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You'd never know it with this heat wave we're having in the south this week, but it's autumn now and time for sitting around a campfire or the fire pit in the backyard.  You'll be able to roast hot dogs or marshmallows without having to hunt for the perfect stick, and without worrying about splinters [...]

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Ever found yourself in need of a quick hose-down but you're nowhere near a garden hose? I have. After obstacle course races, GORUCK Challenges and other outdoorsy, get-muddy style events or activities, it would be great to have a quick rinse, but I typically don't have the luxury of being near a water source. The RinseKit [...]

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I've got a water bottle I've carried for about 5 years. I don't think I've biked anywhere without it since I bought my current bike. It's steel, has one of those pull-up spouts, and sweats worse than I do in our Southern humidity. So when the opportunity to test the AVEX thermal water bottle with [...]

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The only thing worse than not taking your umbrella on a day when rain is expected is losing it.  You won't have to worry about either event with the Bluetooth Never Lost Umbrella by Kisha.  The umbrella is 100% windproof and corrosion-proof.  It has 16 ribs and a "perfect opening and closing mechanism".  Pair it [...]

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I was not prepared for this.  I thought I was going to review a rugged Bluetooth speaker.  I didn't expect to unpack something that looked AND felt this rugged.  This is the DreamWave Tremor- probably the only Bluetooth speaker I've tried that could double as a battering ram. When you're a Gadgeteer, you see a [...]

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Several weeks ago I posted a review of the AcuRite smartHUB Weather Environment System which I'm still using. There were a few comments on the review asking about a wind speed sensor. AcuRite saw those comments and sent me the PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor which also works with the smartHUB. Let's take it for a spin. [...]

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Over the years of reading and writing for The Gadgeteer, I have seen a fair amount of combo eating utensils. While most of these have a spork like configuration, only a few have had a knife or cutting blade. KA-BAR (known worldwide for their Marine fighting knife) has come up with their version of a [...]

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I wish I had a SitGo to test tomorrow when I'll be going to my local Verizon store around 6am to wait in line to (hopefully) buy an iPhone 7. Julie, what's a SitGo you ask? It's what inventor Jon Webb calls a portable resting solution, but I like to call it a one-legged tripod [...]

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If you've been searching for a hands-free navigation tool, look no further than the M-9 Wrist Compass from Suunto. Suunto who are well known for their sports watches, dive computers, compasses, and other precision instruments, also make the M-9 Wrist Compass which features a glow in the dark dial, an accurate sapphire jeweled bearing and [...]

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The Grrowler from Rocky Mountain Underground is a collar for your pooch that has two extra functions. There's a zippered pocket that can be used to hold extra doggy waste bags and there's a roll out water bowl that can be used to keep your best friend hydrated while you're out on an epic hike. [...]

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I'm currently a fan of the "minimalist" movement---the "less is more" or "simpler is better" philosophy. One of the areas in which I've applied minimalism is in my footwear. I have a couple pairs of minimal shoes---some trail runners and some casual/dress shoes---that I enjoy wearing because I love the feel of the ground beneath my [...]

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I'm a weather nerd. It's not that I can name every type of cloud in the sky or that I know all about how weather systems work, but I like to keep an eye on the local weather and I even record it in my journal every day with hand drawn icons. Don't laugh, I [...]

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Now you can blend in with nature when you're out in the woods trying to capture footage of Sasquatch or rabbits. The WASPcam 9906 CAMO is an action camera with a camo patterned case. This camera has been designed to be waterproof down to 98 feet without needing a special case. The WASPcam also features [...]

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Do you feel that, "Pants pinch your jiblets and are clearly a sub-optimal part of any man's attire"? If so, you might want to check out Damn Near Kilt 'Em, producers and purveyors of---you guessed it---men's "sport utility kilts" since 2012. Damn Near Kilt 'Em's rugged, manly kilts are available in a variety of styles, sizes and [...]

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Just when I thought I'd seen every product for stashing survival items on one's person, I ran across TinderZIP by Exotac. It's a clever little product that not only is an easy-to-install replacement zipper pull, the cord portion also includes a waterproof flammable core that provides a 60 second burn time when lit to help [...]

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