Seidio's OBEX case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will keep your Android smartphone protected from dust, water and drops. The OBEX is made of durable materials that will not interfere with radio signals, Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication). Its drop protection exceeds military standards and the built in screen protector protects the display without hindering [...]

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With Halloween just around the corner, here are a few spooky cases from myBat for your iPhone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy S3 to consider. These cases have a two layer design that includes a soft rubberized base skin and then a hard plastic snap-on cover that provides the spooky details. Choose from the Spiderbite or the Skullcap [...]

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The Tablet Travel Case from Waterfield Designs is a small padded bag made to fit a small tablet and all the associated peripherals you need while you're travelling. It's rain-resistant and can easily be thrown into another backpack, purse or gadget bag.  It's a way of keeping all your bits and bobs organised and close [...]

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Want a case for your Nexus 7, iPad 2/3 or Kindle Keyboard that's just that little bit different?  Treegloo might be for you.  Custom-made and handcrafted using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, Treegloo offers 10+ cover colors, 27 interior designs, 6 frame finishes and 4 closure options. Creating a unique case that fits your personality shouldn't be too [...]

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I normally don't use a case on my phone. But my latest phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) feels too plasticy (technical term, look it up) and slippery. I've been trying to find the thinnest back cover that adds grip without a lot of bulk. BoxWave offered to send me their GeckoGrip case, I accepted and have [...]

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I was walking through  an electronics store the other day when I just happened to see the above case in a markdown bin.  It's an Acer foldable case stand for their Acer A500/101 (Barcode: 4717276489618). Now the Acer Iconias just happens to be about the same size as my Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet, so I tried [...]

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California based EDGE design gives iPhone 4S owners who don't want their phones to look like all the other iPhones out there, another way to customize them. Their Alfa case pairs an aluminum frame with a polymer band to create a unique look without compromising signal strength like some metal cases do. Let's take a closer look. [...]

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Protect your new Google Nexus 7 tablet with a great looking leather book style cover from Oberon Design. Made of thick leather and available in 26 different designs and several colors, these covers are head turners. The Nexus is held inside the case with elastic bungee cords and the cover is held closed with a pewter [...]

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Congrats on buying that brand new Samsung Galaxy S III. Now you probably want a case to protect it. I have 2 cases from Seidio for your consideration. They are the ACTIVE and SURFACE cases, which are available in multiple colors, with or without belt holsters and one even comes with a kickstand. Note: Click [...]

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The Stealth Case for iPhone 4/4S from HEX incorporates a compartment that holds an RFID-enabled card to make touch-to-pay available with a touch of your iPhone case.  The Stealth is made of polycarbonate and is available in either black or white with a matte finish.  Inside is a compartment to hold an RFID-enabled card; shielding [...]

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This is another Kickstarter project, and this one has exceeded funding goals before the end of the funding period.  The Trygger Camera Case is a bumper-style case that includes a felt-lined sliding panel on the back of the phone.  Slide the panel up to move the polarizing filter (a color-neutral polarizing film layered between two [...]

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Trying to design a better iPhone case ranks right up there with designing a better mouse trap. Everyone thinks they can do it, but only a rare few have. Most iPhone cases bore me because they all look relatively similar and have nothing that makes them stand out from all the other cases on the [...]

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The Swivel ProFolio case for the Kindle Fire eBook reader from Us+U is a case that will transform itself to fit your various usage styles. A self-adjusting hand strap makes sure you can keep a firm grip as you read your favorite books. When you're ready for some entertainment, a built in pivot gives you 360 degrees [...]

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Is it just me, or does having a gadget fetish tend to spawn a second fetish for gear bags and cases? Being a gadgeteer is a slippery slope my friends, and I'm here to provide you with yet another way to spend your weekly paycheck. You're welcome and I'm sorry. Pick one. Skinth Solutions are [...]

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What's cuter than the latest-gen iPod nano? The Littlest Black Book Case for iPod nano from Pad & Quill, that's what. Like its larger brother, The Little Black Book for iPhone, it has a cover made of Italian bonded leather, provides access to all controls and ports and is made in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U. S. [...]

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If you have always wanted to gear up like Batman, you're going to love these belt cases from Skinth. Skinth offers a large selection of Cordura nylon sheathes that are designed to hold a variety of gear like your phone, multi-tools, flashlights, pens, notebooks, etc. In addition to quite a few color choices, there are many [...]

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Calypso Case_5

  If you are the proud owner of an iPhone 4 or the newer – and cooler – iPhone 4S, you either have figured out that you need or want a protective case or have made the conscience decision that cases are clumsy, intrusive, ugly or all three and therefore, not for you. Well, what [...]

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I recently told you about the biodegradable and compostable iPhone 4/4S case from the guys who gave us the iBend iPhone and iPad stands.  The ecoSnap cases are made of organic (non-food crop) plant resins using sustainable manufacturing practices.  They even have minimal, low-impact packaging.  I thought the iBend was an ingenious stand, and I [...]

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SmartStation as work station, phone in landscape mode

The GiqueGEAR Smart Station is designed to act as a protective holster, a wallet replacement, and a workstation or stand for your smartphone. It claims to be "the ultimate home for your Android smartphone."  As a local company, GiqueGear (pronounced 'geek gear', I think) already has a special place in my heart, but the claim of [...]

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The Re-Case is made of 100% recycled trash. The actual material is called POLLIBER and is a combination of reprocessed rice husks, a by product of rice farming and post-consumer thermo-plastics. Wow, that's a mouthful! In addition to your phone, this case can also hold 1 credit card stored under the phone. The Re-Case is [...]

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