It's no secret that I love my Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 chargers (car chargers, desktop chargers, and wall chargers) because of how quickly they charge my QC 2.0 devices. I've been going along in my little QC 2.0 world and was quite content with the simple knowledge of which chargers to buy to take advantage [...]

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Wireless charging is a popular feature on many of the mobile devices available today, but the future may be over-the-air charging. Companies like Energous are working on such technology now. They have developed a product called the WattUp wire-free charging system which involves using a transmitter and receiver. A WattUp transmitter, or Power Router, sends [...]

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Most charging stands for the Apple Watch leave the Watch hanging or laying open and unprotected, but the WatchKeeper is a leather-bound rigid, protective storage box with the magnetic charging cable completely contained inside.  The Watch lays in a EVA foam protective tray and is further protected by the EVA foam lining inside the top [...]

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The Triple C Power Purse has a built-in battery and plenty of room to hold a phone or phablet.  The bag has two built-in cables, one USB to charge the hidden, high-capacity internal battery and one USB female plug to attach your device's own cable to.  There's plenty of room inside the 4.5" X 8.75" [...]

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Do you remember the Everpurse iPhone charging clutch purse and handbags that we have covered here (see related links below) in the past? The company behind those products has just introduced the Everpurse Mini charging hard-shell wallet. The Mini can charge your iPhone 5/5S from zero to 100% three times. The iPhone docks right on [...]

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If your family is threatening to take away all your gadgets and gizmos because you are always using all the AC outlets to charge them, I have a potential solution for you. It's the 10-Port USB Charging Station from Brando. Yes, we've seen USB hubs with more than 10 ports before, but, this charging station offers [...]

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Are a PC laptop owner who has been jealous of the MagSafe magnetic power connectors built into Apple Macbooks? The ChargeSAFE break-away laptop power connector might be the solution for you... if you own an HP, Dell, Alienware, IBM Thinkpad, Lenovo, Toshiba, ASUS, MSI, Gateway, Fujitsu or Sony laptop. The ChargeSAFE is a two piece [...]

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If you've been keeping up with my recent gadget diary posts, you'll know that I've been interested in wirelessly charging my Samsung Galaxy S3. After a couple different cradles and a custom ROM, I'm happily charging without wires using the Qi wireless charging standard. That's why my interest was piqued when I heard the news that [...]

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The USB Utility Charge Tool looks like multi-tool or pocket knife, but it's really a multi-bladed charging tool. There are several "blades" that you can use to charge your gadgets, including a 30 pin connector for the iPhone or iPod, a micro USB and a mini USB connector. There's also a USB adapter to connect [...]

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My first experience with inductive charging was way back in 2004 when I reviewed one of Microsoft's SPOT watches. The watches themselves were kind of clunky, but I thought it was so cool that they could be charged just by being placing on a cradle. The fact that no  cables had to be plugged directly into [...]

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For a majority of us (especially those who regularly visit the Gadgeteer), the number of power-hungry tech-devices we must plug in is ever growing. Keeping those devices charged up while keeping the cable clutter down is a never-ending effort. To assist tech-toy junkies accomplish just that, NewerTechnology has released the Power2U AC/USB wall outlet, which replaces [...]

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The PowerPot is a Kickstarter project that has already earned funding with 8 days to spare. What is it? It's a portable thermo electric generator. Take it camping, fill it with some water or food, place it on your  campfire and you've got instant power.  There are two versions: the PowerPot V and the PowerPot [...]

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It seems more and more gadgets, although they may have a wall wart, are ultimately USB-chargeable.  Replace a normal AC wall socket with the USB Outlet Quattro from CurrentWerks, and you'll be able to charge up to four USB devices at once without using those wall warts.  With the Quattro, you have four standard USB [...]

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Cost Plus World Market sells a line of inexpensive, attractive home office furniture.  The Natural Charles Charging Station Hutch sits on top of the Charles Sawhorse desk to provide a place for charging your gadgets;  there's also a place for note cards or pens.  You apparently provide your own power strip, which will fit inside [...]

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The Energizer Inductive Charger and the iPhone 4 Qi (pronounced chee) Sleeve is the newest wireless charging system promising to simplify your charging experience for your myriad rechargable devices. It uses the Qi standard for charging, which is a global standard for wireless charging systems. What this should mean is that as more devices ship [...]

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Energizer joins companies that will support the QI wireless charging standard. At CTIA wireless 2011, Energizer showed several wireless products, including iPhone/iPod sleeve and micro/mini USB  charging adapters. The micro/mini USB charging adapter can turn any gadget to QI wireless charging compatible. Prices and release date are not available in this moment. More details can found here.

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The wireless power consortium is trying to drive a standard for wireless charging, called QI wireless charging. The goal is to enable a future where there is no need to connect your gadget to any cable for charging. Panasonic took advantage of the security show in Japan to show a solar power table with QI [...]

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We reviewed the original Powermat Wireless Charging System and thought it was an interesting product, but weren't sure if it was something we'd use every day due to the bulk it added via required cases for our gadgets. It's been over a year since that review, let's see if thinner cases make the Powermat induction [...]

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I think inductive style charging technology is going to become more popular as time goes by. I can't wait until I can just place my phone anywhere on my desk (any desk) and it will charge it. But until that day arrives, we have solutions like the Powermat Wireless Charging System. The folks at Powermat [...]

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You might remember Andy's review of the IDAPT a few months ago. They have just updated this multi-charger with an extra USB port, a glossier and finish, and a few new features including compatibility with the iPhone 4 & iPad. The IDAPT i4 is available now in black, white or silver for $59.99 MSRP. The [...]

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When it came to my gadget list, the one thing I was missing was something to place my Blackberry on when I'm at work.  I have used desk stands for devices in the past, but they generally start getting in the way and eventually end up in my desk drawers! Now, normally I would just arrive at the [...]

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Do you have your eye on a multi-device charging system, but don't want to fork over the $'s to buy one? Have you ever considered making one? That's exactly what Gadgeteer reader Robert Grenader decided to do. Check out his handy work. Reading Eliminate Cable Clutter with the IDAPT Charging System, I was moved to [...]

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If you love your gadgets, but hate the cable clutter that goes along with them, the IDAPT charging system looks like an interesting solution to that problem. It's a table top dock that is available in two configurations. One can charge two devices at once and the other can charge three. The dock can be [...]

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The Desk Genie from MobileFun combines a flash card reader, a desk stand and a charging base for your favorite device. What makes this desktop accessory unique is the special grippy surface that holds the device (iPhone, Zune, etc.) at just the right angle so that you can easily view the display. It's £14.99 directly [...]

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Like many gadget lovers, I personally own many gadgets, mp3 players, cell phones, etc.  One thing that all gadget lovers can agree on is that it is a nuisance to constantly charge all of these gadgets.  What’s worse is that all of these gadgets use different cables to charge.  Don’t you just wish you had [...]

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