You've seen smart TVs before, but you've never seen a smart Roku TV until now.  Roku has partnered with Hisense and TCL to simplify the smart TV so you can "instantly enjoy endless entertainment".  You can customize the Roku TV home screen with your favorite cable/satellite TV box, streaming channels, gaming console, and other devices so you don't [...]

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Do you wonder sometimes if you watch too much TV?  Well, you'll know the answer is probably "yes" if you install one of these Home Spa Waterproof TVs in your shower at home.  It's a 17" 720p HD TV that's completely sealed against water and steam.  The screen is scratch-proof and is heat-treated to prevent fog [...]

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In March of this year, I purchased (and reviewed) the new Roku 3 because I could use it to add Time Warner Cable programming to my bedroom TV without needing to rent a cable box.  I now have sharp, clear cable channels on that TV that supplements the over-the-air network channels I get using an [...]

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We've had a few articles about products that help you "cut the cable" to your satellite TV or cable TV provider.  In addition to streaming media players, we've featured antennas that bring in free, over-the-air, uncompressed HDTV signals.  We even mentioned an earlier Mohu product, the Leaf indoor antenna, in a news post.  If you [...]

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Roku 3 review


In November 2011, Julie and I reviewed two models of the Roku 2 (see related posts for link).  I've been using my Roku 2 in my living room since then, and I had an older Roku in my bedroom.  The bedroom TV has no cable hookup, so I relied on my Roku and my Apple [...]

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The HDTV-Support Multimedia Player from Gadget4All doesn't connect to any online media services, but it will let you play your own media from CF, SD, MS, and XD data cards, hard drives, or flash drives with no computer and no internet connection required.  It supports a variety of formats for video (in HD / PAL / [...]

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Roku recently updated their line of streaming media players, and they sent Julie their high-end Roku 2 XS with gaming remote to review.  I had been in the market for a Roku for my living room TV so I could watch Hulu Plus on my big screen TV, so I bought myself a Roku 2. [...]

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Sony HMD 3D glasses

First seen at CES 2011, Sony Websites around the world are now showing the HMZT1 Personal 3D View Head Mounted Display for preorder.  Using dual OLED HD screens , virtual 5.1 Surround Sound and TruBlack displays, the headset's designed to immerse you into movies and games in the intimacy of your own personal cinema. "Get the equivalent of [...]

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If you're looking for a way to get rid of expensive cable bills, you may have considered going to HD over-the-air programming.  Nothing's better than free TV, but do you really want to have to use an ugly rabbit ears antenna?  The Leaf Antenna™ was designed by experienced antenna engineers who have been designing antennas [...]

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This past holiday season, my wife and I remodeled our basement putting in a relatively nice media room with fancy in-the-wall speakers, A/V receiver, big LCD TV, Blu-ray player, AppleTV, and Nintendo Wii. All of those components having their own remote which adds up to a fair amount of juggling just to do something as [...]

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Envizen Duo Box Pro Review

Envizen-Duo Box Pro-1

When it comes to portable DVD/TV players the Envizen 7” Portable Digital TV and DVD player (Duo Box Pro) is nothing revolutionary, however, it is unique because it packs in several functions in one portable device.  Its no-frills design allows you to watch TV, play DVDs and video games, slideshow digital photos, and listen to [...]

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A week or two ago, I was asked if I wanted to do a call-in video interview with a Best Buy BlueShirt and a Geek Squad Expert. I wasn't able to make time to do that, but they did allow me to send in a couple of questions that they would video tape the answers [...]