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Kids and many adults like myself enjoy playing with the iconic multi-colored LEGO bricks and mini figures. But if you're looking for a new construction toy that is both educational, and can also be used with LEGO bricks, Laser Pegs light up construction toy sets are an interesting choice. I was sent the 4-in-1 Helicopter [...]

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It's WALL•E! I just love this little guy. He goes about his business working industriously, diligently, and faithfully alone but with such a purity of heart and a cheerful attitude - and he's cute to boot! The design for this LEGO WALL•E was formulated by Angus McClane, a LEGO Ideas member and a director/animator at [...]

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Walmart and Evenflo have teamed up to announce a new baby car seat that has built-in technology to alert the driver when the child's harness clip becomes unbuckled and when the child is still in the seat after arriving at their destination. Last summer it seemed like each week that passed we were hearing about [...]

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It takes almost no effort to get kids interested in technology because they are naturally drawn to gadgets and gizmos like smartphones and iPads. While playing games on these devices is a lot of fun for children, they don't learn much from the time spent gaming. What if kids could play and learn important skills [...]

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CTA Digital has Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants inflatable cars designed for children.  (Although it's for kids, it's sturdy enough to support up to 230 pounds.)  The iPad fits into a cradle in the steering wheel, so your child can enjoy hours of pretend racing while playing iPad motion-controlled apps and games.   The car [...]

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Forget building sets that let your kid build a house he can play with.  Bilderhoos lets your kid build a house he can play in!  The pieces are made of  1" thick marine-grade 9-ply plywood that has been triple-coated with exterior water-based polyurethane.  The edges of each board are rounded with a router and sanded to a [...]

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You don't have to settle for a boring nightlight in your kid's room.  Use a beautiful rainbow to chase away the shadows instead!  The Uncle Milton Rainbow in My Room device shines a rainbow of colors across the ceiling and walls of a bedroom or any other room that could use a bit of color [...]

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This isn't a product you can purchase; it's a wonderful, Portable LEGO Creation Station that an Instructables author named Tez_Gelmir designed and built for his very lucky LEGO-obsessed son.  The station is seen closed on the left.  I had to crop the original pictures to get them to fit on this page, but the station [...]

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Of course, only a fool would put a caffeinated drink in a toddler's cup, but it would be fun to give the grandparent's a start when they see the grandkid coming to visit with their own cup of high-octane energy, wouldn't it?  This 8oz cup is made of BPA-free plastic and has a hard, snap-on sippy [...]

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Do you have an adventurous child? Do you ever wonder what the world looks like from their point of view when they are performing their wild stunts? Perhaps not if you're squeamish, but if you do, you may not want to hand over your $400 GoPro Hero4 action camera to your little daredevil to capture such [...]

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Summer break is upon us which usually leads to the all too familiar words, "I'm bored." If you happen to be throwing a Star Wars themed party or have kids (or adults) that are Star Wars fans, why not purchase a Star Wars Death Star Light-up Beach Ball for some summertime fun? The kids can [...]

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LEGO, in conjunction with Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, this week released a Minecraft-type world-building game on Steam called LEGO Worlds. LEGO Worlds lets kids and kids-at-heart build using virtual bricks in a sandbox environment. Steam is a game distribution platform that lets you buy once and play anywhere. LEGO Worlds automatically generates worlds, but players [...]

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Not so long ago, any time a child had with a screened device was seen as frivolous playtime.  That's not true now, because kids spend more time reading and doing school work with tablets and computers than parents would have thought possible just a few years ago.  In my household, most of our books were [...]

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Moms and dads know that holding and feeding their baby is a two handed task... or at least it has been till now. The Beebo hands free bottle holder is an easy to use gadget that is like gaining a third hand. The Beebo is made from ‘baby safe’ materials that are free of BPA, [...]

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When I was a kid, we didn't have smartphones, tablets, hand held game consoles or the internet to entertain us. We had to use our imagination. Sticks became swords and cardboard boxes became forts. Help your kids ignite their creativity and imagination with the Moff Band, a successfully funded Kickstarter project from last year. It's [...]

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Castakite is a specially designed fishing rod style reel device for flying kites. It's been invented, built and assembled here in the US by an avid fly fisherman, hence the design. It features an easy to use fishing reel style handle and rod that allows kite fliers old and new to cast their kite and [...]

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This toy from ThinkGeek puts a new spin on Frisbee and other flying disk toys.  It has a 10" disk, and the secondary hull is 14" x 4.75" x 4.5".  When you toss the disk, it drags the rest of the starship along as it spins and flies through the air.  It's made of space-age plastic and [...]

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Never again will you have to wait months until you can sink your teeth into a Thin Mints cookie!  This fall, Wicked Cool Toys will introduce a Girl Scouts Cookie Oven and refill packs so you can bake your own Girl Scouts Cookies anytime you want.  The oven is reminiscent of an Easy Bake Oven. [...]

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The Gadgeteer has featured a lot of articles about water bottles to keep adults and kids hydrated, and stainless bottles seem to be favored by many because they don't leak harmful chemicals like some plastic bottles can.  But what about infants?  Baby bottles are usually plastic these days.  What do those bottles add to the [...]

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When I was a kid, I loved taking things apart to find the magnets, gears and other cool little components. I even had my own little toolbox which I kept under my bed where I stored tools and parts that I had scavenged. I would have loved a multi-tool in those days. The folks at [...]

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