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Sorta adaptive notebinder review

on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
Posted in: Miscellaneous, Reviews

Does this sound familiar? You’re happily writing in your brand new hardbound journal when you suddenly make a mistake. Maybe you misspelled a word, your penmanship was sloppy or you just weren’t happy with an entry. Now you feel like you ruined your journal. If you’ve ever wished that you could remove pages, add pages Read More…


JetPens pencil cases review

on Friday, January 17th, 2014
Posted in: Cases, Covers, Reviews

If you are a pen, pencil or even a stylus collector, you should check out all the handy pencil cases from JetPens sells a large variety of pen and pencil cases, so there is no way that I could cover them all, but I picked out four of them to show you today. Let’s Read More…


EiMIM X, Y, and Z Pens review

on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

EiMIM, which is pronounced with a hard “I”, I-mim or eye-mim, stands for Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation. That is the philosophy of EiMIM’s founder Will Hodges, who says “Basically, I like to keep things simple, but every once in a while you have to let loose and splurge”. Will is based in Texas and loves his Read More…


Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen review

on Friday, May 31st, 2013
Posted in: Gear, Pocket Gear, Reviews

I have always wanted to try an actual fountain pen but have never had the chance. I wanted to see if something worthwhile has been lost overtime with the advent and widespread use of the ballpoint pen. So when the folks at offered to send the Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen, I totally raised my Read More…


Word. Notebooks review

on Monday, December 17th, 2012
Posted in: Miscellaneous, Reviews

Are you a notebook addict? Then join the club my friends. Whether you use them for keeping lists, to-dos, a journal or whatever, there’s still something wonderful about a physical paper notebook that a smartphone or computer can’t capture. My favorite pocket sized notebooks are Moleskine Cahiers and Field Notes notebooks. But now I have Read More…


e-pens mobile digipad pro review

on Friday, December 7th, 2012

I imagine there are still some people around that actually take notes using paper and pen.  I admit I do on occasion in my role as secretary for a local club.  For the times I take the minutes, I’ve always wanted a way to convert my pen strokes to digital text so I don’t have Read More…


Sunshine Products USA Mini Pen Review

on Monday, May 14th, 2012
Posted in: Gear, Reviews

Creating a collection of every day carry (EDC) items is obviously a personal thing. What is an indispensable item for one person, may be completely useless to another. However, one item that almost all of us will agree is useful, is a pen. Even though the majority of people reading this review carry a smartphone and may Read More…


Uniball Jetstream Ballpoint Pens Review

on Monday, March 5th, 2012
Posted in: Miscellaneous, Reviews

JetPens recently sent me two Uniball Jetstream pens to try. One from their inexpensive Rubber Body series and the other from their pricier Alpha Gel Grip series. Both pens feature special Jetstream ink which Uniball claims dries 9 times faster than standard ballpoint ink and is fade and water resistant. Note: Click the images in Read More…


Pilot FriXion Ball Eraseable Gel Ink Pen Review

on Friday, October 21st, 2011
Posted in: Miscellaneous, Reviews

I like to write with ball point pens 99.9% of the time. The only problem is that when mistakes happen, you either have to use white out or scribble through the word and try again. Yuck. I’ve tried erasable ink pens in the past, but was never very happy with the results. Besides that, I Read More…


Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil Review

on Sunday, October 16th, 2011
Posted in: Miscellaneous, Reviews

Mechanical pencils are very convenient because you don’t have to sharpen them. But, if you’ve ever used one for any length of time, you probably know how easy it is to break the lead as you’re writing. Most of the time, the lead gets a sharp point as you write across the paper and then Read More…