I just got an iPhone 6s and I love it. Usually, I don’t bother with a case, but because I paid full price this time to avoid a new contract, I decided to change that. Also, because I carry both my phone and wallet in the front pocket of my jeans, I wanted to give [...]

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I've always liked to draw and doodle, but when I was a kid, I did it all the time. I used to trace comic book characters to help me figure out how to draw them on my own. I would have loved a Boogie Board Play n' Trace back eWriter back then. You may already be [...]

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Spool Dock - 17

Beautiful. Simple. Elegant. Not necessarily intuitive. Expensive. Does that combination sound familiar, Apple fans? Read on for a review of the Spool Dock, from Quell & Company, a charging dock for iPhones that adds a touch of class to your desk or nightstand.  Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. Spool Dock [...]

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HandScape has developed a new case called HandyCase for your iPhone 6/6+, iPhone 6S/6S+, iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro. This fascinating case allows you to pop in your device, turn on the case, connect it via Bluetooth Low Energy, then start using all of your fingers to select [...]

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Luxa - 4

There have been many wireless cases, which add the ability to phones or tablets built without a charging system, but the folks at Luxa2 removed the case, and thus, freed up the idea of wireless charging for everything.  I've been interested in wireless charging, just hearing the smack-talk from all the users of non-iPhones here [...]

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I freely admit that the new Logi (formally Logitech) Blok keyboard case is the first iPad keyboard I've ever used. iPad keyboard cases just never held any interest to me—until the Blok came out. For some reason, the Blok intrigued me where no other keyboard cases had before. So, this review is from a newbie [...]

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Wristouch is your one stop shop for premium quality watch bands for your 42mm sized Apple Watch. They offer nine different styles that include seven metal bands which include one with a Camouflage pattern that has been printed directly on the steel band. Wristouch also offers two bands made of rubber in either black or [...]

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From the "Are you kidding me?" files comes the Gray International Advent bumper case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This case looks very slick with its two-piece design that only requires friction and no screws for assembly. There's a black rubber bumper that is first installed around the iPhone's edges, then the aerospace [...]

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Finally, the day I've been waiting for since I switched back to iOS is here.  Google Keep is now available on Android, web, and iOS.  The simple-yet-effective notes app was only on Android and web for the longest time, but recently I found a new link from Google Keep's site.  If you are an Android-to-iOS switcher and [...]

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Google just released an update to Google Maps that brings Apple Watch support. When you set a route on your iPhone, the Google Maps watch app will automatically show you the directions, in text format, as you go. You can also scroll through upcoming directions to get an idea of where Google wants you to [...]

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Back in March I posted about a fun physics game called Freeze! I'm a puzzle game fan and found Freeze! to be easy to learn, but a fun challenge. The gist of the story behind the game is that the main character, who is a rolling eyeball, is being held prisoner on a planet. Unfortunately [...]

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Stilo stylus review


Steve Jobs may have hated them, but I've always liked styluses. I have a collection of them because I'm always trying to find the perfect one that doesn't feel like a stylus at all, but more like a pen on paper. The latest stylus that I've had the opportunity to test is the Stilo stylus. [...]

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If you’re an Android user considering moving to Apple’s latest iPhone, you might benefit from Apple’s new Android app: Move to iOS. The app sets up a private WiFi connection between your new iPhone and your Android phone. The app transfer your content and put it in the appropriate places. Data handled includes: Contacts Message [...]

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If you prefer manual act of writing with a pen on paper, to writing with a stylus on a glass screen, the collaboration of Livescribe and Moleskine will be of interest to you as it combines analog with digital. According to Gilles Bouchard, CEO, Livescribe: With the Livescribe 3 Moleskine Edition, we are continuing that [...]

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A month ago I posted a gadget diary entry about how I have been thinking about switching back to the iPhone. After yesterday's mega Apple event, I have made my decision and will be pre-ordering the iPhone 6s Plus this Saturday morning. Why am I going to switch from Android and why have I picked the [...]

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I just found a great deal on Kinja Deals: Anker's Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus are currently available for $1.99 each on Amazon using discount codes. They are laser cut to the precise dimensions of your phone and fit only on the flat surface (not on the curved [...]

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Satechi's Apple Watch Mount is a specially designed holder that allows users to go hands-free and securely mount their Apple Watch on their vehicle's steering wheel, bicycle or motorcycle handlebars, treadmills and more. It's made of sleek black TPU material and features a 360 degree holder so that you can rotate the watch for the [...]

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Android Wear comes to iPhone


  Google announced that as of Monday, Google’s Android Wear smart watches will now connect to Apple’s iPhones (iPhone 5 and up). This is big news for those of us who have iPhones, but who are fans of Google’s many useful tools, such as Google Calendar, Gmail, and my favorite, Google Now. While Google’s Android [...]

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If you ever day dream about becoming a super hero who can see in the dark, through walls, ceilings and more, the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera will make you feel like you that super power. Just plug it into your iPhone or Android phone and you'll be able to see objects that give off [...]

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iPad owners who use the Apple Smart Cover and also like to use a stylus to take notes or draw should check out the REMORA stylus & pen holder project on Kickstarter. It's a leather stylus holder that magnetically sticks to the outside of the smart cover. They sent me one to try out and [...]

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iPhone 6 Plus owners should be aware that Apple is recalling a select number of iPhones for an iSight camera defect that causes blurry shots. If your 6 Plus has a serial number that is in the range of the potentially defective group of devices, Apple will replace the iSight camera (which is the back [...]

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Esorun iStand 6 review

Esorun iStand 6-1

With each new iPhone release comes a bevy of new products and cases to accommodate them. The most common new items seem to be new phone cases and with new cases come new ideas on how to use the case to better enhance your lifestyle. The iStand 6 phone case from Esorun is one such [...]

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Fans of Saddleback Leather Company gear who also own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be interested in learning that Saddleback has a case that has been designed especially for the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Made of full-grain leather and marine-grade thread like Saddleback's other cases and bags, the iPhone 6 case is available in [...]

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If you're tired of carrying a 6 foot long USB charging cable in your gear bag, it's time to look for alternatives like the micro USB and Lightning connector USB charging cables from Tizi. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Tizi is a two-time Apple Design Award Winner. They produce apps and gadgets for Mac, iPhone, iPad [...]

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ClipSee - 01 (682x1024)

On July 1, 2015, New Hampshire became the fifteenth state to adopt a hands-free law that prohibits the use of hand-held electronic devices unless they are supported by a Bluetooth or other hands-free technology. Now, it’s hard to buy a car today without Bluetooth support, but what if you have an older car? Sure, waiting [...]

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