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It's not going to wake your iPhone when you open the cover, of course, but STM's Flip Folio Case for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus will cover your phone like a Smart Case covers an iPad.  The Flip Folio holds the phone in a molded plastic back cover; all ports, controls, and the camera are [...]

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Here's a low tech alternative to the expensive hi-tech problem of viewing movies on your smartphone. Instead of crowding around your phone's screen, project the image on a wall using the Smartphone Projector. This DIY kit is made of sturdy cardboard and a comes with a glass lens that will magnify the image on the [...]

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Now that you have an iPhone 6 Plus, how are you going to protect it from everyday wear and tear? Are you using a rubber bumper case? Boring... Maybe you have a snap-on plastic shell on the back. Even more boring... If you want an iPhone 6 Plus case that looks fantastic while also doubling as [...]

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The i-FlashDrive is an easy way to transfer data between your computer to your iPhone or iPad, and it also increases the storage available to your iOS device.  Simply insert your own microSD (HC) card into the i-FlashDrive, copy over files from your computer, and then use the Lightning connector to connect the i-FlashDrive to [...]

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The Kenu Stance is a handy tripod that plugs into the Lightning port on newer iPhones using a patent pending MicroMount which is made of a composite material called Grilamid. The stand features a zinc-alloy construction providing a stable base with non-slip feet and a ball-and-pivot joint that lets the iPhone tilt and rotate freely for taking pictures, using Facetime [...]

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Apple iPad Air 2 review


I always get excited when Apple announces new products, but I'll admit the latest iPad announcements left me a bit disappointed.  As you know if you've read any of my reviews, I love my iPad mini with Retina display.  I planned to update to the newest mini - until I watched Apple's keynote.  I was [...]

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Microsoft is offering some pretty cool looking Universal Mobile Keyboards that work with Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.  The  cover protects the keyboard when not in use, and opening the cover wakes the keyboard - and closing it sleeps the keyboard, of course.  The cover detaches and has a built-in stand to support [...]

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How would you like to use a full sized keyboard and mouse to interact with your smartphone and tablet without having to carry a set of peripherals with you? You can with the KeyShair from IOGear. Just plug the KeyShair USB adapter into a desktop or laptop computer (PC or Mac), run the built in app [...]

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Now you don't even have to bother entering your passcode on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 to control your Phillips Hue connected lights.  When you update to the latest version of the Phillips Hue app, you'll have access to the Hue widget for the Notification Center.  To add it, just swipe down to [...]

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Here's an interesting accessory for your iPhone 6 that will be fun to play with and educational too. It's the iPhone 6 60X-100X UltraClear Magnifying Microscope with Back Cover and Brightness LED from Brando. Just snap the special cover to the back of your phone and attach the microscope over the iPhone's camera lens and you're [...]

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Twelve South has created luxurious jackets made of premium quality, buttery soft Napa leather for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  The SurfacePad jackets have microfiber interiors and reinforced stitching around the perimeter for long-term durability.  They add protection and beautiful style to your phone without a lot of bulk and without completely obscuring the beauty [...]

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As an iPad user, I am always interested in seeing what new covers and sleeves are available. I especially like the "non-form-fitting" sleeves, so that I can use them with other covers, backing cases, etc. Such is the Lorton and Horn iPad sleeve. Note: Photos may be tapped or clicked for a larger image. Made [...]

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There's nothing more tragic than taking badly lit selfies snapped with your new iPhone 6. Don't subject the world, Instagram, Facebook, etc with your dimly or overexposed duck-faced pictures anymore. Run, don't walk to the nearest Apple store and buy a Nova Bluetooth flash. This is a wireless flash made especially for the iPhone. It's [...]

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This Kickstarter project introduces a new case for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from Acme Made.  The case doesn't have a built-in battery, but it does have a built-in Lightning cable.  The Charge Case is made of polycarbonate, and it has a carbon fiber-reinforced polycarbonate kickstand that can support the iPhone in either portrait [...]

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Whether you like it or not, the selfie is here to stay.  Capturing yourself in the moment is an extremely popular form of self-expression these days.  Heck, I used to turn my film camera around and point it towards myself and take what I hoped would be a usable shot.  Even some new phones are [...]

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In an ever more-crowded field, PhoneSuit has released an interesting charger for iPhones, iPads and iPods. It's not a big brick to plug your official cable into, but a svelte little tube that connects directly to your device and provides about a full charge. I was sent two for review, in black and a deep [...]

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Early this year Smythe reviewed the first gen ChargerLeash, a smart USB charging cable that warned you when you left it behind so you wouldn't lose it while traveling. Now the same company has announced the 2nd generation of the ChargerLeash, the ChargerLeash Pro. Available with either a Apple 30-Pin, Lightning, Micro or 2-in-1 Apple [...]

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I'm a diabetic who has been able to keep my condition under control through diet and exercise. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and since that time I've become pretty lax on checking my blood sugar levels as regularly as I should. Ok I'll be honest, I'm lucky if I check my blood sugar once [...]

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If you enjoy playing games on your smartphone, the iPega Bluetooth Controller with Touchpad adds a traditional gaming controller to your mobile device for added fun and play-ability. The iPega which does not require any special drivers, is compatible with Android and iOS devices and features a built-in 2 inch touch pad. A special telescopic [...]

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I had given a lot of thought about how I wanted to protect and carry my iPhone 6 Plus before I even received it.  I knew I wanted a case for it, but I didn't want it to cover up the beautiful gold color that I had been pining for since I saw it on [...]

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