Batteries and Chargers

The Ztylus Stinger looks like a handy gadget for your vehicle because it not only allows you to charge two USB devices at the same time but if you get trapped in your car due to an accident or some other reason, you can use the Stinger to shatter one of your side windows and… Read More

Power for USB-charged devices has been the subject of many discussions surrounding the growing "mobile-first" mindset. Since we can (and do) use these devices pretty much anywhere, it's a safe bet that a power outlet is not going to be near where we need one. Solution? Enter the large capacity portable power source - a… Read More

One can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many USB charging options. I think that's a real saying. If not, it should be. Choetech thinks it is and has created the Q3-5U multiport USB charger to address the glaring need for more ports. Note: Photos may be tapped or clicked for a larger image… Read More

Some newer laptops like Apple's latest MacBook Pro use a USB-C port for both charging and connecting to accessories. But without USB TYPE-A connectors (which I guess is what we're supposed to call the "old" style USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors), how do you charge your iPhone, Nexus 6P or other USB-A devices? SCOSCHE comes… Read More

Satechi's new USB-C Power Meter is a USB thumb drive sized device with a built-in LCD display that shows voltage, amps, and mAh output from accessories plugged into the USB-C port on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The Power Meter has a pass through design that allows you to charge your Type-C device while monitoring… Read More

I've been seeing more of these supersized USB portable batteries that include AC outlets.  I was recently given the chance to test the Suaoki Powerhouse portable "generator".  I had never heard of Suaoki, so I was naturally curious.  What was this thing that looked like a silver and black lunchbox? Battery: Lithium-Ion, 20,000 mAh, 11.1V… Read More

One of the most used review items I have is an iHome alarm clock. Not only do I use it for waking up and checking the time, but I also use it to charge my phone overnight. Just a few months ago, I picked up an Apple Watch and had been looking at charging stations… Read More

Using my Mac Mini as my main computer, I sometimes wish I had extra USB ports and an easily accessible SD card slot since it's tucked away behind the many other things I have on my desk. Luckily I had the chance to review the Satechi aluminum USB 3.0 hub and card reader, which adds… Read More

A few months ago I had the opportunity to review the FINsix DART laptop charger which is a much smaller replacement for typical laptop "brick" chargers. I really liked the FINsix except for one thing... It wasn't compatible with Type-C laptops like Apple's newer MacBooks. FINsix heard my and other people's complaints and will be… Read More

I previously reviewed a portable battery charger that sports 20,400mAh of power, which will charge my iPhone about 4-5 times before running out of juice. Not bad, but what if you need something much bigger yet (sorta) portable? Anker has answered with the PowerHouse—a monstrous power supply that packs a whopping 434Wh (appx.120,000mAh!) of power… Read More

With so many power-hungry gadgets out there, small, portable power supply devices are all the rage. Sometimes I wish I had something that I could just strap on and have at the ready to power my GoPro or top off my iPhone or my DSLR. The GO PUCK folks must have been inside my head because their… Read More

If you're like me, you probably have a drawer full of USB cables and USB adapters. Do you ever pull out a USB cable and a charger and wonder why it takes so much longer for your device to charge compared with another USB cable and charger? The reasons why have to do with the… Read More

The new Satechi Smart Charging Stand for wearables & smartphones puts all your charging needs into a neat cube that will look great on your desk or night stand. The Smart Charging Stand features three USB ports on the front and an internal USB port that provide 5V/2.4A max per port for fast reliable charging… Read More

After a long day at work - and after putting our kids to bed - my wife and I tend to "veg out" in our bed. Generally, we'll watch some TV, discuss our day, or plan out our week. During this time, I often find myself in need of my phone, but find the battery… Read More

I really like my Nexus 6P, but I sure do wish it had wireless charging capability. USB Type-C charging is fast, but I miss the convenience of dropping my phone on a wireless charging pad like Belkin's new Boost Up wireless charging pad. The Boost Up's 15W transmitter coil can charge smartphones up to 3… Read More