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Cartegram is a global scavenger hunt game

on Monday, June 30th, 2014

Cartegram is a Kickstarter campaign for a scavenger hunt game that gets you off the couch and outside exploring your own town. Don’t worry, it’s not like geocaching where you have to use a GPS and sometimes cryptic clues to find the cache. Cartegram looks to be a significantly easier than that because everyone who plays will haveRead More…

Ti2 Setinel X Aluminum Cache

Bring on the adventure with the Ti2 Sentinel X Aluminum Cache

on Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Hiking, fishing, white water rafting, geocaching – these are all things I do not do on a regular basis. I do travel a bit though, and when I do I am always looking for neat, multi-purpose, rugged, functional products to take with me on my adventures. The Ti2 Sentinel X Aluminum Cache, a Kickstarter projectRead More…


c:geo Geocaching App for Android Review

on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

On May 2 2000  the US Government under Bill Clinton change the status of Selective Availability on their Global Positioning System  (GPS)  and overnight twenty-four satellites around the globe instantly gave GPS technology an increase in accuracy of  approximately  10 fold. Previously a high quality signal was used for military purposes while a lower quality signalRead More…

Homemade Geocache Puzzle Box

on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

My good friend David Simpson sent me an email tonight with a link to a really cool story. I love a good story and I love a good gadget. Make it a 3 part story about a homemade gadget given as a wedding present and you’ve got a real winner on your hands. Mikal HartRead More…