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Zepp sensor for golf review

Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, three great golfers I will never be like. Let's face it, three golfers most of us will never be like. What makes these golfers or most professional golfers so much better than the rest of us? Why are they on the tour and we are not? I mean besides the… Read More

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Baseball, tennis and golf are three sports where it's all in the swing. But how do you get that perfect swing, or even that better swing? Coaching is a good method, but you always have to work around their schedule and the cost! I know folks that video tape themselves, but it is hard to… Read More

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Instead of inserting a monogrammed club marker into your golf club grips, why not use something that can analyze your golf putting swing to help you improve your game?  With the 3BaysGSA PUTT analyzer, you'll be able to analyze your consistency, face and attack angles, tempo, back-swing and down-swing times, impact speed, and swing path… Read More

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Stash the Golf Swing Recording Camera in your bag, and you'll have a powerful tool for improving your golf swing at your fingertips.  This gadget from Hammacher Schlemmer is about the size of a fairway iron; the 3-ft long shaft ends in a turf spike so it can be easily placed in the tee box… Read More

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OptiShot, an Infrared golf simulator from Dancin' Dogg Golf, lets you and up to three of your friends play a round of golf without leaving home.  Using your own golf clubs and the OptiShot optical infrared pad and software, you can play on simulations of a variety of US golf courses, one in Thailand, and… Read More

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