time of year when decluttering and spring cleaning is at the forefront of everyone's minds and procrastination with a side of stagnancy has been removed from the menu.  I feel the pressure and I don't like it. How about this? In lieu of all that organizing and cleaning that I so dread, I'll… Read More

Most home security systems involve setting up cameras and a variety of sensors like motion detectors, door and window opening/closing sensors, temperature sensors and more. The Xandem system is more like something straight from a Mission Impossible style movie. Xandem uses a gateway and a set of modules to create a mesh network that puts a… Read More

Have fun channeling your inner Darth Vader the next time you're cooking in the kitchen or at the backyard grill with these officially licensed Star Wars kitchen accessories. Start a pair of Darth Vader oven mitts that are made of heat-resistant silicone that will protect your hands from temperatures up to 445 degrees F. The gloves… Read More

You'll be the envy of every nerd and gaming geek in the cafeteria when you come strolling in with the Game Box Lunchbox from Mustard. That's Mustard the company who makes this bento-style lunchbox, and not the condiment. The Game Box lunchbox features a classic Nintendo Game Boy style shape and graphics that take you… Read More

This is the second in a three part review on LEDVANCE lighting and home automation products. The first review was for LEDVANCE’s Sylvania Lightify A19 LED bulb review. This review focuses on the LEDVANCE Lightify LED Flexible Strip RGBW. It is a 16-foot flexible strip that can be laid out to fit a variety of locations… Read More

An unexpected visit from an old friend and an unopened bottle of Caymus. If you're amongst the fortunate few to have old friends and a bottle of Caymus you surely know how tragic this event is. But wait! Don't despair! There's a gadget to the rescue!  The newly available Velv Wine Oxygenator will develop that bottle's best bouquet in… Read More

Like many households, mornings at the Chapman residence usually start with a trip to the coffee maker. I love my coffee hot, but I always put milk in mine, which cools the coffee to barely tolerable levels. DripJoy has a single serve coffee maker called the JoyBarista and a subscription coffee service with multiple types… Read More

Growing your own food is awesome because you know where it came from and how it was grown (with or without pesticides). But gardening itself takes some effort if you want the plants to actually live long enough to produce fruits and vegetables. The folks at Click & Grow are no strangers to making gardening… Read More

The Jabees Q9 LED desk lamp is a multi-tasker that no only lights up your desk, but it can also charge your Qi-enabled device through it's built in charging surface or USB port. Consolidate your lamp and your charging dock or cables with one device from Jabees. The Q9 LED desk lamp features folding design… Read More

I love butter and I love bread, but I don't love it when the butter is cold and I can't spread it without tearing the bread or toast. First world problem? You betcha! But is there a solution? Of course, there is... The Butter Knife from Butter & Honey. I've reviewed a couple other cold… Read More

I find myself at a point in life where my hands are always full. Whether carrying work equipment, groceries, or my children, I often find myself without a free hand to open the door to my house. I was recently given the opportunity to review the Yale Real Living Assure lock. It's a Bluetooth smart… Read More

What do birthday candles, scented candles, candles for binding spells and incense sticks all have in common? They all need something to light them. If you're anything like me, when it comes time to light a candle, it's a chore to find a box of matches or a lighter that still works. The ArcLighter is… Read More

A few years ago digital photo frames were really popular. I always liked the idea of photo frames, but their size was never big enough in my opinion. Enter the Digital Art Museum from Hammacher Schlemmer. This huge 32 x 21 inch 1080P digital frame can be mounted on your wall to display famous works… Read More

Brilliant Controls replace your existing light switches to add smart home control capabilities to your rooms. The Brilliant Control features a color LCD touch screen that allows everyone in the house to access music, temperature, and more with just a simple touch or voice command. Don't worry, no smartphone is required. The controls are touch, voice, and… Read More

Make your next movie night something special with this Star Wars inspired popcorn popper that looks like the evil empire's Death Star. But, you won't need to use the Force or even oil to make about 8 cups of yummy popcorn with this popper. The popcorn popper uses air to quickly pop the kernels and… Read More