There are few things worse than the shrill, sleep interrupting sound of your morning alarm. What if instead of being abruptly awoken by that awful sound, you could be gently stirred from sleep by an intoxicating aroma? The team behind the SensorWake wants waking to be the best part of your day by starting it [...]

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Coming in Fall 2014, this line of jewelry from Cuff will allow you to create a safety link between you and your loved ones.  Each piece of jewelry incorporates the CuffLinc wireless device that connects with an app running on your iOS device that can send an alarm and a location to your loved ones. [...]

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I've been concentrating on increasing the security of my home recently, but I should never forget about personal security.  The CLIP personal alarm from Unikia looks like an easy-to-use method of discouraging an attacker.  You clip the CLIP to your clothing or bag, and should you ever need it, you activate the alarm by simply [...]

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With the Lightning port on new iOS devices, many of our old docks became obsolete. The only way around this was to get an adapter or buy a new one. Thankfully, the major audio manufacturers have been churning out new docks to accommodate us. In December, Philips introduced the DS1155 Bedroom Speaker Dock. It is [...]

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Kids, like Batman, always have the most wonderful toys.  This is a motion sensor alarm system that sends its signal to a wrist cuff the user wears.  As a kid, at some point, you were probably up to something you shouldn't have been and had to keep one eye out for a parent coming along. [...]

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Cavius makes a compact, easy-to-use travel alarm.  The Cavius has a 130-decibel alarm that offers 4-way protection.  It acts as an optical smoke detector, for extra protection while staying in a hotel or anywhere that seems to be lacking adequate smoke detectors.  Activate it while attached to your handbag, laptop bag, or luggage, and the alarm will [...]

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