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Carrying things around has certainly changed in the last few years. Knapsacks used to be for school books or camping equipment. People in the work world carried briefcases. Then, suddenly, laptops happened, and slowly, the knapsack/backpack became ubiquitous. I've carried them off and on for years, for work and for pleasure. Toffee (spelled with reversed [...]

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Fans of Apple's rose gold MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch can now choose from Satechi's growing line of matching accessories. Satechi's Metallic Series has been expanded to include rose gold versions of their wireless headphones, headphone stand, charging stations, Type-C Hub and new Type-C Micro/SD Card Reader. Additional Rose Gold items will be added to [...]

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Those of you with laptops know the hassle of plugging and unplugging peripherals when you need to expand the capabilities of your computer. More specifically those of you with Macintosh laptops have never had the option of an Apple made docking station. Well the engineers at OWC have designed a single cable solution to connect [...]

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Laptops are fantastic for all your on the go computing tasks, but when you use them at home, they tend to become a magnet for cables connected to all the ports. When you want to go mobile, you have to unplug everything and then reconnect when you return. An easier way around this hassle is to [...]

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My main computer is a 13" Apple MacBook Pro. I enjoy using it because it's portable, has a retina display and great battery life. One thing I don't like so much about it is that the disk space is not upgradable. Adding extra space for applications, music, photos and other files after the main disk [...]

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Samson has announced an addition to their line of mobile friendly microphones with their new Go Mic Connect. The Go Mic Connect features a clip that adjusts to allow for easy mounting to the top of your laptop's display or monitor. It has a cutout on the bottom edge of the clip that prevents it from [...]

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Using tap and swipe gestures with our phones and tablets has become second nature, but that type of input control has yet to really take off with our laptops and desktop computers. The AirBar may soon change that. The AirBar is a thin black module with a USB connection that has been designed to sit [...]

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I enjoy using leather products because of their beauty and durability. Recently I had the opportunity to review Waterfield's Cozmo 2.0 laptop leather bag. It was a very well made, wonderful laptop bag but a little too spacious for my personal preferences. I recently received the Kanzek Slim Safe Portfolio to review. I discovered that it is a [...]

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I used to carry a backpack when traveling. Everywhere. I had decided that with the two laptops I used for demos (a Mac and a Windows machine, before the days of Intel Macs and virtual machines!), their chargers, hard drives for content and backup of presentations for the products I was training on, a single-shoulder [...]

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Backpacks and messenger bags have become our preferred everyday carry bags. But what happens when you need something a little more business-like? Waterfield's newly updated Cozmo 2.0 laptop bag seems to be the type of bag that would be useful in a business setting. While reviewing the bag, I found that it is even more [...]

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Yesterday Dave Rees and I were chatting on Google Hangouts while we were watching Microsoft's new hardware event. Microsoft announced three new Lumia Windows phones, a preview of HoloLens virtual gaming gear and a new fitness tracking band that all looked somewhat interesting to us. But, what Dave and I were most interested in was [...]

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The LaCie Sphere - designed, handcrafted, and silver plated by Cristofle's workshop in France - is a 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive that is stunning as well as practical. It comes with a software suite that will allow you to set up automatic backups for your computer (PC and Mac) and ensure that your files [...]

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A few weeks ago, I went on an exciting road trip cross country to move my sister from Nebraska to Washington. I had to fly back and then ride with her and my mother in a full car, and I knew I could not bring a big backpack full of stuff like I normally do, [...]

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When I travel, I have several gadgets I bring with me. For the past few years I have been using a beat-up backpack I purchased a decade ago, before tablets and smartphones were commonplace. While my old backpack got the job done, it wasn't built to organize and contain today's modern devices. I'd been looking [...]

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This post brought to you by 3M Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of The Gadgeteer. How many times have you sat next to a stranger on a bus, train, plane, or at a cafe, with your laptop or tablet's screen visible? Most of you will say, that it happens to you [...]

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