The Everpurse looks awesome and I want one. Now. But unfortunately it's a darn Kickstarter project, which means I have to wait. I hate waiting. What is it you ask? It's a small zippered purse that will hold your smartphone. Wait, don't stop reading... It holds AND charges your smartphone's battery with an internal battery… Read More

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ChargeCard is a clever USB cable for the iPhone that will never get in a tangle or knot. One end has a standard USB connector and the other end has a 30 pin iPhone connector. The cable folds up into a flat credit card shaped package that then fits in a card slot in your… Read More

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Do you have a dusty old power strip under your desk? Isn't it fun to stand on your head to plug and unplug your various gadget chargers when ever you need some juice? The Coalesse PowerPod is a power strip that you can display on top of your desk, instead of hiding it under your… Read More

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Don't you just hate it when you need a USB cable to charge or sync your favorite device and can't find one to save your life? The Scosche flipSYNC solves that problem by living on your keychain. It's roughly the same size as an electronic car door opener /alarm fob and is available in an… Read More

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The guys over at Freeplay who kindly came up with the idea for the infamous Wind-up Radio, have now came up with a super-fast method of charging your gear.  It's called the ZipCharge Quick Charger. Basically, the ZipCharge is a high conversion efficiency rechargeable nano-phosphate lithium cell, that has an 1100mAh capacity.  It utilises very clever lithium-ion battery technology &… Read More

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The Novothink Solar Surge is the first solar charging case for the iPhone and iPod Touch to be certified by Apple. This product has a built in lithium-ion polymer battery (1500mAH for iPodTouch and 1320mAH for iPhone) and claims to double battery life by using cutting-edge solar panel technology to power up directly from the… Read More

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