It's finally semi-official. My Verizon PR rep let me know this morning that the Droid Eris would definitely be getting an update to 2.0. She had nothing for me to point to as official word, but now Eric Zeman on Information Week is reporting that same information. I let you go to the link for [...]

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HTC Droid Eris Review


The Droid Eris is the first Android phone with the Sense UI I have been able to play with. I was suspicious about the add-on (see previous post) but was pleasantly surprised. What's in the box: Phone USB Cable Power Adapter I love the fact that the prongs in the power adapter fold into the [...]

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Droid Eris: The Sense UI


One of the key differences with the Doid Eris is the UI that HTC has developed for their Android phones. The Sense UI provides a smoother interface to the stock Android interface. I am seeing this trend in a lot of phones. Motorola has the Blur, Samsung the Cube, and I am sure there will [...]

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Droid Eris vs. Droid


Tomorrow marks the launch of Verizon's first two Android phones. I have spent over a week with the Droid, but have only had the Eris for a couple of days. Since Verizon decided to call their first Android phone the Droid, and add that name to all successive Android phones, I will be referring to [...]

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First Looks: Droid Eris


Continuing my streak of good luck, I received a Droid Eris to review. This is the second Android phone that Verizon is releasing. Some have referred to it as the Droid Light because it comes with a slower (528 mhz) processor and no keyboard. It is also shipping with Android 1.5 (Cupcake) with the HTC's [...]

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