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We like to cover IK Multimedia products because they consistently offer powerful tech music accessories that are fun and easy to use. Today they announced the iRig HD 2 pro-quality digital guitar and bass interface for iOS. The iRig HD 2 features 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion and 96kHz sample rate. The device connects directly to your [...]

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mogees The Mogees sensor will turn a table into a drumkit, a skateboard into a harp, a shovel into a guitar, etc. The sensor is a contact microphone that connects to an iPad or iPhone and creates music from the vibrations within a variety of materials such as woods, metals, plastics, and glass. But it [...]

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Wow, now I think I've seen everything... Apparently, fingertip protectors for playing guitar, ukulele and other stringed instruments is a thing. The protectors come in a package of four and are made of food-grade silicone material that stretches to fit the size of your index through ring fingers. Each fingertip protector has an opening in [...]

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Fender Tune

Fender music, you know the folks who make cool guitars and amps, have entered the mobile app market with the new self-produced Fender Tune iOS app. This free app has been designed for beginners and seasoned players alike and offers an auto-tuning mode, pre-set and customizable custom tuning options. The Fender Tune app also has [...]

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As some of you may know, I love to tinker around with making music on my iPad. I have bought, traded and reviewed a number of products that allow me to interface with programs like Garage Band on my iPad to create and record music. I have had various amounts of success with these products, [...]

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Want to add a little more pizzaz to your rock anthem guitar solos? The Firefly looks and behaves like a traditional guitar pick that not only lets you strum guitar strings, but it also puts on an LED light show that is synchronised with your music while you're playing. The Firefly guitar pick features a [...]

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One of the more frequently used tools in a police officer's arsenal is a flashlight. I spent the first seven years of my career working in the dark and went through three or four flashlights in that time. While I'm no longer working at night, I still often find myself in need of my flashlight [...]

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Earlier this year I told you about Taylor Guitar's TaylorSense module and app combo that can be added installed into a guitar to help you monitor the instrument's health stats. Health stats for a wooden instrument like a guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin, etc, are usually temperature and humidity ratings. When the air is dry like [...]

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iRig Mic Lav2-02

If I've said once, I've said it a hundred times:  One of the first rules in audio is to put the sound where the people are.  The same goes for microphone placement.  Sometimes, the microphone built in to your smartphone just won't cut it.  The iRig Mic Lav microphone kit allows daisy-chaining two lavaliere microphones [...]

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I've been using D'Addario NS Micro clip-on tuners on all of my ukuleles for a few years now because they are small enough to leave on the head stocks of my instruments without getting in the way of my playing or when the ukuleles are stored in their cases. D'Addario have a new version of [...]

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We've all probably played air guitar at least once in our lives. If you don't know what it is (do you live under a rock?), air guitar is pantomiming playing an electric guitar just like your favorite guitar hero shredding to a classic song. Anyone can play air guitar, but how would you like to [...]

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Guitar players who don't want to hide their favorite instrument in a case or on a boring old metal floor stand can now hang it on the wall in style. GuitarGrips are wall-mounted guitar hangers that are shaped like human and in-human hands. GuitarGrips come in several styles that include male hands in a variety [...]

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Turning pages and scrolling through documents on your computer or tablet isn't easy when your hands are otherwise occupied. For example, a guitarist who reads sheet music can't easily turn the page without stopping their playing. A way around this problem is to use a hands-free Bluetooth page turning device like the IK Multimedia iRig [...]

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I've been playing acoustic guitar for more than 40 years. Same guitar, but I'm hopefully a little better for the years of practice. A decade or so ago, I had my guitar retrofitted with an internal pickup, since I was playing regularly into a sound system. Recently, however, I'm more interested in getting that sound [...]

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Remember iPods? Stand alone music players were all the rage just a few years ago, but now that technology seems ancient compared to music streaming services like Spotify. The only advantage that iPods and other MP3 players have over streaming devices is that you don't need to carry a phone in order to enjoy music. [...]

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