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Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries Review

on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012
Posted in: Miscellaneous, Reviews

As a gadget lover, we all know that most of our gadgets require batteries.  The problem is that most of the batteries out there doesn’t last as long as you wanted.  That’s why Energizer has created the Ultimate Lithium Batteries in AA & AAA.  Do they last longer than other batteries?


Wired for sound…and power…and data and… e-textiles

on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

From the BBC comes a report on “e-textiles” that can provide clothes with a single, central power source to charge devices. Intelligent Textiles from Surrey UK  has developed and is testing a lightweight uniform for the military that has conductive fibres woven into it.  Rather than carrying seperate batteries for each device, a central battery canRead More…


The AIRE Mask – Charge your Phone with The Force

on Monday, March 5th, 2012
Posted in: Miscellaneous, News

Use The Force to charge your phone….the force of your breath that is.  Looking like something out of Star Wars, the Aire Mask is a concept design by Joao Lammoglia that uses your breath to turn small turbines and convert the air displacement into energy to charge your phone. “The consumerist tendencies of today’s industrialised society makeRead More…


Need more power? Try the Kuel F60Q by Spigen

on Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Ever wished you had more battery life in your devices when you’re away from any electical outlets?  That’s where Spigen’s Kuel F60Q portable mobile battery comes in.  It works just like any other portable mobile battery pack, except that the Kuel packs a 6000 mAh lithium ion battery which outputs at 5V at 2 Amps. Read More…


Detachable battery for the iPhone using ThirdRail case

By: I Yarom
on Saturday, May 14th, 2011

ThirdRail has introduced a product that addresses one of the common issues of the iPhone — no replaceable battery. The ThirdRail system contains of two elements, an iPhone 4 case and a smart battery. The ThirdRail case is a slim case with a unique feature, you can add a ThirdRail smart battery that will chargeRead More…

Tekkeon 01

Tekkeon TekCharge MP1860A Portable Battery Review

on Friday, May 13th, 2011
Posted in: Gear, Reviews

When it comes to your device’s battery having a portable charger around in an emergency is a great battery saver. But when that battery charger is capable of charging two devices at a time, well then, it becomes a lifesaver.


Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life with the PowerSkin

on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

PowerSkin is offering a series of impact-resistant silicone rubber cases that protect your smartphone while extending your phone’s battery life.  The PowerSkin uses XPAL Powered™ battery technology to extend talk time anywhere from 4.5 to 8 hours; the actual capacity of the battery depends on the particular phone.  You can charge and sync your phoneRead More…

Monaco battery, left, and original battery, right

Monaco 3500mAh Battery for the HTC EVO 4G Review

By: Mark Adkins
on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Probably the biggest complaint leveled against the Sprint HTC Evo 4G when it was launched was about a short life from its 1700mHa battery. It did not take long for several companies to offer bigger batteries, which were also thicker and meant different backs, cases, etc. Monaco offers a battery and back combination that promisesRead More…


Motorola Extended Battery for Droid X Review

on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

If you have a Motorola Droid X Android Smartphone, you probably love almost everything about it. I say almost because there is one thing that keeps my relationship with this phone from going to the next level. And that one thing is battery life. To say that the battery life of my Droid X is short would be anRead More…

USB Ports

Arctic C1 Mobile Portable Universal Charger Review

on Thursday, February 10th, 2011
Posted in: Gear, Reviews

With the proliferation of electronic gadgets it gets difficult to keep your tools charged. Most electronic devices have moved to a standard USB port for charging. This is a welcome change. Now I can use my AC USB port at home, the USB port in my laptop at work, my USB car adapter on theRead More…


Technocel Battery Boost Portable Battery Pack with MicroSD Card Reader Review

By: Don Zelazny
on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
Posted in: Miscellaneous, Reviews

Know someone with a cell phone??  You do??  So do I! (I wonder if its the same person…;) Here is a great little trinket for them; the Technocel Battery Boost! This cool little device would be welcomed for any of your phone toting friends that have a phone with the very common Micro-USB connection forRead More…


PhoneSuit Primo and Primo Cube Review

on Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Remember 10 years ago when your phone just made calls only and the battery lasted for days?  Well you won’t see that happening nowadays when we all have smart-phones with nice big colorful screens!  I recently upgraded to a Blackberry Torch 9800 and the stock battery barely lasts me through a work day.  My lastRead More…


Kingmax Power Case for iPhone 3G/3GS Review

on Friday, September 10th, 2010

Still have an iPhone 3G?  Draining the battery because you updated to iOS 4?  There’s a battery for that.  Kingmax Power Case provides an all in one sleeve and extended battery for your iPhone 3G.


