Have you ever done the "does this smell funny" dance when you're preparing to fix dinner? What's that you ask? It's when you take a package of raw meat from the fridge, open it and sniff it. But instead of smelling nothing which means it's fresh and ready to cook, you smell "something". At that… Read More

I've been thinking of replacing the hodge podge collection of pans in my kitchen for quite a while, but when I check the prices of nicer cookware, I change my mind because it's tough to talk myself into paying $100 or more for one frying pan. Lucky for me, I was approached to try out… Read More

Everybody knows that a peanut butter or jelly-covered knife laying on the edge of the sink means you haven't decided if you're going to make another sandwich or not.  This keeps the counter free of smears, and it keeps the knife clean - so long as it doesn't fall into the sink.  You won't have… Read More

A couple of weeks I told you about the Spadle ladle. Well, the folks at Dreamfarm have been busy since then because now there's a new version of the Spadle. It's the Holey Spadle. It has the same features as the original Spadle, which includes the ability to transform from spoon to ladle with a… Read More

If you live in a tiny house, embrace minimalism, appreciate tools with more than one purpose or just like kitchen gadgets, then you'll want to check out the Spadle. What is it? It's a long handled dishwasher safe nylon spoon that easily converts into a ladle with a simple twist of the handle. The Spadle… Read More

BBQ masters with nocturnal grilling tendencies will no longer need to juggle a flashlight in one hand while flipping burgers with the other if they use the Grillight Grilling Spatula. Made of restaurant grade stainless steel, this two-in-one meat flipper is also a flashlight too. It features a bright high powered LED in the handle… Read More

The Bellini Kitchen Master is kind of like a really gorgeous guy you always imagined would be the perfect boyfriend till he became your boyfriend, and you realized he wasn’t so perfect, though you still felt you needed to believe it because of all the wonderful packaging. Besides, everybody says he’s wonderful, so it really… Read More

A few years ago when I was over at my brother in law's home, he asked if we wanted some fresh apple juice. He then proceeded to juice up a batch of apples for us with a new juicer he had purchased. The juice tasted great, but then he spent the next several minutes cleaning… Read More

Single-serve coffee systems such as Keurig and Nespresso have become so popular nowadays that it was perhaps only a matter of time until a similar pod-based concept was applied to other foods. Flatev brings that same one-touch convenience to making tortillas. Simply place a pod containing the dough of your choice into the drawer and… Read More

There are few things in life better than food cooked on the grill. Whether it be a steak, chicken, burger, or hot dog, there is just something about being cooked on the grill that makes everything a bit more delicious. Of course, not all grills have accurate temperature gauges built into them. This can be an… Read More

My mother complained that when she was a child a hundred years ago (literally), her parents brought totally crisped toast from the kitchen with a pat of frozen butter sitting in the middle. I don't remember how she solved it when we were kids, but soft margarine must have seemed a wonderful advance to her… Read More

Currently, figuring out the nutritional content of your meal means futzing around with labels and sifting through databases of similar-sounding items. SCiO, a pocket-sized near infrared spectrometer, combines with the DietSensor app to up the ante, allowing you to scan the food in front of you and determine its nutritional information with the touch of… Read More

Cooking is fun if you know what you're doing. But if you are a cooking novice, it can be an anxiety and smoke filled nightmare. Can a special frying pan help you learn to cook? Only if it comes with Gordon Ramsay attached to it you might think. The Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan doesn't come… Read More

These ladles appear to be named after the Loch Ness Monster of the Scottish Highlands, but they remind me more of Dino the dinosaur from the Flintstones cartoons. Either way, they are cute as heck and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who uses one. Available through the Animi Causa Boutique, these… Read More

For those of you who enjoyed the news posts on the insect rearing gadgets that you can use in your home to raise your own insect food (Farm 432: Farming insects for food to feed the future and The Hive: Farming insects to feed the future part 2), but were not quite ready to make the… Read More