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Anyone who uses a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop knows at some point you're going to wish you had a speaker that sounds better than the wimpy little speakers that are built in to these portable devices.  There's a plethora of portable speaker options on the market, ranging from really cheap to very expensive. [...]

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When I was a kid, I remember poring over the catalogs we'd get (especially the Sears' Wish Book), and I'd look at everything that could be a gift for my family members - if only I had some money...  It always seemed to me that the gifts for men were strange and/or utilitarian.  Women had [...]

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Even though my iPad Air 2 has louder speakers than any other iPad I've owned, it's still not capable of room-filling sound.  The Sound Cover from onandoff promises to increase the sound of an iPad Air or Air 2 by up to 400%.  The Sound Cover snaps on over the front of the iPad to protect the [...]

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A couple of years ago, we told you about a Stelle Bluetooth speaker that looked like lady's clutch purse.  Stelle is back again with another clutch purse Bluetooth speaker, but this one has room inside so you can actually carry your things inside.  The Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker has the speaker hidden in one side [...]

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If you have a tiny kitchen like mine, every item on the countertop has to have earned its place there.  The Maverick Chef Tunes Bluetooth Speaker and Roasting Thermometer does quadruple duty, so it would be worthy of the 12" x 2.5"  x 3.5" of counter it would require.  The Chef Tunes is a Bluetooth [...]

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Om One

One thing I used to daydream about as a child is having the power of levitation/telekinesis. To this day, that would be my super power if I could have one. And guess what? Now there's a LEVITATING Bluetooth speaker in the works! The OM/ONE is a small orb speaker that measures 3.6 inches in diameter [...]

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The EDGE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Handsfree Speakerphone is a tiny little cube that's only 2.6" on a side, but it's loaded with functionality.  The 2" speaker inside the cube produces 3W of sound for music, movies, games, and even phone calls.  A 3-hour charge of the  built-in lithium-ion battery provides about 5 hours of [...]

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On The Shower

I am a big fan of audiobooks and podcasts.  I am an even bigger fan of listening to them while in the shower.  In the past, I have done this by cranking up the volume on my desktop stereo system that I have hooked up to my desktop computer's sound card.  This produces enough volume [...]

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Divoom's Voombox-Travel speaker is a 3" round, puck-style speaker that's perfect for taking everywhere you go.  It has a rugged, splash-proof design that makes it perfect for outdoor use.  It streams music wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.0, and it has a built-in microphone so it will function as a speaker phone for hands-free calling.  It has [...]

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Big. Bigger. Biggest. These words sum up the Braven 850 Bluetooth speaker. Braven is becoming increasingly known for their range of beautiful, simple and powerful speakers with unique traits that set them apart in this overly crowded speaker market. One thing I like about reviewing products is getting to test them in everyday situations. Case [...]

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Bem  Wireless is a consumer electronics new company that was started in 2012 and has several audio / speaker related products on the market. This week at CES in Las Vegas, they introduced a new speaker that is so small that you wear it like a watch. It's called the speaker band and features Bluetooth [...]

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The Pulse Speaker from Felt Audio is tiny (2.2" X 3.2" X 0.6"), and it has a clip on the back that lets you attach it to a bag strap, car visor, or even your clothing.  The clip also functions as a kickstand.  This 1.5W speaker reproduces 150- 18000 Hz, and its rechargeable battery gives your [...]

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Let me start off by saying the Scosche boomBOTTLE is a really nice speaker for cycling, or for wherever you want to carry your music.  This speaker has high quality construction, great sound, durable rugged exterior, splash proof design, and it fits in most bicycle water bottle cages and cupholders.  If you frequently participate in outdoor activities [...]

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The Lyrix Jive speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker.  Like many small, portable speakers, it can also serve as a speakerphone for handsfree calling.  It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and has the AVRCP audio/video remote control profile.  All this probably sounds pretty familiar to you, but the Jive does have some unique features.  It has a suction [...]

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In my search for awesome portable speakers, I have had some luck as of late.  I have done a few reviews here on The Gadgeteer for portable Bluetooth speakers that are solid choices for the audiophile looking to untether take his or her tunes from the confines of the living room.  But until now, I [...]

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foxL DASH 7

Soundmatters has introduced a new speaker to compliment the original – and amazing – FoxL portable bluetooth speaker. The DASH7 is a thin, ¾ inch-high wireless pocket-portable Bluetooth soundbar and speakerphone that will fit into any purse or jacket pocket. Soundmatters' Lee Adams states how amazing it is to get DASH's performance out of something [...]

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Because the external speaker on my iPad mini is wimpy, I'm always happy to try out another portable, Bluetooth speaker.  When Planet Audio offered their Lynx PB252C Bluetooth Speaker for a Gadgeteer review, I raised my hand.  It looks nice, and it has a compact shape that should make it great to throw in your gear bag.  How does [...]

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With all the portable Bluetooth speakers reproducing like rabbits, market leader Jawbone can’t afford to sit by and just watch. And they haven’t. Jawbone has introduced the newest member of the JAMBOX clan, the JAMBOX MINI. This speaker is about half the width of the original JAMBOX. and the sound quality is a bit shy of its [...]

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There's no question of whether the cup is half full or half empty.  The speeCup is full of music and full of features.  It looks like a travel mug and fits perfectly in your car's cup holder, but it is a 8"-tall, portable Bluetooth speaker / speaker phone that can be used in the car [...]

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The new TouchTone Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker from id America connects with phones, tablets, computers, or other Bluetooth-enabled device to let you share your music or to act as a speakerphone for hands-free calling.  Two 2W speakers "deliver deep base and clear highs" in a package small enough to take with you.  The rechargeable battery [...]

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