Fuji EnviroMAX – Eco-Respectful Batteries

on Sunday, September 5th, 2010
Posted in: Gear, News

As gadget lovers, most of us probably have used a lot of batteries in our lives.  Most batteries are harmful to the environment – and people, plants, and animals – because they contain the heavy metals mercury and cadmium.  In Greensboro, our waste management department requires that used batteries be taken to our hazardous materialsRead More…


Enercell 2-in-1 Battery and AC Adapter Review

By: Mark Adkins
on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
Posted in: Gear, Travel Gear

Radio Shack’s Enercell #23-1113 2-in-1 Battery and AC Adapter is a handy little rig for your gadget bag. It combines a USB/AC adapter with a rechargeable USB battery power pack, with a bonus 2nd USB port and a small built-in LED light!


Carry an extra hour of talk time on your keychain

on Thursday, August 12th, 2010
Posted in: Gear, News

The Battery Boost from Technocel is a portable battery pack with a built-in MicroSD card reader. It doesn’t offer a lot in the way of extra juice at 600mAh, but what it lacks in power, it makes up for in portability. Clip this little guy on your keychain and you’ll be able to add someRead More…


Thin is in – DigiPower Jumpstart 1100mAh External Battery

on Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Posted in: Gear, News

The new ¼ inch thin Jump Start Slim rechargeable 1100mAh Battery from DigiPower weighs in at 2 ounces. The Jump Start Slim features a brushed metal top, a high gloss black back that reminds me of an iPod Touch. It has optimized circuitry that allow for faster charging times from a computer or standard USBRead More…

Mophie Juice Pack air for the iPod touch Review

on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

When you have an iPod instead of an iPhone, it’s not vital that you always have power. But it is very irritating to be listening to music or watching videos and have the thing die on you, isn’t it? Several companies offer emergency chargers for iPods, but many of them seem to be little bricksRead More…


Konnet PowerEZ Plus iPhone battery pack & stand

on Sunday, July 11th, 2010
Posted in: iPhone, iPad, iPod

From KONNET Technology is the PowerEZ Plus, an external charging solution for the iPhone and iPod family of devices, including the new iPhone 4.  While its main function is as a 1000mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery extender, its compact design includes a retractable kickstand that also lets it serve as a sturdy prop for widescreen movie-watching. Read More…


iPhone Backup Battery that uses EL Film

on Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Brando never fails to impress me with the interesting gadgets and accessories that he finds to offer in his online shops. One of the latest is a 1000mAh backup battery pack for the iPhone (2G/3G/3GS/4). Besides adding extra talk time, music playback time, etc, the most interesting feature of this battery is that it usesRead More…

APC Back-UPS Pro 1000 unit.  Seriously?  Buy one.  It will save your computers in a power surge/spike.  It saved mine.

APC Back-UPS Pro 1000 Uninterrupted Power Supply Review

By: Elizabeth Daugherty
on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
Posted in: Gear, Miscellaneous, Reviews

Buy  one. That’s the review.  Just buy this UPS.  This device will save your computer’s butt.  I know from personal experience. On Monday morning, May 10 about 4 am, another typical Indiana spring storm blew through my small Mayberry-esque town.  A dead branch from my neighbor’s 200 year old white oak sheared off and hitRead More…


Diamond DP1800 Mobile Battery Review

on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Last year, Julie was kind enough to send over the Artwizz Powerbat for me to review and I thought was a great piece of kit.  It was small, light, looks great and it’s a cinch to use.  And, since having done the review, I’ve used it countless times to provide power to my gear whilst traveling, without any issues whatsoever.


Perfect Accessory for the Criminal or Gamer

on Friday, May 7th, 2010
Posted in: Miscellaneous, News

If you don’t mind looking like you’re under house arrest, this rechargeable wrist battery from Brando will give your favorite device an additional 1500mAh of juice. It comes with power tips for Nokia (2mm, 3.5mm), Mini USB, micro USB, Sony PSP, NDS Lite, Nintendo DSi and others. It’s available now for $35.


Universal Wrist Charger from ThinkGeek

on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
Posted in: News, Travel Gear

ThinkGeek offers a very portable, wearable universal charger they call the Bracer of Battery Life +2.  Unlike most charge-as-you-go chargers, this battery-extender doesn’t ruin the sleek lines of your phone, mp3 player, or gaming device, and you don’t need a different one for each of your gadgets.  You wear the Bracer on your wrist likeRead More…


Newer Technology NuPower Charge & Sync+ Review

By: Andrew Morrow
on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I use my iPhone a lot.  I mean really a lot. You know how much you use your iPhone? Well I use mine more.  I’ve got a bunch of great ways to keep my iPhone charged.  Let’s see if the Newer Technology NuPower Charge & Sync+ will join my charging army.