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YotaPhone – Two screens this phone is having

on Saturday, December 15th, 2012
Posted in: Android related, News

From Russian company Yota Devices, the YotaPhone  (confused you must not get ) is a dual-screen Android phone. One side is a normal high-resolution 4.3″ 1280 x 720 LCD screen that you can use to watch videos or play games; flip it over and the other side has a 4.3″ E Ink screen to read aRead More…


Phosphor E-Ink Digital Hour Watch with Black Polyurethane Band review

on Friday, November 30th, 2012

Phosphor has released quite a few watches over the past few years, including the recently reviewed World Time Sport Watch.  Today we’re going to look at one of the original fully-digital models, the Phosphor E-Ink Digital Hour Watch with Black Polyurethane Band.  Functionally, it’s identical to the stainless steel version but with a flexible, sporty strap.

txtr beagle – Low cost ebook reader

on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
Posted in: eBook Readers, News

The ebook reader war is on with most major vendors adding more features for a lower price.  But do you really need all that “fancy stuff” like a backlight, WiFi, 3G or an 8 week inbuilt battery?  Well if  German company txtr has their way, you’ll be saying no. The txtr beagle has a 5″ e-inkRead More…


Seiko’s “Future Now” Project Next-Gen e-Ink Watch

on Friday, June 4th, 2010
Posted in: News, Watches, Clocks

Seiko introduced the first e-Ink watch in 2005, and they have announced their next generation watch to be released later this year.  The new watch will have an active-matrix display and 80,000 pixels, each capable of four different shades of gray.  The Active Matrix EPD (electrophoretic display) screen will have 300 dpi resolution, which will produce aRead More…