Most charging stands for the Apple Watch leave the Watch hanging or laying open and unprotected, but the WatchKeeper is a leather-bound rigid, protective storage box with the magnetic charging cable completely contained inside.  The Watch lays in a EVA foam protective tray and is further protected by the EVA foam lining inside the top… Read More

These organized storage boxes from XSories can protect your action camera and its accessories, your other mobile devices, or even your lunch.  The Universal Capxule cases are made of NBR, ABS, aluminium, rubber.  EVA perimeter walls to absorb shock and a molded grab handle to make it easy to carry.  Inside is a mesh pocket and… Read More

These new juice pack cases from mophie will both protect and recharge your new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.  Both cases have "carefully-designed internal bumpers [to] add extra cushion to the edges and corners of the protective case for unrivaled support."  Both also have 3300mAh batteries inside to provide more than 100% extra power to… Read More

Pad & Quill has announced a Luxury Travel Kit for Apple Watch with a wood charging stand and leather roll-up case.  You insert the Watch's magnetic charger into the Luxury Pocket Stand when you need a charge.  When you're ready to travel, the stand folds up and fits into a pocket in the leather Roll Up… Read More

We've already seen a couple of charging stands for the Apple Watch before it's even available to pre-order, but neither of those can touch the CalypsoTimeless charger for sheer elegance.  The TimelessMoment will be handcrafted in Europe of premium Italian leather.  It will incorporate the Watch's own charging disk, and the charging cable will fit seamlessly under… Read More

The BluBed Holster is a holder that has been designed to hold your Bluetooth headset when you're not wearing it. No one wants to wear a headset all day even if they do find one that fits comfortably. With the BluBed, you can wear your headset on your belt or attach it to your bag… Read More

The Eyepatch Case has a switch on top that moves a cover into place over your iPhone's camera lenses to protect the lenses from scratches and smudges, and the covers are said to protect you from snooping by hackers and other scurvy dogs, too!  The inside of the switch has a fiber lining that cleans… Read More

This handmade Leather Wallet with iPhone 6 Case has space for cash, five credit cards, and another pocket for ID or business cards.  It's made of top-quality Italian cowhide and measures 5.75" x 3.7" x 0.55".  The pocket for the iPhone 6 is lined with a natural velour to protect your phone, and it's designed with… Read More

The photo of the cased iPhone 6 in space isn't an artist's rendering; it was taken by the camera sent up on the weather balloon with this phone.  Urban Armor Gear tested their iPhone 6 case by sending it up to the stratosphere and dropping it from 101,000+ feet.  During the trip up and down… Read More

There seems to be an influx of battery cases for the new iPhone 6 models lately, but this Afterburner case seems to be less expensive than most - and they are on discount for a limited time.  There's a model for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.  Each model will contain a 3200mAh lithium-polymer… Read More

The new Resurgence Power Case from Otterbox, just like any Otterbox case, is built to be protective, with its fiberglass-filled polycarbonate shell and internal foam core.  This new iPhone 6 case adds a 2600mAh lithium-ion backup battery, which can double the battery life of your phone.  The case protects your iPhone 6 two ways.  It is… Read More

No, not like the iPad front cover.  This case does more than just protect your iPhone 6.  The popSLATE actually has an second screen that can continually display information without draining the iPhone's battery.  The second screen is a 4" ePaper screen, so it can continually display a static image without draining the battery.  The… Read More

The new juice pack cases mophie just announced for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are in the "worth the wait" category.  No longer will you need to carry a separate backup battery; your new iPhone can wear its backup battery.  mophie cases protect your device and incorporate a backup battery to keep your phone… Read More

The nifti iPhone 6 Selfie Case with Bluetooth Remote Shutter Button makes taking selfies easier.  With the camera remote, you don't have to worry jiggling the camera while you touch the on-screen shutter button after you get everything nicely framed.  Of course, since the remote will work from up to 30 feet away, you can… Read More

We've looked at a lot of phone cases with wallet functions, but none is as configurable as the HoldTight iPhone case from Felix.  The HoldTight has a backplate that snaps out of the case.  You arrange the seven bands (3 vertical, 4 horizontal) into the configuration that will best hold what you want to carry on… Read More