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The words digital and sundial don't usually go together, but a French maker has changed that with a cool 3D printed sundial that "displays" the time like a digital watch. The way sundials traditionally work is that they cast a shadow from the sun across a dial with numbers. You have to read the number [...]

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Razer Nabu Watch

Razer, a company known for its high-end, high-quality gaming equipment has branched out to the fitness wearables with the Razer Nabu Watch. Razer has some earlier entries into the sports band market with the Nabu X and Nabu, but the Nabu Watch is a step towards a fully functional timepiece. The Nabu Watch is basically [...]

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As cellphones become more prevalent and ingrained into our daily lives, many parents find themselves wondering, "At what age do I let my child get a phone?" For those parents who aren't ready to let their children have the full cellphone experience, but still want to be able to contact them when away, a solution [...]

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If you happen to be an Apple Watch owner who hasn't been happy with the included charging dock, consider the new Timeframe charging sleeve from Ten One Design. The Apple watch slides securely into a rubber frame that leaves the display viewable for people who like to use the Nightstand mode to view the clock face. There's [...]

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The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is an Android-compatible smartwatch that does not use the Android Wear operating system like the majority of the Android smartwatches that are currently on the market. Samsung marches to the beat of their own drum and has opted to use the Tizen OS to power their watches. Let's take a [...]

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The Stop The Time watch by What? Watch is an analog timepiece that is available in four styles including a pocket watch. This watch pairs with your iOS or Android smartphone to let you mark the meaningful moments in your life so you will remember them later. By pressing the red button on the side [...]

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Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros watch

Are you a gamer? Do you long for the simpler times in gaming when Donkey Kong ruled the skyscrapers and the Super Mario Bros. ruled the sewers? We can't return to those days, but Romain Jerome has designed a way for you to wear your favorite gaming plumber on your wrist with the RJ X [...]

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According to the excellent AppleWorld.Today, Apple is adding a new item for in-store and online purchasing on Friday: an Apple-branded charging stand for Apple Watch. The white saucer-shaped unit will feature a flip-up charging puck, so that the user can have the Watch flat or on it's side, in order to use "Nightstand Mode". This [...]

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Okay, so you're the proud new owner of an Apple Watch. Maybe you've even acquired a second band - something a little dressier than that sport band you got with the watch itself. When you're traveling, you'll need something to carry both the charger for your watch, as well as the extra band(s) you may [...]

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Getting out of bed in the morning isn't easy for most people, especially if it's a work day. Finding the right tools to help you wake up can mean the difference between a good morning and a grumpy one. The Retro Alarm Clock Radio from Electrohome is a small alarm clock that combines a cute [...]

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If you're like me, you are still waiting for that one smartwatch to rule them all. Being an Apple fanboy I have to admit that the Apple Watch is not that watch, and even though Pebble was the first major player, it is not there yet either. Enter BLOCKS, a modular smartwatch project on Kickstarter. [...]

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Now that wearables and smartwatches are becoming the norm, it was only a matter of time before traditional watchmakers entered this burgeoning market. Fossil, a company that's been making watches for over 30 years, recently announced a lineup of wearables and smartwatches. Fossil teamed up with Intel to create a series of devices that will [...]

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While surfing around on the net, my attention was immediately arrested by this watch. The Bradley, created by the design company Eone, is a unique and professional looking watch that would look attractive on anyone wearing it, although it might be a little large for some depending on your preferences since it is 40mm in [...]

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Earlier this year I reviewed the Polar M400 sport watch and was pleased with how feature packed and fitness oriented it was. I have used it on and off throughout 2015.  When Polar gave me the opportunity to put their latest flagship training device through its paces, I jumped at the chance. The Polar V800 is one of [...]

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Earlier this week I was invited to an event at Citizen Watch's Flagship store in New York's Times Square. The event was an unveiling of Citizen's newest timepieces, the Satellite Wave-World Time GPS and the Satellite Wave F900. Both watches use GPS to set the date and time. Citizen claims these are the most accurate [...]

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