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Actually, it's not just a laptop bag, because the VertiGo 2.0 is available in three sizes: small holds an iPad Air and similar tablets; medium holds a 13" Mac laptop; and large holds a 15" Mac laptop.  The VertiGo 2.0 is the "ideal business and traveling companion that can hold a surprising amount of gear [...]

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I like things that are simple and rugged. Add a few strips of MOLLE webbing and all the better. The Cargo Works MacBook Air + iPad Sleeves fits these criteria. As the name cleverly implies, it holds a MacBook Air in a neoprene zipper pocket as well as an iPad in a front flap pocket [...]

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If you're tired of your boring white or black mouse but you can't decide on a new color, get the Satechi Spectrum Wired Optical Mouse and get all the colors!  The mouse has an ergonomic design that's comfortable in the hand, and it has 1000dpi resolution for precise mousing.  It may look white in some [...]

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Many people who are integrated into the Apple ecosystem – or BORG, as I like to call it – would never think about buying a router from anyone except Apple, no matter how good or cheap another brand may be. I know, because I paid $200 for an Apple Airport Extreme. I wondered if I [...]

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When I decided a few years ago that it was time to ditch my 27" iMac and down size to a 13" Macbook Pro, it took a little while to get used to the loss of screen space. However, what I lost in screen space, I gained portability,  so the switch was worth it. I'd been happily working [...]

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If you're like me, you travel with a plethora of Apple products, but you'd like to travel with that gear in the smallest bag possible.  The MacBook Module Sleeve from Cargo Works can carry a MacBook Pro (with or without Retina display), your iPad, and iPhone, and still have room for a charger or a [...]

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When I sold my 27 inch iMac a few years ago and switched to a 13 inch Macbook Air, it took me a little time to get used to having less screen real estate. For the most part I haven’t had too much trouble doing my work on the small screen. But for the last [...]

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Technology has come a long way in the last two decades but, sadly, battery technology has barely kept pace.  We use the same electrochemical principles that Allesandro Volta used when he invented the voltaic pile in the 1800's.  We have found better materials and have improved on the design to squeeze every available electron from [...]

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My husband has the original SLIM backpack that holds up to a 15" MacBook that he used for both his personal 11" MacBook Air and his 15" MacBook Pro from work.  The new version, the SLIM XL 17" Backpack from Cocoon Innovations is just as sleek and organized as his smaller bag, but it holds up [...]

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Of course, you'll probably find an actual mouse or actual trackpad easier to use, but at least having the option to use your iPhone as a Magic Trackpad or a mouse in an emergency situation could save the day.  With the Remote Mouse app, you'll have multi-touch gestures, and you can even use the iPhone [...]

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Leef Technology, known for making a variety of very stylish USB flash drives, have just announced some additions their product line that follow their style conviction. Their new Copper Edition Flash Drives are encased in a unique copper skin and offer the fastest data speeds with features that include water, dust and shock-proof storage and [...]

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The Prop Laptop Stand is made of  two lightweight plastic pieces that almost look like sewing needles on steroids.  Separately, they lay flat to slide into a pocket in your gear bag.  When you want to use them, you just slot them together to form a laptop stand.  It lifts your laptop up for a [...]

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Apple announced the release of the MacBook Airs, and Waterfield announced the perfect case for the 13" MacBook Air.  Their Outback Solo MacBook Air Case is perfect for carrying the Air, its charger, your phone, wallet, and keys - everything you need for your day without loading yourself down.  The Outback Solo is made of waxed [...]

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You can add up to 128GB of additional storage to your MacBook without having to have a new disk installed.  With the Nifty MiniDrive, you can add storage to most recent models of the MacBook with an SD card slot.  The MiniDrive is essentially an SD card adapter for microSD cards, but it's designed to fit [...]

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Do you use your laptop ON your lap?  Give your thighs a break with the Coalesse Free Stand portable worksurface, an ingenious and elegant fold-flat work surface. Free Stand folds flat for easy storage and portability Height adjustable from 20 1/2" to 27" Worksurface rotates 360 degrees Units can nest against each other to easily [...]

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Traveling by airplane can be great for getting to your destination quicker than by car. I enjoy almost every aspect of air travel except for one - cramped seating space. I always feel like a sardine that has been crammed into a metal tin. It's tolerable when all I want to do is play a [...]

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If you use your laptop outdoors for work or recreation, you may find it's impossible to see your screen on bright, sunny days.  Throw a Pixel Sunscreen V2.0 in your gear bag, and you'll be able to work outdoors, no matter how sunny the day is.  It's made of polyurethane-coated nylon and ripstop taffeta, and [...]

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If, like my husband, you have a laptop that you plug into a monitor, connect to WiFi, and maybe attach a couple of USB peripherals, you'll find connecting and disconnecting everything to be a pain.  At work, Butch plugs in a monitor, network, and a disk; when he needs to work from home, he only [...]

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I got the Phillips Hue lights starter kit for Christmas, and I control them with an app on my iPhone or iPad.  Sometimes I'm at my computer and would like to turn on the lights, but I can't unless I have one of my mobile devices with me.  Phillips made the API available for third-party [...]

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Most external batteries can charge up your phone or your tablet, but you're out of luck with your laptop.  The BatteryBox is only 0.98" x 2.63" x 3.55" and just under 9 ounces, but it packs 50Wh of energy - enough juice to power your MacBook with enough left over to charge your mobile device, too. [...]

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