The iPad Pro has been off my radar, but I should probably be embarrassed to admit that I didn't even know that the iPad Pro had a special charging connector that doesn't require a cable. The Smart Connector is the closest Apple has come to wireless charging for a mobile device (I'm not counting the [...]

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Mujjo - 3

Ah, leather! Such a nice feel, and so easy on the eyes. I have always preferred it to the various synthetics. I especially like the finishes that are less polished and lend themselves to natural wear and "character building." Recently, Mujjo has expanded their line of cases to include Apple's newest iPhones, and they offered [...]

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I normally use my new iPod Touch 6G just to have an iOS device to play around with and to test iOS accessories and associated apps for the Gadgeteer; thus, I do not keep a lot of files on my iPod. However, there are those in my family who do keep a lot of files [...]

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The popularity of virtual reality headsets is growing, while the physical size of these bulky accessories remains the same. However, that might be changing if this folding VR headset from Brando is any indication. This 3D headset is actually built into an iPhone case, so it's easy to use anytime you need a virtual reality [...]

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I prefer earbuds to headphones because they are smaller and easier to carry around than a full-sized pair of earphones. While I like them better earphones, I know I'm not alone in having issues with earbuds falling out of my ears. If you're a fan of Apple's earpods which have come packaged with the iPhone, [...]

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iPhones are renowned for offering plentiful applications, ease of use, and quality hardware. But whether you are a supporter or detractor of all things Apple there's one thing you have to admit: they charge way too much for memory. the 48 GB jump from 16 GB to 64 GB costs $100, or over $2 per GB; the next [...]

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tech21 EVO Endurance-2

Although the battery life on phones has gotten better, there are times I still find the need to charge my iPhone on the fly. In general, I do not keep a charging case on my phone mainly because of the added weight and size. There is a company out there that not only makes a case [...]

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There are many different folding keyboards on the market for mobile warriors, prepared travelers, coffee shop surfers and tiny house Gadgeteers. These small keyboards are designed to take up minimal space while still providing a comfortable way to touch type on your mobile devices. I've tried many different ones over the years and I usually [...]

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With the proliferation of cheaper Chinese phones from companies like OPPO,  Xaomi and the recently reviewed verykool Spark LTE, there has been an increased popularity in the Western markets for these well specced but well priced phones. One of the questions you need to clarified before you put down  your hard earned (not so big as buying mainstream players :) ) dollars [...]

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Sena, a company known for their high quality smartphone cases, is now offering a specially designed stand for the Apple Pencil stylus. Their new Apple Pencil stand is constructed of leather and has a non-slip base. The Apple Pencil can be positioned standing straight or horizontally for easy charging. It can even hold the Pencil's [...]

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Zuli Smartplug review

Zuli Smartplug_4

The Zuli Smartplug Presence 3 Pack brings a new feature to the smart plug genre; they call it “Presence”. Simply put, after configuring the Zuli Smartplug, all it needs is your presence, or more accurately, your iPhone’s or iPad’s presence, to activate a light or appliance.  When you leave the room the Zuli Smartplug will [...]

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2016 03 20 iPhone Leather Car Mount - 9

For a gadget geek, I'm surprised to say I've never used a car mount for my phone. Eighteen years in two Miatas, there has always been enough of a shelf space around the gear shift to set it down on. And holding the phone always seemed a good enough solution. But as a new reviewer, [...]

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CarvediPhone - 3

I've mentioned before that I love natural surfaces - wood, leather, and stone stir something calming and satisfying in my spirit. I have a beautiful teak dining table that I use as my desk. There's an old oak library table that used to be in my grandparents' study across the room where I have my [...]

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San Francisco based WaterField Designs has announced a new line of premium leather gear for the Apple iPad Pro. The new Atelier iPad Pro Gear cases include an Apple Pencil Case and an iPad Gear Case. Both are designed to hold the Apple Pencil. The smaller Pencil case is a minimalist case just for the [...]

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2016 03 20 BUMPRZ A1 pkg 2

To case or not to case, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the dangers of outrageous clumsiness, or to cover the beauteous iPhone and by opposing the dangers end them. (Too much?) I really enjoy the beautiful design of iPhones, I hate to hide their elegance, and I’m careful [...]

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