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A8 HUD-01

I love the idea of a heads up display, or HUD.  Jet fighters use them!  Fancy sports cars have them!  It's the stuff of the future, right?  I jumped at the chance to try out the A8 HUD unit with OBD connectivity. The A8 HUD unit consists of a flat, smartphone-shaped bar with a large [...]

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The 12V port in my MINI Cooper is occupied with a USB car charger for my dashcam. I love using gadgets in my car, but hate how large and ugly the power adapters can be. I've been on the lookout for a smaller one for awhile now and may have found one that ticks all [...]

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Not all of us have the inexhaustible power of the Star Trek communicators, which is invaluable when you venture out on a five-year mission. Instead, we have to rely on chargers for our phones for the foreseeable future. We constantly demand more power and faster charging speeds, so engineers have provided us with the Aukey CC-T1 2-Port [...]

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Walmart and Evenflo have teamed up to announce a new baby car seat that has built-in technology to alert the driver when the child's harness clip becomes unbuckled and when the child is still in the seat after arriving at their destination. Last summer it seemed like each week that passed we were hearing about [...]

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We Gadgeteers carry our phones everywhere. Even using wearable tech, we still want a phone with us, especially when we're driving. The GPS/Mapping apps and constant connectivity your phone gives you can be the difference between sitting at a confusing intersection, trying to unfold that stupid gas station map and breezing through, confident of your [...]

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The shopping malls around here are always busy, and sometimes they are so jammed you're lucky to find a parking place.  After a few trips around the giant lot looking for an empty space, and it all starts to look alike.  If you don't make a concerted effort to find a landmark, you may find [...]

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xport E1-01

You can't have too many USB charging outlets when traveling, I say.  Today we look at the XPower E1, a rather unique take on the 12V to USB accessory with 3 ports, a built-in voltage display and a long power cord. Published Specifications: Input:  DC12V/24 V Max Output current:  7.1 A Blue USB port output [...]

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tylt ribbn 01

I love flat charging cables.  Ever since I came across the flat micro USB cable that came with the Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom speaker, I've been snapping up flat cables if there's a choice.  Now, there's a car charger with a flat cable! The TYLT RIBBN comes in red, yellow, blue or black in both [...]

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Have you ever driven down the road and wondered if you closed the garage door when you left?  Unfortunately, it happens to me a lot, and then I'm in the situation where I can worry about it until I get home or drive back to check.  Sometimes I'm 150 miles away when I think about [...]

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The Caseco Core 360° is a car mount that will put your smartphone right where you need it without a lot of unsightly plastic holders, Velcro or unreliable suction cups. The mount is made of an anodized aluminum alloy and features a neodymium magnet that keeps a secure hold on your device. The mounting part [...]

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Cars have become more advanced, and along with the new computer and emissions controls have come the warning indicator lights or "idiot lights" that will go off if the computer detects something wrong with a system in your vehicle. Thankfully, a standard port for accessing that information in the car's computer system was developed, called [...]

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Car adapter maker Automatic just announced version two of its car adapter plug as well as its new Automatic App Gallery. The Automatic adapter plugs into the standard diagnostics (OBD-II) port hidden under the dash in most cars since 1996 and helps users diagnose their own check engine lights and gathers data on driving habits. [...]

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I've been searching for ways to attach my phone and tablet to the dash of my car.  Up until now, the options have been either destructive to the dash or I had to use a device that extended from the windshield.  Neither of these were satisfying, so the MagicMount from Scosche seemed to be a [...]

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It's nice to have a place in your car to set your drink, but it's even nicer to have a place to keep your phone where you can see it while it's navigating for you or while it's charging.  With the Cupholder Charging Station, you can convert one drink holder in the center console into [...]

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It's a cloudless night with a full moon and you're driving along a deserted road in the middle of nowhere with thick forest on both sides of the road. With the windows rolled down you can hear your tires crunching over the gravel as you drive slowly. The sound almost puts you into a trance but [...]

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satechi bluetooth home button-03

Recently, Julie and I reviewed the iBolt Command Remote, a Bluetooth button that you can control various aspects of your smartphone.  It was okay, but had some shortcomings especially for the iOS version.  Today, I've got the Satechi Bluetooth Button Series (Home Button) to review. In the box, you get the remote, an adhesive pad, instructions, [...]

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Although I don't consider myself a dashcam expert, after reviewing three of these devices, I think I have a good idea which features make a dashcam stand out from the crowd. The LyfeLens dashcam looks to be the ultimate dashcam in terms of features. At least it looks great on paper. The LyfeLens features dual-facing [...]

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We know that mophie makes protective phone cases with built-in backup batteries, and they also make battery packs that you can carry in your gear bag or on a keychain to charge all your mobile gear.  Did you know that mophie also makes AC wall chargers?  They have two models that you can use at home [...]

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Do you use your smartphone to stream music while you're driving? If you do, you have probably struggled to interact with the music application while operating your vehicle. Especially during the winter months when you're wearing gloves. The biggest issue is that you should not be focusing your attention to skipping music tracks or giving [...]

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I used to be the cold one, but now my daughter is the family member who feels like she lives in an ice box.  She always wants the heat turned up or the air conditioner turned off in the car, while her dad and I are sweltering.  I need to get her the Trillium Worldwide Car [...]

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