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The iPhone 6/6s Plus, the largest of Apple's iconic smartphone, has gotten a bit of a raw deal in the case market. Time and again, Julie has sent out review product notices, and they will be for every iPhone on the market - except the iPhone 6/6s Plus. Well, the artisans at Distil Union have [...]

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We review a lot of leather products on The Gadgeteer, but out of all the companies that we deal with, the leather products from Colonel Littleton are my favorite. Their leather is the softest I've ever felt and their designs and craftsmanship harken back to a time when quality really meant something. Did I really [...]

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As with any new product from Apple, a lot of third-party products have hit the market for the Apple Watch.  Because all versions of the Watch are rather expensive, many of these products have been protective equipment for Watch's screen or case.  The Bumper for Apple Watch from Actionproof is the "first bumper / shock [...]

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If you love the look of rich marble, but you don't like the faux marble look, you're usually limited to using marble in your house.  Now you can also use real marble in these MIKOL cases for your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone 6/6 Plus.  The iPhone cases incorporate a piece of natural marble in the [...]

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Bellroy has just introduced their first phone case for the iPhone 6.  Their are actually two models of this case: one to hold the phone plus one daily-use card and one to hold three cards.  The cases can also hold some cash and even a spare SIM card.  The case is made from flexible polycarbonate [...]

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The Premium Rugged Protection System from Brando is a protective, snap-on case for the Apple Watch.  The case is made of aluminum with a shock-absorbing internal core suspension system for impact protection.  The aluminum case protects the body of the watch, and the aluminum bezel protects the face.  It has openings for the Watch's buttons, [...]

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If you live with your iPad Air 2 constantly by your side or in your hands, you know that the world is full of dangers for expensive electronic devices.  The LifeProof NUUD case for the iPad Air 2 will help you keep your device safe, no matter what conditions you encounter.  LifeProof President and CEO Pete [...]

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Speck's new Candyshell Fit for the Apple Watch is based on the dual-layer construction of their Candyshell line of cases for other devices; the hard polycarbonate outer case protects against impact and a TPU inner layer absorbs shocks.  The Fit will cover and protect your Watch, whether you are working out or just going about your day. [...]

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The mophie juice pack H2PRO for iPhone 6 is a external battery case, just as you expect from mophie.  It has 2750mAh, which more than doubles the battery life of the iPhone 6.  Just like other mophie cases, it can protect your phone from bumps and drops.  Unlike other mophie cases, the juice pack H2PRO meets [...]

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Today is Star Wars Day - May the fourth - but you don't have to wait for this one day per year to show your love for Star Wars.  Skinit has a line of officially-licensed Star Wars images that you can have put on a case or skin to fit your device.  Choose from 25 [...]

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mophie has introduced a new juice pack protective battery case for the LG G4 smartphone.  The hardshell case is made of polycarbonate, and it has a raised bezel around the front edge to protect your screen from scratches.  Its 3450mAh battery has enough power for an 80% battery recharge for the LG G4.  Like other mophie battery [...]

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Protecting the slabs of glass we carry around has become a focus of concern for the modern Gadgeteer. We have these devices - tablets, phones, phablets, whatever - and they only want to succumb to gravity and destroy themselves in a crash of broken glass and shattered dreams. So we find cases to protect these [...]

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You like getting the information your fitness tracker provides, but do you ever get tired of the way you have to wear it?  If you'd like a change from the rubber wrist band or the plastic clip-on case, check out the fitness tracker accessories that Griffin has for you.  Griffin says their wearable accessories line [...]

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Early last year, we told you about the new space pack case for iPhone 5/5s from mophie that added up to 100% extra battery life with its built-in battery and added 16-32GB extra storage to the iPhone, too.  This year, mophie is introducing space pack cases for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and even [...]

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It's a shame you have to use the front-facing camera on your phone for selfies, because that camera doesn't have a flash.  When you aren't in well-lighted places, your selfies will be lacking in detail because of the poor lighting.  The LuMee Light Up Cell Phone Case with built-in lights that shine on your face [...]

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