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I like the idea of grilling outdoors, but over the years I've tried a gas grill and a charcoal grill and didn't like using either one. Gas grills are a hassle because you have to replace the gas canister when it becomes empty. Charcoal grills are dirty, messy and make me paranoid that I'm killing [...]

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How many times do you need to use a flashlight only to discover that the batteries are dead or so drained that the light emitted from the flashlight is too dim to be of any use? The VuPoint kinetic emergency flashlight sounds like a wonderful alternative to traditional flashlights that use standard batteries. The VuPoint [...]

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The Life-Saved Sunblock Umbrella could save your life. The Life-Saved Sunblock Umbrella features a new coating technology and a sunblock surface to shield you from rain and sun. In an emergency, though, you can use the umbrella handle as a hammer to break a car window and as a seat-belt cutter to help you get [...]

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Backpacks are a must have accessory when hiking and camping. They are constructed to let you easily transport all your important gear while exploring the great outdoors. But one of the main problems with traditional backpacks is that you have to take them off in order to get access to your stuff. Paxis has designed [...]

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJYD6nrc6hs A simple solution to a complex problem, the Sigma rear brake light allows motor vehicle drivers to know when you're braking on your bicycle. Small at 3 x 3 cms/1.18 in and light (weight wise @ 7 grams/ 0.25 oz  :) ), easy to install (you just need a 2.5mm hex key)  and simple [...]

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When you are concerned with mosquito-borne illnesses like the West Nile virus present here in Texas, finding effective ways to repel mosquitoes in addition to the standard repellent sprays (containing DEET) is of great importance. The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent appliance is an outdoor device used to repel mosquitos within a 15' x 15' area. I found [...]

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I remember using a magnifying glass as a kid to burn leaves or bugs or my brothers leg, but never did it occur to me that it could be used for art. FEBO is a crowdfunded project that has far exceeded its goal thus far.  The unique glass on top will harness the suns rays [...]

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If you're cyclist and a gadget geek, I've found the perfect Kickstarter project for you. Cydekick is a generator you attach to your bike that allows you to power a high intensity LED headlight. Additionally, you can purchase a USB hub allowing you to charge a phone, GPS, or action camera. It works using electromagnetic [...]

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The next time you go fishing, you won't have to guess where the best spots are if you have an iBobber. The iBobber is a small castable fish finder that works with your iOS device to show you where the fish are, how big they are, how deep they are (up to to 135ft) and [...]

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Knife Fork & Spoon

Back in June 2013, I wrote about this neat product on Kickstarter. I thought is was a rather interesting take on an issue I had seen while working. The project was the Knife Fork & Spoon. Unfortunately, it did not reach its funding goal and was not produced. Well, it's back. The Knife Fork & [...]

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The Samurai Sword Umbrella from Brando looks like a Katana, which is a long, single-edged sword used by Japanese samurai. But that's not the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. I thought of the Michonne character from one of my favorite shows The Walking Dead. This umbrella is 38 inches long [...]

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Last October Andy Jacobs told us about Bomber & Company's Bomber Barrel duffel bag which is still Kickstarter's most successful campaign for a bag. The backers of this campaign kept asking for a keychain to go with the duffel bag and Bomber & Company have answered that request. Their latest crowdfunding campaign is for Bomber [...]

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FireFly Running & Biking Safety Light Spurs

Biking and running are two of the most popular fitness activities around. Now most folks do their outdoor activities during regular daylight hours, but if you are like me and live in the desert, that 4pm walk ain't happening in the summer. Although I have no issues with walking late at night or early in [...]

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Am I a dork because I like this spork? NO!  However, I may be one because of that silly rhyme.  Moving on, this simple little gadget is small enough to fit in your palm and can be taken with you camping, or everyday to work so you don't have to use flimsy plastic that breaks, [...]

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I wish I could wear sunglasses, but I wear normal glasses with Transitions Optical photochromic lenses. That's just a fancy way of saying that the lenses darken when exposed to sunlight. They work fine but don't allow me the ability to change styles as easily as I could if I were able to wear regular [...]

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It's going to be in the 90's this weekend in southern Indiana. Ick. My plan is to stay inside with the AC blowing because I don't like to sweat. What do you do if you have to work or play outdoors when it's dangerously warm? Staying hydrated is important, but to keep your exterior cool, [...]

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My family and I live on 10 acres in Washington State and while we live about 20 miles of downtown Seattle, our place is pretty rural. Many critters and creatures live on and transit through our trees and fields all year long. This is especially true during the spring, when some years the deer are like [...]

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We recently told you about the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System that lets you make fresh coffee while camping or hiking.  Today we have the Stanley Adventure Two Pot Prep and Cook Set that contains all the cookware you'll need at your campsite.  The Set contains a folding cutting board, two 20oz bowls with lids, one melt-resistant nylon [...]

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The people at 360Heroes offer a variety of products for mounting multiple GoPro cameras to generate 360 degree photos and videos. They also sell the software used to stitch the output from multiple GoPros into usable 360 degree formats without a lot of post production headaches. The 360Abyss pictured above mounts 6 GoPro Hero cameras [...]

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If you like to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the great outdoors, but feel very unsophisticated using plastic cups or mugs, Parqer wine glasses have been designed especially for you. What are they? They are long-stemmed wine glasses made of glass - duh! But the reason why they are unique is that they [...]

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