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TIHK Escape stick

With the fears of bad things happening on the increase, it is only natural that people want to do more to be prepared for almost any situation. With that in mind, the folks at TIHK have developed the Escape Stick. We are aware of TIHK from a news article that was published on The Gadgeteer [...]

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The TEC Accessories Pixel is a very small flashlight for your keychain which has a 25 lumen LED and runs on four watch batteries. Should it be part of your EDC (everyday carry)? Let's find out. Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. Talk about a tiny flashlight, the Pixel is only [...]

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The Lumen flashlight is a unique flashlight - it doesn't need an external power source to use it. All it needs is your body heat. How does it work? According to the Kickstarter page, you touch TEG (Thermoelectric Generator) - small ceramic bar that can produce electric current when we provide temperature difference between upper [...]

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Have you given much thought about split keyrings? No? Ok, me neither. But let's do that now. The split keyring has remained virtually unchanged in decades. That is until now. The HANDGREY KNOX is the keyring reinvented. HANDGREY is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and sent me one of their KNOX keyrings to [...]

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The split keyring has been around for many years. If you're like me, you probably have a dozen of them around your house. Although keyrings do their intended job of keeping keys organized, using one can be frustrating. Broken fingernails and pinched finger tips are not uncommon. The Bico KeyKlipz is cross between a keyring [...]

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While I only have a few keys on my work keychain, I need to be able to access them quickly and easily. As it stands, they reside in the same pocket as my house and car keys. Whenever I need to get them, I find myself fumbling in my pocket, trying to determine which set [...]

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It is difficult to believe I reviewed the Surfire T1A Titan compact flashlight more than 6 years ago...crazy how fast time flies. To this day, I use the T1A often to light my way. It has withstood the test of time and continues to operate flawlessly. Recently Surefire has released an updated follow-on to the [...]

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From Zootility, the same company that brought us the PocketMonkey multi-tool and the Headgehog pocket comb multi-tool, comes the WildCard. The WildCard is a credit card sized multi-tool made of 420 blade steel that is currently seeking $20,000 from Kickstarter. It is sized to fit in a credit card slot in your wallet and features a traditional knife [...]

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Let's see a show of hands, how many of you have ever used a binder clip as a wallet? I use one whenever I want to travel light and only need a couple cards and some cash. The Edwin wallet by Hive Design is a Kickstarter project that is trying to raise $15,000 and is [...]

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If you've been wanting to step up from an old school split ring keyring, check out the KEYKLIP Kickstarter campaign. The KEYKLIP is a solid anodized aluminum key holder with a built in carabiner clip and bottle opener. It can hold 2 - 10 keys using the included extenders and once the keys are secured [...]

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There's a new Kickstarter campaign for something we've not seen a lot of on The Gadgeteer - a thermal flask. It's called the Kole, and is handmade from stainless steel and oak. It can hold 2.4 ounces, and hold hot espresso (4 shots!) or cool whiskey, unaffected by the atmosphere in your pocket, bike bag, [...]

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Having this solid titanium addition to your keychain may make you a hero, or maybe just open that beer you've been waiting for on Friday at 5 o'clock. Either way, this practical tool packs three times the tensile strength of aluminum, resists scratches and is hand blasted for a beautiful matte finish. It has a [...]

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I'm currently going through a minimalist stage where I am reducing my "stuff" down to just the items that I actually use on a regular basis. Case in point, this past weekend, I did a major gadget purge of my office (Gadgeteer HQ) and ended up taking four overflowing storage tubs of old review items [...]

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The trend for minimalist wallets continues with no end in sight. All you have to do is search Kickstarter for the keyword "wallet" and you'll see what I mean. Speaking of Kickstarter and minimalist wallets, I have a new one to show you today. It's the Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet. If that name sounds familiar to [...]

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The Keyport Slide 2.0 already reduces the size of your keychain, but adding these Bolt locks will further reduce the number of keys you need to carry.  Each Bolt lock can be keyed to your car's key, so you can unlock all your Bolt locks with that single key.  You program the lock by inserting [...]

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