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If charging your Apple Watch just doesn't fit your plans, you can get 2.7 times the wearing life (30 extra hours) when you add the Reserve Strap to your Apple Watch.  The strap is made of thermoset elastomer silicone and has lithium power cells embedded along its length; it attaches to the Watch's 6-pin accessory [...]

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Just Mobile recently announced their entry into the field of charging stands for the Apple Watch.  The TimeStand is made from a cylinder of high-grade aluminum.  It's mid-column circular cutout means this stand can be used with all Apple Watches, even those with bands that don't open flat.  The TimeStand is weighted and has a [...]

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Have you noticed that, in addition to the white plastic charger instead of the metal charger, the Apple Watch Sport also is missing the colored dot on the top of the Digital Crown that's found on both the Watch and the Watch Edition models?  It doesn't change the function of the Digital Crown, but it [...]

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The xylum charging dock for Apple Watch is machined from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum for extra strength.  The brushed surface and chamfered edges of the xylum complement the design of the Watch.  The circular stand fits the charging cable inside, and two rubber inserts hold the cable and magnetic charger in place while [...]

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In watchOS 2, Apple says your Watch will function as your alarm clock when you charge it as it lays on its side.  Most stands on the marketplace now don't place the watch on its side, so you won't be able to take advantage of the rotated face and snooze button of the Nightstand mode using [...]

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The good folks at Citizen have saved my bacon this year. My dad, like most dads, does not make it easy on me when Father's Day (or Christmas or his birthday) rolls around. Last year I bought him 100ft of rubber hose for watering stuff in the yard. As you can imagine, he was really [...]

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Need some ideas for keeping the kids occupied and entertained this summer?  Jonesing for a new gadget, but you don't know what's new and fun?  Or maybe you have a new tech device, and you're looking [...]

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Now you won't have to pick up your phone to check the status of your Words with Friends games, because you can keep tabs on the status of your games, chat with your friends, and strategize directly from your Apple Watch.  If you already have the iOS version of the Words with Friends app, you'll [...]

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The Premium Rugged Protection System from Brando is a protective, snap-on case for the Apple Watch.  The case is made of aluminum with a shock-absorbing internal core suspension system for impact protection.  The aluminum case protects the body of the watch, and the aluminum bezel protects the face.  It has openings for the Watch's buttons, [...]

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There are few things worse than the shrill, sleep interrupting sound of your morning alarm. What if instead of being abruptly awoken by that awful sound, you could be gently stirred from sleep by an intoxicating aroma? The team behind the SensorWake wants waking to be the best part of your day by starting it [...]

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If Dad likes old-school, automatic-winding watches, he'll want a way to keep them wound and ready for wearing.  The Leather 2 Watch Winder is a leather-covered, glass-topped box with room to display two watches and keep them dust-free.  The interior stand rotates the watches over 4300 times a day to keep them wound, with 20-minutes [...]

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Most charging stands for the Apple Watch leave the Watch hanging or laying open and unprotected, but the WatchKeeper is a leather-bound rigid, protective storage box with the magnetic charging cable completely contained inside.  The Watch lays in a EVA foam protective tray and is further protected by the EVA foam lining inside the top [...]

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Speck's new Candyshell Fit for the Apple Watch is based on the dual-layer construction of their Candyshell line of cases for other devices; the hard polycarbonate outer case protects against impact and a TPU inner layer absorbs shocks.  The Fit will cover and protect your Watch, whether you are working out or just going about your day. [...]

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I love trying out the latest in heart rate monitors, especially those that do not require straps. I currently use a Polar M400 (which Dave Rees reviewed in February of this year) with the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart sensor chest strap and they work really well, but it would be nice not to have to use [...]

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After several days of using my Apple Watch Sport, I still haven't tried out everything it offers.  For example, I still haven't tried using it for music, because I don't typically carry music on my iPhone and use an iPod nano instead.  I have tried out a lot of things, and I have discovered that [...]

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The Spigen Apple Watching Charging Stand is made of aluminum and is shaped much like the stand on the iMac or Apple Thunderbolt displays.  The actual dock is made of TPU to prevent scratching the Watch, and it cradles the magnetic charging disk that comes with the Watch.  Spigen says the dock is compatible with [...]

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Tokyoflash Japan's newest watch is another in their line of wood watches.  The Kisai Logo Wood LCD Watch is available in maple with a mirror LCD display, dark sandalwood with a  blue LCD, or red sandalwood with a black LCD; all choices have a metallic strap.  The always-on display indicates the hour with a block [...]

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The ZAGG HD Apple Watch Screen Protector is made of a proprietary film that ZAGG says is "exceptionally clear, unbelievably thin, and virtually indestructible, the InvisibleShield HD offers advanced clarity and a glass-like surface to accentuate the sharp images and vibrant colors in the most advanced gadget displays."  The film was designed to protect military helicopter [...]

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I loved the idea of the Apple Watch, and I really wanted one.  But this summer we're doing some upgrades to our kitchen, and I felt I should just skip the Watch this year.  Pre-order day came and went without me placing an order, but I broke down and placed an order for the 38mm [...]

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Goodwood wooden watches

Seems like all the rage and talk recently has been about the new Apple watch and why not, it's new and neat, but what if you are looking for that unique classic watch, the kind that only tells time? The Goodwood wooden watch is a Kickstarter project that may be just what you are looking [...]

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