About a year ago, Nomad, those folks who understand wandering Gadgeteers and their need for on-the-go charging, released a product called the Pod for Apple Watch. It's basically a battery that has an internal spool to hold a charging puck (not provided) in a compact, hockey-puck sized case. I was working at Apple at the [...]

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Battery power has always been a Gadgeteer's nightmare especially on phones and finally phone manufacturers are doing something about it.  Qualcomm has its Quickcharge, Oppo has its VOOC Flash Charge from a hardware perspective and there's a a multitude of third party apps on the Google Play Store that are supposed to extend your Android phone's [...]

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mophie has introduced a new juice pack protective battery case for the LG G4 smartphone.  The hardshell case is made of polycarbonate, and it has a raised bezel around the front edge to protect your screen from scratches.  Its 3450mAh battery has enough power for an 80% battery recharge for the LG G4.  Like other mophie battery [...]

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As manufacturers continue to add more features and faster processors into our gadgets, the one feature that continues to lag behind in improvement is battery life. That may change soon now that Dyson and Michigan-based battery leader, Sakti3 have partnered together. Sakti3 grew out of the engineering department of the University of Michigan and was founded by CEO Ann Marie [...]

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There are a lot of mobile phones on the market today, but it can be impossible to find accessories designed for your particular device if you don't have an Apple or Samsung product.  Mugen Power has an extended Li-ion battery for your phone, if you happen to have the Caterpillar Cat B15Q phone.  The standard battery [...]

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Carrying a cell phone is the norm these days. As cell phones continue to get bigger and faster, it's hard to keep them running for a full day if you're a heavy user. Many users solve this by carrying a portable battery to charge their phones. There are plenty of portable battery solutions out there, [...]

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Because I have a family of three who all like new iPhones, we tend to stick with the lowest-storage model when we upgrade to keep cost under control.  That means I tend to have to watch what I load up on my iPhone 5, which means I don't have any music on there.  It would [...]

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APC BG500 Battery Backup review


For those of us that are dependent upon the Internet for all the information that streams into our homes, battery back-up of  the hardware that makes it possible is important.  The BG500 by APC not only keeps the power on, but it also has features to monitor energy use, a watchdog function that can reboot [...]

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We depend on our mobile gadgets and our mobile gadgets depend on a battery to keep them juiced and ready for action. If you travel often, don't work in a cubical farm or from home, you might find it a challenge to keep your devices fully charged throughout the day. That's why power bank accessories [...]

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Anyone who uses their phone for several hours a day has to fret about their battery life at some point. My husband and I use our phones quite often, and his older phone would need some sort of power by suppertime. I recently purchased a battery case for my husband, and ever since then I [...]

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If you just scored yourself a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and would like to make sure you have enough juice to power you through your daily adventures, the Power Jacket from Brando should have you and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 covered. It is available in black or white and features a slide [...]

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The Genius Energy Mouse is a 2.4Ghz wireless scroll wheel 1200dpi mouse that hides an extra feature inside its non-furry little tummy. It features a 2700mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery pack that you can use to charge devices that have a micro USB connector. Four LEDs indicate charge status as well as the amount of power [...]

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The SkyRC NC2500 AA/AAA Battery Charger & Analyzer from Brando gives new meaning to the word "overkill". We've reviewed AA/AAA battery chargers here on The Gadgeteer before, but have you ever seen a charger with Bluetooth? Why would a battery charger even need Bluetooth you ask yourself? I asked myself that very same question and [...]

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mophie's new juice pack for the HTC One has a 2500mAh rechargeable battery that can double your battery life.  The case measures 2.88" X 6.06" X 0.67" and adds 5.05 ounces to the weight of your phone.  You'll be able to use the backup battery to recharge your phone with the flip of a switch on [...]

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The Power Jacket for Nokia Lumia 920 from Brando is an extended battery/case that can nearly double the battery life for the Lumia 920, if you're willing to accept the trade-offs that come with it.  So what are the trade-offs?  Let's look at them. Besides the nearly impossible to photograph black version I received above, the [...]

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