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How is your new year's resolution to get more fit and lose weight working out for you so far? Yeah, same here. Maybe you need a fitness accessory to help motivate you. Last week I showed you a jump rope that can be used to charge your gadgets and today I have another jump rope [...]

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Is one of your New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get in shape? The PULSE Jump Rope can help with that because jumping rope is a good cardio exercise. But the PULSE doesn't just benefit your heart and waist line, it will also charge your phone. Wait, what? It's true, the PULSE Jump Rope has [...]

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I love trying out the latest in heart rate monitors, especially those that do not require straps. I currently use a Polar M400 (which Dave Rees reviewed in February of this year) with the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart sensor chest strap and they work really well, but it would be nice not to have to use [...]

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I've been using a Tanita BC554 Ironman InnerScan Body Composition scale for over a decade and love it. It has been my accountability partner in trying to stay healthy. The only thing I have longed for is either a WiFi or Bluetooth feature that would automatically sync all the data to an app to keep [...]

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The Lumo Lift Posture and Activity Coach does things that normal fitness trackers do, like count your steps, distance, and calories.  The Lift has an extra benefit, though.  You wear the Lift on your shoulder, and it monitors your posture and gives you feedback to help you improve your posture.  When you sit, stand, walk, [...]

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As you may have heard, the Apple Watch starts being delivered tomorrow.  As the delivery time approached, more and more apps were being announced for the Watch, and one of the latest announcements is the Misfit Minute fitness coaching app.  Yes, it's from the makers of the Misfit trackers, so it should be a welcome [...]

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Whether you call it the IOT (Internet of Things), being plugged in, or something else, I really enjoy using connected devices. Some people will say, who needs a thermometer that saves your readings or a fitness tracker that tells you how many steps you've walked each day. I say why not! I don't have the world's [...]

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Fitness gadgets are my exercise motivator. I love them. My only caveat is that they must be able to accurately track at the very least my heart rate and calories burned during a workout and not just my daily routine activities. The more data they collect the better. When the Gadgeteer was offered the Wahoo [...]

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SUB Sports Utility Bag

We are a multitasking society and with that we expect the items we use on a daily basis to be the same. But when it comes to gym bags, they seem to have fallen behind in this trend. Living in the time crunched world we do today we often find ourselves heading from a workout [...]

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You like getting the information your fitness tracker provides, but do you ever get tired of the way you have to wear it?  If you'd like a change from the rubber wrist band or the plastic clip-on case, check out the fitness tracker accessories that Griffin has for you.  Griffin says their wearable accessories line [...]

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Apparently, jewelry for your fitness tracker is the new thing.  I found a seller on Etsy that offers metal bracelets, necklaces, and even a little purse for Fitbit trackers; they also have some accessories for the Jawbone Up and the Garmin Vivofit.  The Jeanene is an example of a bracelet for the Fitbit Flex.  The [...]

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We told you about some expensive Tory Burch jewelry holders for your Fitbit Flex.  They cost more than the Fitbit did, and not everyone is going to want to pay that much to pretty up their Flex tracker.  If you like girly accessories, you might like the Fitness Band Bling Accessory jewelry I found at [...]

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It seems most everyone has a fitness tracker these days, and most of them have a very utilitarian, sporty look.  If you'd rather have something a bit prettier than a silicone wrist band or a belt clip, you can purchase jewelry for your Misfit Shine tracker.  The Bloom Necklace has a pretty, stylized floral look, [...]

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Iron Chest Master review

IronChest_ 2

I don't always have time to hit the gym so the next best thing I can do is workout from home. Since working out at home can become stale and boring, it's nice to have a little variety to activate the muscle confusion factor so I jumped at the chance to review the Iron Chest Master. Let's [...]

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Last year, we told you about some pretty Tory Burch accessories to make wearing your Fitbit Flex more stylish and less utilitarian.  Of course those pretty metal bracelets and necklaces come at a premium.  If spending $175-200 for a piece of jewelry - more than the Flex itself cost - isn't in your budget, you [...]

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