Batteries and Chargers

In a world where mobile devices are proliferating, the need to keep them topped off and rapidly charged is a constant struggle. While battery life is slowly improving, so is the demand on our phone and tablet processors, making them easier to drain than ever. Fortunately, there's also a huge market for external battery packs… Read More

The Nomad Advanced Powerpack is a well-built, powerful, ruggedized external battery pack that is unique in that it has built-in Tile integration. Not only will it quickly charge your various devices, if it's ever misplaced you'll be able to find it easily using Bluetooth and the Tile app. The added features will cost you though. The… Read More

I really love products that help me to organize my house and thus when the Gadgeteer was offered the Alxum 10-Port USB Smart Charging Station & Organizer, I jumped at the chance to review it. I have a side table in the living room that has been functioning as my kids' gadget depository (four iPad… Read More

If you happened to catch my gadget diary post from yesterday where I was talking about buying a laptop dedicated to travel, you may have also seen where I said it will probably be a 12" MacBook. If this happens, I'll want a new travel charger to go along with my travel computer and the new… Read More

Extra power in your hands, right when you need it?  Yes, please!  This myCharge RazorUltra 12,000 mAh portable charger delivers.  Not only is it tough, sturdy and reliable, but it looks great, too.  There are a lot of portable chargers out there, but I found that this device really delivered for me.  And it has a… Read More

When I got my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ I embraced wireless charging.  I had been especially looking forward to that feature when considering the purchase of my phone, so I started looking for wireless chargers right off the bat.  I have reviewed several here on the Gadgeteer, and I now have a good idea of… Read More

Portable backup batteries are handy to have when you're away from an electrical outlet and need to charge your devices. But they are only good for a limited number of charges before they need to be recharged themselves. Solar chargers are another backup power solution that works great as long as you're in an area… Read More

You can never have too may power outlets!  Instead of the typical outlet strip, I get to try out the APC Essential SurgeArrest 6, which sits over your existing wall outlet, giving you not only 6 AC outlets but 2 USB charging ports, too. Specifications: Nominal Operating Voltage: 120VAC, 50-60 Hz Maximum Amperage: 15A Joule Rating… Read More

Most people may think that a 94 yr old can't possibly have new ideas, especially when it comes to technology. But John Bannister Goodenough is poised to change the world - again. Goodenough who is a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at the University of Texas at Austin invented the lithium-ion battery with… Read More

It doesn't seem that long ago when I had a 4-foot long power strip that I used to charge various gadgets and gizmos. The power strip was that long because I needed that a lot of outlets and I needed them to be far enough apart so that AC adapters could be inserted without touching… Read More

The Jabees Q9 LED desk lamp is a multi-tasker that no only lights up your desk, but it can also charge your Qi-enabled device through it's built in charging surface or USB port. Consolidate your lamp and your charging dock or cables with one device from Jabees. The Q9 LED desk lamp features folding design… Read More

The Ztylus Stinger looks like a handy gadget for your vehicle because it not only allows you to charge two USB devices at the same time but if you get trapped in your car due to an accident or some other reason, you can use the Stinger to shatter one of your side windows and… Read More

Power for USB-charged devices has been the subject of many discussions surrounding the growing "mobile-first" mindset. Since we can (and do) use these devices pretty much anywhere, it's a safe bet that a power outlet is not going to be near where we need one. Solution? Enter the large capacity portable power source - a… Read More

One can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many USB charging options. I think that's a real saying. If not, it should be. Choetech thinks it is and has created the Q3-5U multiport USB charger to address the glaring need for more ports. Note: Photos may be tapped or clicked for a larger image… Read More

Some newer laptops like Apple's latest MacBook Pro use a USB-C port for both charging and connecting to accessories. But without USB TYPE-A connectors (which I guess is what we're supposed to call the "old" style USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors), how do you charge your iPhone, Nexus 6P or other USB-A devices? SCOSCHE comes… Read More