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SmartStation as work station, phone in landscape mode

The GiqueGEAR Smart Station is designed to act as a protective holster, a wallet replacement, and a workstation or stand for your smartphone. It claims to be "the ultimate home for your Android smartphone."  As a local company, GiqueGear (pronounced 'geek gear', I think) already has a special place in my heart, but the claim of [...]

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Wallet with my phone inside

New Zealand's Nutshell Corporation makes a series of cases for handheld devices called "Tuff-as-Nuts". Gadgeteer Mike Reigel verified that the name was appropriate back in 2003. They combine that reputation with an interesting fastener in a tough wallet case for your smartphone. The main body of the case is a nice piece of gorgeous leather [...]

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Wirelessground's Monaco Solar Phone Charger is a small, light, tough unit that can be charged from the sun, from a USB port, or from an AC outlet and works with most phones that use a mini or micro-USB plug right out of the box. Some quick tech specs- 3.3 ounces 2.2 x 4.2 x .6" [...]

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I use my iPhone a lot.  I mean really a lot. You know how much you use your iPhone? Well I use mine more.  I've got a bunch of great ways to keep my iPhone charged.  Let's see if the Newer Technology NuPower Charge & Sync+ will join my charging army. I purchase iPhone cables [...]

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eholster two

Protecting and carrying electronic gear is big business! Witness the number of reviews on this site alone that cover such products. If you are such a junkie, you may want to avoid the site where the e-Holster e-Vibe iPhone Case and Wallet is sold.  You aren't likely to leave the site without buying something to [...]

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Entire Kit

Because you are reading this I would bet that you use some form of protection... (for your personal electronic equipment...).  While you may be OK with Junior  playing in traffic, you shutter at the thought of your Ipod or phone getting scratched.  Bodyguardz hears you, and while they can't help Junior, they can help protect [...]

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It's trivia time folks! If you've been part of the PDA 'scene' for any length of time, you should automatically associate luxury PDA cases with one company in particular: Vaja. We've reviewed many many of their cases from as far back as the year 2000. Now, how many of you can remember the luxury PDA [...]


Product Requirements: Device: Any device that can accommodate an SD card, or any USB port Ideative Inc., the company that brought us the FlexUSB doo-hickey, are now offering 128mb SD cards. These aren't ordinary SD cards though... These cards have a built in USB connector, alleviating the need for a separate flash card reader. While [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: Any device that can accommodate a Type II CF card I live by the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. I have a zippered pouch in my gear bag that has all kinds of little adapters and tools. Things like the Victorinox CyberTool and FlexUSB adapter. I just found another adapter that will [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: Various PDAs   I'm already on my second Sony TG50. I think that most of my problems with PDA damage (or at least a good 40%) stem from the fact that I carry them around in my breast pocket. Everything is fine with this method, unless (of course) my torso does not [...]


Egrips Review Updated

Product Requirements: Device: Reviewed for Palm Zire 71 and Innopocket Aluminum case for Zire 71 - available for just about anything! Also reviewed for Tungsten T|3 One of the few complaints about the Zire 71 that is almost universal among users is that its casing is very slippery to hold. Enter Egrips. Egrips are custom made for many [...]

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Product Requirements: Designed for the classic iPAQ 3600/3700/3800/3900/500 series PDA, but can be used with any PDA with the majority of it's buttons on the front panel,  that needs the ultimate water-resistant/crush-proof/dust-proof case ever. When I am sitting at my desk, about to begin working on another review and sipping yet another Starbucks latte, it [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: up to 6 memory cards, including Memory Stick, Smart Media, and Compact Flash If you've ever owned a CD wallet, CD player case, or (for us older kids) a cassette case, then you know Case Logic. They also make PDA and notebook PC carriers. Looking around my bomb shelter I call an [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: A PDA with a touch-screen Surplus PDA has come out with a 4 in1Stylus that has most of the features I look for when I consider a desktop replacement stylus. Comprised of clear plastic with a rubberized grip, the 4 in 1 resembles the old-timey BICs that we all used to covet [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: Any PDA smaller than The Newton Anyone out there remember my review of the PDA Plus case??? (If so, you get a Master’s Degree in Gadgeteer Third-String reviewer trivia; I used to be Second String but let’s not talk about the Axim). Anyhoo, as I was reviewing said leather flip-out case, I [...]


Product Requirements: Device: Many PDAs. The Chameleon line of styli from Pilot Pentopia have been popular with PDA owners for quite awhile now. In the past, we've taken a look at several of versions, including ones for the Sony CLIÉ n700 series, Palm m100 series, and Palm III series. Pilot Pentopia now have a brand [...]

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Device: Available for Palm, Handspring Visor, HP Jornada, Compaq iPAQ, Sony CLIÉ, Casio, Sharp Zaurus, Toshiba, as well as the Samsung, Kyocera and Visor PDA/phones and Newton handhelds By now, every Gadgeteer reader knows that I am a firm believer in PDA screen protection. If you have read some of my previous reviews on this [...]


Product Requirements: Device: Palm V/m500 series, HP/Compaq iPAQ, and Sony NR & T series CLIÉs   It's been a while since I wrote a review about PDA screen protectors, and I was starting to wonder if any more companies were going to come out with something new. Well, Innopocket has stepped up and introduced their [...]


Product Requirements: Your Car's Windshield, or any Smooth SurfaceDevice:Works best with Square Shaped PDA's Will Hold any PDA   I really tried with this one.  Really I did.  You'll notice the date on this review...Its almost a month over due.  While I owe Julie and Judie a big apology for blowing the deadline on this [...]


Product Requirements: Device: Any touch screen device I haven't written a stylus review in quite awhile. Why? Mainly because I haven't found one to spark my interest in a long time. It seems like most of the new styli that I've seen advertised are huge 584 function pens that require you to devote an entire [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: Various PDAs and mobile phones I really appreciate products that have been designed to be functional as well as innovative. The power charging products that I'm about to review from Seidio show true ingenuity. As a Gadgeteer, I have quite a few Palm and Pocket PC PDAs. When I travel, I always [...]


Product Requirements: Device: Any touch-screen device Do you remember the Transformers cartoons? How these robots could change from one form to another when needed - just in time to do the job at hand. Well I want to tell you that there is a way that you can carry two ballpoint pens, a highlighter, a [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: Any PDA with dimensions of 5.5" tall x 3.5" wide x 0.75" thick   One of the things that I have often wished for when reviewing PDA cases was that a manufacturer, any manufacturer, would take their product to the next level. Instead of offering just an alligator or ostrich embossed case, [...]


Product Requirements: Device: XXX “Don’t forget the pants...” This phrase has haunted me since it was told to me repeatedly in 1995. I was making my big independent film and there was a single piece of costuming that I had to bring for a night’s shoot - guess what I did? I forgot the pants. [...]

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PDA Plus Case Review

Product Requirements: Device: Most Palm / Pocket PCs So, I’m sitting in the movie theater watching Resident Evil and one of the elite security personnel (the techie geek) whips open a little Libretto-looking jobber strapped to his left forearm with maps and information about the secret lab complex. No, this is not a movie review [...]